Matt, Sadie, Helen & Mo

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Helen - Thursday

Ken had left before Helen was fully awake, she kind of hoped he’d left her a note. He hadn’t. She filled the bathroom with steam from the piping hot shower and used all the mini products she needed, she threw the unused ones into her bag. She wiped a porthole on the mirror and inspected her face. The remains of her mascara were under her eyes giving her the look of a cheetah, she smiled at her own analogy, after having a sexathon with someone else’s husband. She had no sympathy for the wife, happily married men didn’t look elsewhere, she should get a grip of herself and start performing between the sheets if she wanted to tame him. Helen looked at the bed and felt brassed off that her new fake tan had rubbed off on the sheets despite what the label and the make up chick on the counter had said. It took the piss, selling stuff that didn’t do what it was meant to. Luckily, she had it with her so reapplied it in the bathroom and wandered about naked until it was dry. There was a knock at the door. Helen’s heart raced and her crutch tingled at the thought that Ken had returned for another round.

“House keeping,” called a voice from inside the room.

“Jesus,” screamed Helen.

“I’m sorry Maam, your…er.. husband already checked out and said the room was empty.”

“Well it’s not fucking empty is it?”

“So sorry,” the door silently self closed.

Stressed by the intrusion, Helen rummaged in her bag for a little something to pep herself up with, she wouldn’t usually, but she was still technically up from last night, and she needed to be ready to face the day and barrage of meetings which included another business lunch.

She found what she was looking for, her ‘special purse’, inside which was a small range of recreationals. She placed two little white tablets with James Bond style revolvers embossed on them on her tongue and dry swallowed. No matter how many times she did it, the taste of Speed always made her shiver. She opened the mini bar with the intention of getting some water, but the miniature Champagne caught her eye “drink me” it said “after all you are in a luxury hotel”.

She applied her make up and set off for work feeling totally fucking awesome, and she wasn’t even late.

She got a coffee from the café on the corner to the office as her mouth was drier than a camel’s ring piece, the milkiness of the latte was a bit gag inducing, but she figured it was a long time until lunch and she hadn’t eaten since yesterday at the Ivy, unless you counted a good portion of sausage.

Still smiling to herself she got out of the lift. “Morning Claire,” she called over to the girl on reception.

“Mmm” was the reply.

Not bothering to stop and find out what was up with her as she really was in no mood to let a receptionist piss on her parade, Helen made her way across the office to her desk.

“Good morning Michael,” she called over her partition to her colleague next door.


“Jesus we’re all in blinding moods today aren’t we?” She got straight on the phone to Abbie in accounts. “Fag in ten?”

“Haven’t we got human rights as well, making us smoke on the poxy fire escape. Anyway, what’s up with everyone, they look like a smile would crack their faces.”


“Claire on reception, and Michael. Oh well I know what’s up with him, such a div.”

“Claire really liked Michael.”

“Did she, no one told me.”

“Really? I thought Claire told you.”

“Fuck me, I need this. Not you as well. I might as well give up fucking smoking for the fun that I’m having. Jesus, move on. I have.”

“That’s kind of it though isn’t it? He meant nothing to you and yet as soon as Claire said she liked him you had to have him.”

“She can have him.”

“What now you don’t want him?”

“She can have him and they can be boring prats together. I should warn her though, he’s cock is like a big toe.”

“Helen. Please listen to me, I’m your friend. Your behaviour is out of control and if you’re not careful you’re going to get sacked.”

“I have made my number every quarter since I have been here, so I hardly think I’m in danger of getting sacked. Now if Claire wants to do a bit of shit stirring and cause hassle in the office she can just do one, I’m not biting. I have work to do,” she pulled one last deep drag on her cigarette and heel ground it into the metal stairs, before turning and leaving Abbie not quite sure what had just happened. “Jealousy is such an ugly trait don’t you think?” she slammed the door knowing that Abbie would have to get someone to let her in or walk all the way around to the front of the building.

She didn’t like to admit it, that the argument with Abbie had upset her so she got on the phone to Sunny, she always cheered her up.

“Yo lady,” she said when finally Sunny picked up.

“Sorry can I call you back, the baby’s crying.”

“Yeah no worries, I was just going to ask you something, just quickly,”


“Well last night I went to see Ken and we had the most amazing night. When we were in Browns, you know that lovely bar on the water in Canary Wharf, well we were in there, and get this, he told the barmaid that I was his girlfriend. Can you believe it?”

“Sorry Helen, what were you going to ask me? My baby is crying.”

“I was going to speak to you, one best friend to another but if you’re too busy I’ll call another time.”

“Right, that’ll be fine, it’s just that my baby is crying.”

“Alright whatevs. Speak later.”

Helen closed her eyes and tried to project some positivity into her day, loose the jealous and negative vibes that threatened to drag her down. She inhaled deeply and let it all float over her head. Helen’s lunch meeting was cancelled, so she had to spend her own money on a sandwich from M&S, usually Claire would have grabbed her one, but today she mingled with the heaving Oxford Street crowds and got her own. Good God tourists were thick, they got under her feet like a plague of rats and they were definitely a lot nearer than the alleged six foot. She blanked each and every one of them that asked her for directions, she wanted to hiss at them, but she didn’t.

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