Emotional Turmoil

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This a sample of any upcoming projects I have for the future, it can be used for Requiem Of Hearts or anything like a new book. I just want to see how the people think about this work of mine. Please if you can, leave feedback or anything really. I appreciate honesty more than stars.

Drama / Romance
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The talk

Our protagonist, Harou was led to a big room, many people were sitting, including other races like animals, elves, etc and none were hostile but he took it as such.

“So why did you all bring me here? To tell me that I’m wrong, horrible, or downright evil right? Better yet, you’re here to bring down right?” said Harou.

Then a faminine boy with a black and yellow skirt, 5”4’ walked up and spoke, “No… It’s not like that… It’s just that I feel like we all should talk about how we feel.” said Luminous.

“Like you know any better Luminous! I’m so sick and tired of seeing everyone being so against each other that it makes me puke!” said Harou.

The two then continued to go back and forth with each other for a long time.


“Why should I listen to any of you! All of you just want to tear down others so that you can feel better about yourselves! None of you have morality, justice or FAIRNESS. I FEEL LIKE THOSE TERMS ARE DEADER THAN THE SHALLOW WATERS OF THE DEEP OCEAN.”

“Harou... Your thoughts are so.. horrid. You’re my partner for the love of god!”

“Luminous… Do you truly understand me? Do you understand my feelings of uncertainty, hell you dress up in girl’s clothing whenever we go out.”

When Harou shouted those words, everyone was slowly being pissed off about Harou but, Luminous put his arm up to signal that everything’s going to be under control.

Luminous started getting closer and closer to Harou, he put his hand on Harou’s cheek and spoke to him.

“Harou… Remember when we first started seeing each other? The first time we met… during that waterfall, you didn’t utter a word… You gave me a pebble and I threw it as far as I could, you didn’t know who I truly was… and yet you’ve accepted me that it almost made me cry...”

“So what Luminous? I saw you as another being and... I wanted to spend more time with you… What’s wrong with that? Even if you’re a guy, girl or whatever, it’s… nothing to me.”

“Exactly Harou… and you want to know something? I loved you for that since we’ve first met each other.. Until we dated, I didn’t know who you were and the rest was history. Hell that was 2 years ago, Harou…”

“Then why did you all call me up to go to this place again Luminous?”

“Harou, it’s because of this narrative you’ve always had… That people hate, kill or even belittle others to the point where it’s fiction… correct?”

“Yeah Luminous and why should I be wrong? Isn’t that all of you wanted to say to me? When I used the eyes of fantasia to project an outcome where all of you teamed up on me?”

“Yeah Harou, you were going on and on about how you think all humans ever want to do is to bring people down because of how they’re all selfish right?”

“You see Luminous… I guess you can say … that I was kind of correct… in that projection, I blew up a whole continent to show how talking doesn’t get you anywhere… and how you need actions to clean up the dirty work.”

“Exactly, Harou you’re not being persecuted for your ideals, in fact we even agree with some of it, but you were being persecuted for what you’ve done.”

“What do you mean Luminous?”

“You blew up a whole continent right? Well the thing is even if it’s in your projection, that’s still a horrible deed and crime.”


“I’ll add this Harou… Imagine you’re a human working hard as hell to make this world better and to preserve life… and then some jackass came up to you and killed you… because he thought all humans are bad…”

“No matter how many times you’ve projected it, it will always have the same effect for people, Harou. It’s because you take things to an extreme violent tone. I think I speak for a lot of us when we say that, we get your ideals, we get why you do things but the way you take it upon yourself is messed up! YOU’VE EVEN KILLED YOUR FRIENDS IN THAT PROJECTION AND WENT ON HOW FRIENDS ARE REPLACEABLE!”

“What are you getting at Luminous? I’m only doing this to toughen all of you up! We’ve had major threats to this entire universe… AND YOU THINK I’M IN THE WRONG!? At least I didn’t kill all of you with my bare hands because I’ve spared all of you from my murderous intent…”

“There’s one thing that you’re wrong and right about Harou… You can easily kill us… but you’re not a murderer… You said it yourself when you talked with that one girl with those nose piercings…”

“You mean Rachael?”

“Yes, that same girl that kept going on and on saying that she was a murderer but you shut her down by saying that murderers kill, not speak.”

“Are you saying that I’m not a murderer, Luminous? ARE YOU SAYING I’M WEAK!? I’ll prove it to you all…”

As Harou was charging a power ball of black death, everyone immediately stood on their feet and were about to fight Harou but Luminous looked back and smirked as a signal to all of them.


As he was about to unleash this rage of anger, he stopped and looked at everyone… The memories of bloodshed have seeped through his body like injection from a needle. The power ball suddenly vanished without a trace left.

He was on his knees, speechless even signaling that he was at defeat.

Suddenly a woman with a blue robe stood up and yelled at Harou.


Harou then looked at him and spoke, “Touhou… I can’t believe out of the people in this room… You decided to speak up…”

Touhou looked towards him with a disappointed look and spoke, “It’s because of how I’m tired of this stupid crap… You were always a good person and never looked back on what you did… You just wanted to help people right?”

Harou scoffed and said, “So what? It’s not a big deal, I just do the most I can do and let others help them.”

Luminous then chimed in, “See? You’re not a horrible person as you think you are… You just lack awareness, Harou… I’m telling you the truth when I say this Harou, there’s no pity involved...”

Harou took a step back in disbelief, he didn’t know what to say. A single sweat drop fell on his cheek. Harou stood up and tried to talk but it was just muttering.

He took a deep breath and asked, “Why aren’t you all attacking me at this point… Where I’m defenseless towards all of you emotionally. Why are you listening?”

A man with a scar on his chest chimed in, “Hey buddy… We don’t play like that or ever do anything like that… It’s borderline pathetic to beat up a guy who’s already down in the dumps.”

Harou looked up at him and muttered the man’s name, “Yura…”

Luminous then looked towards Harou and spoke to him in a calm manner, “Please Harou… Stop acting like this, I’ve been through so much with you and the reason why I’m angry and sad is because I’m slowly losing the person that I truly loved…”

Harou looked at Luminous and spoke in an angry tone, “So how come when I act out, I’m suddenly bombarded with people telling me to quit it! NO COMFORT, NO FAIRNESS JUST PEOPLE YELLING AT ME! WHY IS THAT? WHY IS IT WHEN I YELL OR SHOW ANY EMOTIONS OTHER THAN HAPPINESS THAT I BECOME THE VILLAIN!?”

Harou started to cry, he felt like the world was always against him. He didn’t feel welcomed anywhere…

Harou immediately wiped his tears and spoke in a soft tone, “I just… I j- just wanted my side of the story to be heard… I just wanted to speak on my emotions without having a fear of being left alone. I’ve always felt like the villain or unwelcomed even if I did nothing wrong.”

Luminous tried to hug him but Harou dashed back and took distance.

As Harou pointed his finger towards Luminous, with his back and legs slumped back he spoke, “Don’t you dare… don’t you dare pity me…”

Luminous spoke to him in a calm manner, “I can assure you that we don’t pity you or see you as a villain… We see you as Harou.”

Harou ignored his comment and scoffed at the very idea of him getting affection.

Luminous questioned him, “Why… Why are you this distant or even hate the idea of affection from another person?”

Harou muttered, “I don’t deserve it…”

Luminous grew impatient and yelled, “Speak up, we could barely hear your voice!”


Everyone in the room went silent, the ceiling fan spoke a few words. Luminous felt guily, pity even.

They both continue going back and forth with each other.

“Harou… Why did you hide all of these emotions, why do you hide your true intentions?”

“Luminous, I’ve already told you… It’s because I’m afraid of being left alone… I’m afraid of being isolated for what I believe in... I didn’t want to say all of this stuff because… I felt like it was better for you, me and the rest of these people.”

“Harou, that doesn’t mean that we’ll leave you for what you feel or think. That’s why close minded or even selfish people do. They leave others because they don’t want their image to be hurt… Hey, maybe that’s why you don’t say all of this, you didn’t want to harm us right?

“You should’ve already known Luminous… I don’t like hurting others… And I don’t want you guys to be harmed in any way… I want to keep all of you safe and if you guys were damaged in any way, I would feel like a piece of shit…”

“Harou, I feel like you have a savior complex. I feel like you’re doing too much for us in the grand scheme of things if we’re being honest. You’ve sacrificed mental, health and emotional problems for all of us… I think you’ve done enough to help, it’s true that it’s good to help but you have to know when enough is enough.”

Touhou then chimed in again, “I think that you need a long ass break from all of this shit. You’ve done enough so it’s our turn to help you.”

Harou was speechless and his eyes cried like the Nile river, He was stunned by all of them.

Luminous thanked Touhou for her support and began walking up to Harou again. He spoke to Harou in a comforting manner, “Harou, we may not know of what you went through but… we know how you’re emotionally feeling… After the death of Haze, you’ve acted differently in both a good and bad way. You’ve acted more kind and more empathetic but you also acted more angrily and more defensive.”

When Luminous spoke, Harou could no longer hold it in, his emotions exploded out of him and he spoke, “I just wanted to change the outcome of Haze, He was so beautiful and then her heart was ripped out from the bastard WHO KILLED HIM FOR NO REASON! And he had the gull to dance around his lifeless corpse like a sick game of four square… I was so weak that I couldn’t save my own partner…”

Luminous looked up at Harou and without hesitation, He kissed and hugged him with all his love.

Harou did the same thing to him and thanked him, he felt… happiness, joy even.

Luminous began to speak, “Harou… You’re not alone, just look around you, all of these people are here to help and we want you to be as happy as possible, I have to show you something too.”

Harou was confused by this but Luminous pulled up his shirt and revealed scars, bruises and even bite marks on his back. Harou was horrified by this, even infuriated.

But Luminous and the others calmed him down by telling him that they all were already dealt with.

Luminous held his hands with Harou’s and spoke, “You see Harou… I will be going as far as to deal with this because, I love you Harou… We all love you for who you are and you did the same for the rest of us.”

Luminous wiped his tears and smiled. He spoke in a soft tone, “I thank you all… I appreciate what you all are doing… for me.”

Yura smiled and said, “Harou, you deserve love, happiness or even joy like the rest of us, we’re humans right?”

Luminous then jokingly replied in an overexaggerated tone, “HUMANS? So we’re just gonna ignore the animals too huh? I see… I see…”

Yura then jokingly responded back, “Exactly you’re finally getting the message of this whole thing..”

They all chuckled even Harou and Luminous noticed it. He then started to speak in an excited tone, “HEY YOU SMILED HAROU I SAW IT.”

Harou smiled back and said, “Oh shut up, you’re just under my illusion again.”

Luminous then responded back, “Yeah well what about THIS!?” He pounced on Harou and hugged him affectionately.

Yura looked at the two and spoke, “Alright you two lovebirds… Let’s go get some ice cream…”

Everyone except Harou and Luminous started cheering and yelled “FREE ICE CREAM!”

Yura looked back and said “OI NOT FOR YOU GUYS, ONLY THESE TWO!”

Touhou then chimed in, “HEY THAT’S NOT FAIR! I WANT WHAT THEY WANT.”

Yura yelled at him and said, “I AIN’T MADE OF MONEY YOU FREAKS!”

Luminous and Harou looked at each other and kissed while laughing at the chaos. This was truly Harou’s time to find happiness.

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