A Different Kind Of Triangle

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There's love and then there's being in love. There's friends and then there's best-friends. There's the shape triangle and then there's love triangles. Complicated just isn't the word to describe the situation between these friends.

Drama / Humor
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1: Welcome to Us

1: Welcome to Us

How do I even begin to start this? What words can I use to get you to understand when there’s so much that needs to be explained? I want to put it in the simplest of terms, but this isn’t just a simple story. This story will consist of twists and turns that shouldn’t exist. Things that shouldn’t have happened. Nothing more than a series of bad decisions that only lead to unimaginable consequences. The way it ended was the unexpected shock that sent our story over the edge, but I guess you have to get to know us first before you can truly handle the in’s and out’s of this story.

First off, my name is Alexandria Renee Thompson. My family is neither rich nor poor, but we’re classified as being upper middle class. We’re well off and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a spoiled brat. I’m used to always getting my way and this little bit is very important to be remembered. It will come up later. I am a spoiled brat because I do have three older siblings, all boys, and no you don’t need to know anything about them just yet. You only need to know that they exist. Being the only girl in the house since my mom and dad travel a lot can become complicated and it did. Even more so when the baby girl begins to develop in a way no one expected. I stand at about 5 foot 5 and my stomach is almost nonexistent. Completely flat thanks to all the years of cheerleading and training I’ve done. Not to mention trying to be one of the boys, but that stopped when my breast went from training to a 44DD. Now they weren’t too saggy, but they sagged enough to make me feel disgusted. It was at that point that I began taking cheerleading seriously. For my sixteenth birthday I begged my dad to let me get a lift and now at seventeen they sit up high. Perky enough that I don’t have to wear a bra. He didn’t like it, but it wasn’t like I was getting them done. They were just naturally big. I now have wide hips, thick thighs and an even thicker ass that jiggles with every step I take. Pair that with being short, my delicious caramel skin and long curly natural hair and you have a young woman who knows how to get and keep what she wants. I love it, but my brothers hate the way that I’ve developed. What can they do besides accept it? It’s not like they can stop me. I’ve gotten them wrapped around my fingers even though they wouldn’t admit it and try to act like I don’t. I know the truth. No matter how much we fight, one will always cave instantly and the others would follow.

My development isn’t the only thing that my brothers hate. They would rather I’d have different friends also. I really only have two friends, male friends that is, and they’ve been my friends for as long as I can remember. We even have pictures from before pre-school days together. Our mothers had been a part of the same prenatal group and I guess they just clicked. We grew up together and the older we got the more interesting things got. One of my brothers is my twin. He was part of our little group until he wasn’t. I don’t know why that changed, but it did. He’s important for this story also.

First there’s Xander Williams Jr. No middle name. 6 feet even. He’s a running back with enough muscles to make any girl swoon. I mean he does play football so why wouldn’t he be swole as shit? I mean at least he had a good enough reason to be. Xander, or as I like to call him, Pooh Bear, was my next door neighbor. He had always been the sports kind of guy, even when we were younger. My brothers still kind of like him, but the older we got the more our touchy feely relationship made them want him to stay away. Didn’t help that two of the three were on the team also. First year was brutal for him. Poor Pooh Bear, but that never changed our relationship. We grew closer and eventually he became my first kiss. I mean Xander’s muscles weren’t the only good thing about him. He was the tastiest piece of chocolate and everyone wanted a piece of him. Perfect all white teeth that sparkled, gorgeous hair that he kept braided. Very small individual ones at that. Whoever does that shit, or take it down, has far more patience than I ever could.

The last of us is Novian Za’Covian Kyle Jameson, or as I call him Zac or Zacky-Bear. His mother is the kind that believes the longer the name the better. Occasionally we tease him about it, but his name is fucking awesome. Zac is a different type of athlete than Xander. Zac is a boxer and a damn good one in his league. He’s the second best junior boxer in town. Want to know the first? My third brother. Yhup, my brothers are assholes and therefore don’t deserve to be named in my story. Instead I will call them Boy 1, Boy 2 and Boy 3. Well Boy 2 is the number one boxer. At first they were neck and neck and then he found out our little secret. Novian had taken my virginity. Well I gave it to him. I still don’t know how he found out, but he did. That sent him over the edge. Instead of telling the others, he released his rage in the ring and during practice. Now Boy 2 is the one I have the hardest time controlling. He stays away from me most of the time and only speaks to me to say something negative and seeing as Novian was the only one good enough to spar with him it became like a constant cage match. Poor Zacky-Bear, still that changed nothing with him also. Novian was light-skinned and there was no other way to put it. He was lighter than me and I was pretty fucking light. He was 6 foot 2 and had abs to fucking die for. Novian also had long wavy hair that he kept at shoulder length. For whatever reason his mother didn’t want him cutting it so he just kept it in a ponytail to manage it better. Both of them were pretty fucking muscular and I love it on them. He had the charms and a perfect smirk that he flashed at all the girls every chance he got. Now I wouldn’t call Novian a player, but he definitely was. Seeing as he lived across the street from me and Xander next door, I knew just how much of a player they were. Both of them did as they pleased, but I couldn’t complain. They always come back to me though. I was the only loyal one. Well as loyal as one could be when they have two lovers. Two lovers who happen to be best-friends at that.

Even though they were a lot alike in a bunch of ways, there were still some major different things between them. More than the two kinds of black skin they had. Xander had these beautiful almonds shaped hazel eyes; while Zac had these big enchanting doe-eyes that were a striking stormy grey color. Zac was like 2 inches taller than Xander. Whereas Xander’s has two older sisters, Novian was an only child. However, I got the better grades out of all of us and I got away with the most shit. Together we were a force to be reckoned with and for seventeen years we had proved exactly that. As I said before there’s no simple way to explain our complicated relationship, but there is a basic way.

Basically, we’re in a love triangle. We love each other deeply, but none of us want to be tied down. All of that is about to change though. Before I can tell you how, I have to explain how it came to be. It was the end of the summer and we were throwing a party to kick off our senior year. The thing is the party consisted of just the three of us and although we practically did everything together; this was a first for us. If I hadn’t explained it clearly, these two were my first in everything. EVERYTHING.

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