Tides that Turn

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***Trigger warning ⚠️. Domestic and mental abuse, sexual abuse and rape*** I will notify you of these scenes before hand. Katie, a 23 year old veterinarian working at the animal hospital in Hermosa was the sweetest, nicest and most caring girl you could ever meet. However, having a heart of gold only allows it to be broken over and over again. Katie thought her boyfriend Cameron was the one, until she caught him red handed repeatedly. On a night out she bumps into her brother Marcus, wide receiver for the LA Rams, only he's not alone. Jensen Adams his best friend her first heartbreak is with him celebrating his return to LA. Katie, in pain and feeling like she's drowning goes down a painful spiral. Emotions running high, she tries to build her life back up because once you hit bottom the only way to go is up. She didn't think it could get any worse, but how horrifically wrong she is. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE COVER PICTURE. NO REPUBLICATION OF ANY PART OF THIS STORY IS ALLOWED. NO TRANSLATION OF ANY PART OF THIS BOOK IS ALLOWED. There will be swearing, sexual references and sex scenes throughout, I will NOT pre warn you before hand, I think it takes away from the enjoyment. For this reason I advise this book 18+.

Drama / Erotica
Selina Jefferson
4.8 15 reviews
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Chapter One


I smiled to myself as I closed my computer down for the weekend, I glanced at the time and couldn't remember the last time I finished so early before, not that I'm complaining, I'm not! I love my job.....most of the time.

My last patient Tom was extra fiesty today and gave us a bit of a fight before we managed to knock him out, my hand was still stinging off the scratches and bites he gave me. Well, I suppose you would be a little fiesty too if you were getting your manhood taken away! I swear they know whats happening when they come in for the procedure, they could be the most loving and placid thing ever but when they come in for this operation its like a switch goes off and they turn feral!

Sorry, let me introduce myself I'm Katie, Katie Moore and I'm a veterinarian working at the animal hospital here in Hermosa LA. I'm 23 and I was born and raised in LA. I'm the youngest of us all. My twin brother and sister Dylan and Kristen are the eldest at 28, then there's Marcus at 25, then me.

Grabbing my bag and double checking the medication cabinets were locked, I turned off the light and locked my office.

Heading to the reception area I looked to see if any emergency cases had came in but it was empty. "Hey Katie, its a lovely day to get finished early." I looked over to see who it was to find Tara one of our receptionists smiling over to me. Tara is stunning, she has she has the most beautiful olive skin, dark mocha hair that falls just below her shoulders and her eyes are so mesmerising, they are the lightest shade of brown I've ever seen. "Hey Tara, I know right, I couldn't believe it when the last two clients cancelled. Especially Mrs Melvin, she NEVER cancels!". Tara laughs nodding her head "I know, it shocked me when she rang, she said something about going out of town for the weekend." I shrugged my shoulders as I walked over to the reception desk. Tara glanced at my hand "I see Tom put up a good fight, have you rinsed it with the antiseptic wash?" "Yeah he certainly did, yeah I done it before and after the operation, the sting is starting to dull down now. So Tara whats your plans for the weekend?". She shrugged her shoulders and smirks at me "Katie, I never make plans, I always seem to have the best time when I don't" she smiled with a wink. I shook my head and laughed "Well see you Monday Tara" "Bye Katie, have fun."

Walking along the street the sun was cracking the pavements, it really was a beautiful day. As I headed towards home, I decided to stop at a little beach front coffee shop, I ordered my latte and sat outside on the veranda that overlooked Hermosa beach. I looked around at all the different groups on the beach, the families, groups of friends playing different sports and some couples walking along the shore line and smiled. I loved it here.

Finishing my drink I got up and made my way home, it was only around a 7 minute walk from the coffee shop. I live in one of the beach front houses and I love it! I didn't buy it, I inherited it from my Pops and Grams, my mothers parents.

They both passed away a year and a half ago after their car was rammed off the road by a drunk and high driver taking chase from the police, their traffic signals changed to green and as they went to turn the car ploughed straight into the side of their car doing around 70mph. My grandparents car had flipped a couple of times before settling on the roof, they believe my Grams died instantly where Pops passed away two days later due to a major bleed on his brain that they just couldn't stop. The driver of the other vehicle died on impact, she might have survived if she had her seat belt on but she didn't, when the tox and bloodworks report came back she had quite a lot of cocain in her system along with being five times over the alcohol limit. My Mom was completely destroyed after the accident and it took nearly a year of therapy three times a week to get her back.....well somewhat back anyways. She's still not the same, but she's getting there, it's a slow process trying to move on after something like that.

My Pops and Grams (Edward and Marion Cahill) owned a string of high class hotels and were extremely wealthy, of course that got passed down to my Mom and her brother Uncle William.

Pops and Grams had a lot of properties as well which was shared out between their grandchildren, I got the beach house, Marcus got his house in BeverlyWood, Kristen got the house in Santa Monica as that's where her main beauty business is and Dylan is at Silver Lake. I don't remember where Tony and Abbie, Uncle Williams kids houses were. The other houses like the one in Manhattan and Florida were kept as family homes for any of us to stay at when we needed or wanted a break or had a family vacation, which doesn't really happen as often as we like due to Marcus's time table. Playing for the LA Rams as a wide receiver it was hard to pin him down, between games and practice, we managed to get a week or two here and there.

I didn't realise I was home already until I reached my front door. I always go into my own little bubble when I think about them.

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