Return of The Nerd

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Adrianna Rodriguez was once a nerd who was bullied by her peers. It got a little too much when they pulled a horrible prank on her, humiliating her in front of the whole school. She left the very next day completely embarrassed and depressed. Now she's back with a different look, different attitude and an entirely different goal. To get her revenge on those who did her wrong. Sebastian Hernandez the new bad boy in town has taken a liking to Adrianna and her revenge plan, will they learn to forgive and forget or will they both venture on a darker path ? You know what they say. Revenge is best served cold. But is it worth it?

Drama / Humor
Ruth Stevens
4.8 5 reviews
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Prologue- The Betrayal

Adrianna Rodriguez’s Point of View:

Ding! Ding!

I jumped out of my sleep at the sound of my alarm. I slowly got out of bed with a huge smile on my face. Now you all must be wondering what the hell is wrong with me?

So let me clear the air. I am not a morning person but the fact that today is my birthday and also my three months anniversary with my boyfriend Jeremy I’m entitled to a little craziness.

I am happy and nervous at the same time. Happy because its my birthday and nervous because of the anniversary.

Slapping a hand on the alarm button to shut it off I crossed my room and entered my adjoining bathroom. I took up my toothbrush and toothpaste and began to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth I just stood there staring at the mirror and my reflection.

I do this every morning for one simple fact I’m a nerd. Yes!! I said it, my name is Adrianna Rodriguez and I am a nerd. The reason for my looking in the mirror is because I have to remind myself that I am a beautiful young lady no matter what anyone else thinks.

I’m not like the typical nerd that is fat and not good looking. I actually have a great figure with curves in all the right places and I am far from ugly. I despise attention and so I hide my figure under baggy clothes and wear big ugly glasses which help me to be invisible to everyone, everyone except Jeremy.

Jeremy Johnson is the typical golden boy of our school. He does well in school and is the star basketball player. We’ve been together for three months now and I couldn’t be happier. My best friends Katy and Matt have warned me about being with but he was just so sweet to me that I didn’t care for their warning.

Moving away from the mirror I grabbed an elastic band and wrapped around my hair so that it wouldn’t get wet. Stripping off my clothes I took a quick shower and stepped out of the bath instantly wrapping a towel around me and drying off.

With a contented sigh I walked into my room and headed straight for my walk in closet. I may not show my figure to anyone at school but I have a lot of amazing clothes inside of my closet mainly because of my mother who is a fashion designer. I only plan on showing my true self in senior year which is next year.

To keep up my nerdy act I grabbed a baggy white T-shirt and black skinny jeans with a black converse. Quickly changing into the clothes I freed my hair from the elastic band and ran my hand through the wavy locks. I decided to just put my hair in a ponytail like I do everyday. I grabbed my bag and phone walking down the stairs.

I went into the kitchen shocked to see that my brother was already awake and ready for school.

“Hey Michael”

“Hey,” he replied lifting his head from the plate of pancakes only to stuff a piece more into his mouth.

“How are you up so early?” I asked in wonder cause he’s never up early.

Swallowing a sip of orange he flashed me is famous smile, “it’s your birthday so I’m gonna drive you to school”

“Really,” I asked internally jumping in excitement.

His car is literally the love of my life. He’s got a black Lamborghini. Now you must be wondering how did he convince my parents to buy him a car that expensive. It’s quite simple actually he used the oldest trick in the book.

Compromise? No

Do chores around the house? Nope

Get a job of his own? Hell no

Well here’s the answer drum roll please, dum! dum! dum! He begged. Yes I said it my star quarterback brother went on his hands and knees for that car.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Mike spoke, “let’s go”

Squealing in delight I ignored my brother laughing at me grabbed an apple and jumped into the car.

“Hold tight baby sister,” Mike said with a smirk on his face.

I immediately regretted my decision when he blazed out of the drive way.


As soon as Michael pulled up at school I dashed out of the car sending him a glare.

I walked up the steps and smiled when I saw my best friends Katy and Matt walking towards me. My smile when they walked up to me and I saw the worried look on their faces.

“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned for my friends.

“Oh nothing,” Katy spoke softly playing with her hair.

Now I know something is wrong, she only plays with her hair when she’s lying or when she’s nervous.

I was just about to interrogate her further when Matt spoke.

“Let’s go to the library,” he sounded so nervous and looked so uncomfortable.

That’s strike two Matt hates the library so why would he want to go there. I was about to speak when I looked over Katy’s shoulder and found the reason for their awkwardness. Jeremy was cornering a girl on the lockers and kissing her.

“Jeremy?” I whispered as I walked up to him.

“what the hell are you doing?” I shouted at him.

He pulled away from her long enough to look at me. He didn’t look surprised to see me. As a matter of fact he didn’t even looked like he cared.

I watched as he turned back to the girl to place a lingering kiss on her lips. He turned back to face me a smirk on his face.

My heart clenched at his words, “happy anniversary Adrianna”

He turned pulling the girl with him and walked away. I thought that my heart was shattered but then he stopped walking and turned to face me.

“I almost forgot.... Happy birthday Adrianna”

I didn’t know what to feel as I turned away and ran. I ran and ran without looking back and ignoring my friends plea for me to stop.

Then and there my heart broke from disappointment and I could only think of one thing.


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