A Flake Amongst a Million

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Ava is... different. She sees the world through a completely different perspective than anyone else. Every situation or choice, is an opportunity. A chance given to her to try something new like an adventure. The simple moments are the most precious, and are to be savored with everything she has.

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Ava loved these kinds of days. Cold, but the sun was warm. It shined on her face and warmed her stinging skin, making her forget the discomforts of winter.

Everything was still and silent. There was an energy in the air, but it couldn’t be detected by her eyes or ears. She felt it, deeper than her physical senses, she could feel the winter, the cold; almost empty feeling- but it wasn’t empty.

It was full, but just not associated with warmth as it usually is. It made her feel new, refreshed, and at rest. It’s a break from her life, the grueling everyday struggle of patience(or sometimes the lack of it for that matter), mostly just the constant distraction of always having something to do and somewhere to be. She could now appreciate the beauty of the reality around her.

This was real, more real than any of the fake necessities and wants of her life. It’s snowing now, this is by far the best part.

The delicate, puffy flakes drifting down from the endlessly white sky. Never falling in a straight line, always making detours and visiting their neighbors close by before landing and dissolving on the ground; all the while never making a single sound, aware of the beauty and peace that surrounds them and knowing better than to break it.

In a way, Ava related to them. This is why she took these few precious minutes out of her day to observe; rather than act. Because if she didn’t, would it be a waste? Would it all be for nothing?

Would everybody walk by, not appreciating or even knowing the opportunity they had to catch this break from reality? Not the world’s reality, but our reality? People’s reality? This was reality- and even more, Ava had it all to herself.

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