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She is She

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The forest is her safe haven and feels as if she is drawn to it like some sort of gravitational pull. She is not like other people. She sees the world as a friend and another soul in the universe. She is a very peculiar and curious girl getting lost on the trails of her mind and its creations.

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She is she

She walks alone on the forest road, alone with her mind. Her thoughts seemed to be louder to her than other people around her. She always keeps to herself and doesn’t have very many friends. People usually don’t talk to her, not for any particular reason, just that she doesn’t make herself open to others.

She has a cute face, freckles, bright blue eyes, and brown hair. She is an average height for a girl, she typically wears 90s clothing, and everyone admires her, though she doesn’t know it, they do. She’s always been afraid to talk to people; she always says, “I don’t think anyone is interested, yet, I am not either.”

The way she thinks is different from other people. She sees herself almost as another person. In which case she tends to talk to herself a lot.

She continues to walk, alone, bare feet. The rain had just stopped; she’s soaked from head to toe, her long hair dripping water. See she doesn’t mind though; she likes the rain. She has a sweet summer dress on now soaking wet, it's a light blue color and now a dull blue grey. The road is a narrow mountain road, the pine trees towering over her, the smell of rain mixed with the forest pine, and a little bit of honeysuckle. She takes a deep breath and pauses. She smiles slightly, her face towards the sky with her eyes closed. She felt the next sprinkle of rain fall on her face, this time it was soft.

She stood there in the almost silence, she listens to some birds in the distance and the rain as it softy hit the ground, the trees, her face and arms. The silence to other people would drive them crazy if they listened long enough, but her, she could stay in this moment forever if the universe would allow her to. She believes she is connected with the universe and her purpose she doesn't know yet. unlike others, animals of all kinds seem to be drawn to her.

Cars usually would be a concern on this winding road, but because of the rain no one drives on it unless they have to. This road is known to be dangerous when the roads are wet and many wrecks have happened along this road. The unique part of those wrecks is the forest almost takes the debris of the cars and turns it into a beautiful masterpiece. Covered in vines, and moss. Some say the lost souls still roam the area; some may not even know they are a lost soul.

She walks on the yellow lines, arms out and one foot in front of the other like a balance beam. she closes her eyes and takes another deep breath, the crisp air filling her lungs. She breathes out, letting her worries fade with every step and breath she takes. Carefree, and light, she continues to walk. she’s not sure how far she’s gone now few miles or so. She likes walking on this particular road, in fact she loves it. She lets her mind wander, fill with dreams and colors.

She comes up on a bend and closes her eyes for a moment. When she opens her eyes the sun peeks through the clouds on her face, she feels the warmth of the sun giving her a light hug. She's absolutely free for the first time in her life.

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