Escaping the Truth Book Two

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Chapter 29-Thomas

“Argh....” I lay into the punching bag with right hooks, left hooks, quick jabs, and forceful punches, some strong enough that for a second, I think the bag is going to fly from the ceiling.

I’ve been trying to give Ryann the space she needs to think because if I don’t, I know I’ll question her. And that is the last thing she needs right now. Plus, I needed another round with this damn punching bag. My mind keeps wandering back to the police report that Travis dug up and the fact that Max is listed on that fucking thing.

“Urghh,” I grunt out as I deliver another blow to the bag, followed by another and another. Sweat is dripping and running down my face. I’m not even sure how long I’ve been out here. Maybe an hour. All I know is the dull ache in my already injured hand is gone as my adrenaline hits a new high.

After Val left my office to call her mom, she’s been held up in the spare bedroom. I’m sure she’s sleeping because if I’m being honest, and it’s a dick honesty, she looks like she didn’t get much sleep last night.

With the sound of the garage door to the house closing, I deliver one last blow to the punching bag before snapping my attention to see who’s joined me. Ryann is standing at the top of the stairs, looking very unsure of herself, but at the same time, she’s holding a new confidence about her. And I can’t help but stare at her radiance. She’s beautiful as always, her hair twisted and pulled high into a bun at the top of her head. She’s wearing her Purdue tee and grey sweats, and on her middle finger are her rings that she’s twirling around and around.


Catching the swinging punching bag, “Hey...” And now I’m lost for fucking words. “Did you sleep okay?”

Walking down the two steps down into the garage, she slowly makes her way towards me. Her bare feet softly padding across the concrete like it’s made of glass. “I don’t know,” Ryann whispers. “It feels like I never got to sleep.”

I can relate because I’m pretty sure I laid starring at the ceiling, plotting ways to sneak into jail and beat the shit out of Jamie. Removing my punching gloves, I wince as I flex my injured hand. My hope is that Ryann missed the wince, but she’s on me within seconds, examining my, now, severely bruised hand. I’m sure if I continued punching the hell out of this bag, it will end up broken.

“What happened? Does it hurt?”

Again I wince as she applies gentle pressure to my hand. “Only when you do that.”

Ryann drops my hand, “Oh, sorry.”

Shaking my head. “It’s fine. I punched a wall at the studio yesterday.”

It was either now or never because it was only a matter of time before Ryann found the truth out. I mean, how else am I going to explain an almost broken hand to her? Oh, I just tripped and nearly fell on my face? Ya, she’d call me out on my shit acting right then and there.

“What do you mean you punched a wall?”

Shrugging a shoulder, I walk over to the inwall cubbies I had installed to store my workout equipment in the garage and toss the gloves in the center storage. “It means,” my tone starts drier than I anticipated, and I know I’ve sealed us in for a fight. “That I punched a wall. I was pissed. It was either I punched the wall or went out for a drink.” The words leave my mouth with a venom-bile of word vomit. Because Ryann is not to blame for my outburst of violence, and I know that, but I’m also pissed with the secret she kept from me.

And instead of talking it out with her like civilized adults, I’m acting like a fucking toddler. And by the mom look, I’m getting my way; she’s not amused at all by my sudden outburst.

“Did you talk with Andrew?” This is the follow-up question she decides to go with. You have got to be kidding me.

I’m not sure why, but her asking and putting me before her needs reignite the already burning fury I’m feeling. Maybe because she wants me to trust her and share. I mentally laugh at the thought because she couldn’t even trust me enough to share.

“And you think I should share that with you? When you couldn’t even tell me about your sobriety, I found out from Xayla. Who kept a damn secret for you.” I say evenly. “Where you ever going to tell me?” I watch her advert her gaze down to the garage floor as her fingers continue spinning the rings on her finger again. After a few moments with the silence growing between us, “Answer me?” I demand.

“Yes!” She screams. “Happy? I was going to fucking tell you, but I.....”

“But you what?” I interrupt. I watch her pull her lower lip between her teeth, turning me the fuck on.

And when Ryann realizes what she’s doing, she immediately releases her lip. “I was afraid.”

“Of what? Because I find it hard to believe, after everything we’ve fucking been through, that you couldn’t talk to me.” And I really need to stop being a dick. “That you couldn’t trust me.”

“I do trust you,” Ryann cries out as she starts to back away from me. “Just, stop.” She suddenly yells, and I know she’s thinking of running.

Shaking my head, that is the last thing Ryann will be doing. She’s not going to run from me. Not now, not ever again. I storm up to her and force her back against the SUV parked in the garage, making running next to impossible. “I will never stop. Never, Ryann. Tell me why.” I demand.

“It won’t change anything.”

“Tell me why you didn’t tell me about your sobriety,” I demand.

Turning her head away from me again, I take hold of her chin and force her to look up at me. “Because...” I hear the crack of rage in her voice as she feeds off my fury. “I was afraid that you’d leave me if I told you.” I look at her with shock and surprise before she finally deflates. The tension leaves her shoulders as she sags against the car. “That my history would become too much. I was always told that I’d never find love outside of Jamie. That I was damaged goods for any.....”

I’ve heard enough; my lips collide, hard, against Ryann’s as I take control of this stupid ass fight that I started. And I can feel her surrendering with each caress of my tongue. The chaotic world that we’re trapped in is currently melting away. “I don’t give two fucks about your past, Ryann,” I growl against her lips. “You’ve been trying to escape from your past like it could make or break you, but guess what? It won’t because I sure as hell won’t allow it to happen.”

I watch Ryann’s shoulder straighten slightly as her eyes fill with concern. A concern I know will be for me and my damn career. I know what she wants in life, and it’s a future with me. We will have a future, but I need her to stop listening to that little whiny, negative voice in her damn head.

“Thomas, but your career and reputation are already being......”

Planting my uninjured hand firmly onto the car hood beside her, “And I’ve told you. I don’t give two fucks about my career or reputation. I ruined my reputation long ago. On my own with no help. And after this damn press tour, I’m done with acting.”


Resting my forehead against hers. I wanted to wait to tell Ryann my plans until I had everything figured out with Andrew. We’re working on starting a foundation. To give addicts the resources they need to achieve their sobriety. The goal is to help bring funding to facilities and organizations that may not have enough funds or are going under. Andrew and I have been working on this idea for a couple of months now, and it’s starting to gain momentum.

Then the main reason why I want to leave acting. I want a life with Ryann out of the limelight. Because of me, her past has been published on every fucking tabloid possible. If I were even slightly normal, she would not be subjected to this level of humiliation, and I don’t want her nor I to worry about the possibility of our relationship under a microscope 24/7.

Taking a deep breath in, I suddenly find myself slightly nervous. “I love you, Ryann,” I tell her as the tips of my fingers run along the outline of her jaw before dipping along the curvature of her neck. I watch her shuffle from foot to foot with each stroke against her soft skin. “You falling into my life gave me purpose again, and I know that purpose is no longer in Hollywood. It’s with you and whatever crazy adventure we find.” I say with a slight smile. “Are you in?”

I watch her bite her lower lip, and I immediately let out a primal growl as I lower my lips closer to Ryann’s skin. I want to taste her. Every fucking inch of her, and she knows it. My mouth latches onto the softness of her neck, kissing, sucking, and at times, my teeth nip against her skin. Ryann immediately moans out with her arousal. “I’m in.” She groans out. “God, I’m so fucking in, Thomas.”

Her words are my undoing. Pinning her against the car again, everything becomes a blur of passion. Ryann’s hands are twisted into the sweaty dampness of my hair, and my hands are slipping up her tee until I find her perky breast. Her nipples are harden peaks giving away her arousal, and I toy with them, plucking them firmly between my fingers. Ryann arches her back from the car and pushes her perfect tits into my hands. Her moans getting louder and louder against my lips.

In the spur of the moment, I pull away from Ryann to yank her shirt over her head. The thought of other people being on the property is gone from my mind as I toss Ryann’s shirt to the hood of the car. Stepping back slightly, my eyes slowly appreciate every single inch of her body and curves. Every day she becomes more and more gorgeous, and I’m not sure how that’s even physically possible.

The tips of my fingers glide over her skin, creating a path from her collar bone to the hem of her sweats. Her hips swaying more and more into my touch the lower my fingers travel. Leaning down to her ear, “I’m going to fuck you against this car.”

I can feel Ryann’s mouth twitch into a smile as her teeth graze against my earlobe, and I can hear her purr her approval. “Fuck me.”

Growling, I spin Ryann around to face the hood of the car. “Put her hands on the hood.” She does as she’s told, and I shimmy her sweats down. Ryann arches her back as she looks over her shoulder and shakes her naked ass for my enjoyment. Feeling bold, I deliver a smack to an ass cheek and hear Ryann let out a moan of pleasure.

“Did you like that, babydoll?” Ryann looks over her shoulder again, her bottom lip between her teeth as she nods her head as an answer. I deliver another spank to the opposite cheek, causing Ryann to cry out with ecstasy. “That’s not an answer, babydoll.”

“Yes.” She begs out. “Please, Thomas. Don’t stop.”

I deliver another whack to her cheeks, just until they’re nice and red. Her moans are getting louder and louder as they echo around us and encase us into our own world. Centering myself behind her, I pull down my pants and enter her from behind. Her walls expanding to welcome me and immediately squeezes around my cock, and I nearly spill my load like a damn adolescent.

Slowly, I start to rock my hips. Thrusting deep inside of her with a passionate force, my cock stroking every sensitive spot imaginable. I can feel Ryann’s climax building with each stroke of my member against her sweet, sweet spot. The sound of her nails digging into the metal of the car and scraping into the paint is a pure sound. One that I never thought I would ever enjoy hearing.

Reaching around Ryann, I find her clit. My fingers making quick circler motions as I feel her pulsate around me. Her wetness is coating every fucking inch of my cock and her pussy, causing me to groan out in pure fucking bliss, knowing that I do this to her, that I’m the one to turn her on like this. Is fucking high that I will never come down from.

“Shit, Thomas,” Ryann moans out. “I’m gonna come, please.”

Ohh, the begging. The pleading. She’s waiting for me to give her that command, but I don’t. I keep thrusting deep to her core with the need to send Ryann into an earth-shattering orgasm.

With the sound of the scratches deepening into the hood of the car, I give one last final thrust as my finger flicks across Ryann’s clit. Her body shakes violently as she pushes herself up from the car and into my body. “Fuck, Thomas!” She cries out in leg shaking orgasm.

My arms wrap around her, keeping her upright. “Ryann,” I grunt her name out with my climax as I spill deep inside her. Our knack for the use of condoms has become less and less but being bare and buried deep against Ryann’s velvet walls is a feeling I never want to forget. “I love you,” I whisper into her ear.

I feel Ryann lax against me just as my cock slips from her, causing her to let out a soft giggle. “I love you.”

“OH, MY, GOD! Adverting my eyes. Fucking hell, a warning would have been nice.” Val yells out in horror.

Our little bubble of bliss in the garage is suddenly cut short as Ryann quickly pulls from my arms and swiftly manages to pull on her sweats as she dives down to be unseen. She remains squatted and hidden by the car with her hands covering her face in embarrassment, and her arms provide a little coverage across her chest.

And I, well, I just casually pull my shorts up.

“Seriously, you two, in the garage? And with the damn garage door open? Are you trying to alert the media of your little secret relationship?” I get that Val is annoyed with the current arrangements. Still, she could have easily just turned around and gone back inside instead of calling Ryann and me out.

“Is there something I can help you with, Val?” I ask with annoyance that I hope she’s able to read between the lines of, go away.

Ryann catches my attention as she waves her hands and mouths, “My shirt.” And points towards the hood of the car.

Reaching for Ryann’s shirt, I toss it down to her, and she quickly throws it on before popping up from her hiding spot.

“Hey, Ry,” Val says coolly. “And my mom wants to meet me at my apartment. Can I....”

Shaking my head, “No, she can come here.” An order that not only surprises Val but me as well. Having an employee’s family member at my house was always a fireable offense, but rules are meant to be broken, especially when they’re your rules to break. “Travis is still working with your apartment building on the additional security details.”

Val laughs at the idea before suddenly stopping when she realizes that I’m not joking. “Oh, you’re serious.” I nod my head slowly. “Umm, okay. I guess I’ll call her back and let her know of the sudden change in plans. She may freak, just to warn you. Not because she’s coming to Thomas Copeland’s house. She never did like you when we went to school together but because of the damn security.” The sarcasm and irritation in her voice are not lost. Because Val may never admit to it, but her mom loved me.

Just as she turns to go back into the house, she looks over her shoulder again with a devious, humorous look. “By the way, Ry, killer body. I’m gonna need to know your secret. Although, I’m pretty sure it’s not much of a secret.” I practically feel Ryann melt behind me with humiliation, which only causes Val to laugh out in amusement as she closes the door behind her.

And lucky for me, I’m the one who gets to view Ryann’s killer body and all its glory. And I’m not done with her or her body today.

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