Escaping the Truth Book Two

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Chapter 36-Thomas

Ryann is pulling on every fucking nerve imaginable. Her eyes are wild, wide, and passionate. I watch her hands swing wildly as she yells at me. No, fucking screams out her rage towards me. A rage brought to the surface by Max, by Jamie, and by all of the fucking hardships Ryann has had to go through.

Backing her into the countertop, I lift her up, surprising her, and force her to spread her legs as I step between them. “Don’t challenge me, babydoll.”

Ryann leans forward in defiance, “Or what?”

I feel my jaw tick with a seditious smile. I’ll show her or what.

My hand wraps around the softness of her ponytail, pulling her closer to me, “Are you trying to piss me off?”

The boldness radiating off her is a fucking tease and a damn turn-on. Ryann forces her lips to mine, her tongue possessive with an insatiable need that fuels me to give her what she needs. What she deserves. Ryann pulls away, biting my bottom lip and sending every cell in my fucking body to explode with an intense need. A need to fucking fuck her in this damn kitchen.

“Is it working?” She purrs against my lips, “Because I’m fucking pissed off.”


Keeping my hand entangled in her hair, I force her lips back to mine with the need to feel every inch of her. My arousal growing as her moans vibrate against my lips. Ryann claims that I’m the one in control, that she’s surrendering what control she has left to me. But that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Even in this moment, as I’m possessing her, she’s possessing me, if not more.

My hand slowly glides up Ryann’s leg and snakes under her loose-fitted teal tank top. Her skin ignites like fire from my touch as she wiggles on the countertop, wanting and craving more. Her hands are pulling up on my shirt, and with the feel of her nails scrapping passionately against my bare flesh, I let out a primal growl. My arousal growing with each stroke and with each dig into my skin. Ryann is pissed. She’s a fiery rage of anger, and I want to feel every inch of it.

As she slides off the countertop, Ryann’s hands are tugging at the button of my pants in a hurried pace to get them off. Keeping her pinned to the countertop, I slip my hand down the front of her skintight yoga pants. My finger flicks across her pulsating bundle of nerves as a moan leaves Ryann’s mouth. I watch as she bites down on her lower lip and swings her head back, pushing herself into my hand. Wanting more of the pleasure as I feel her body quiver into a bliss that not even her anger can deny her.

Growling out, “Stop doing that.” My cock is nearly about to blow its load from her fucking defiance. Ryann knows I find it sexy as hell and a massive turn-on, and she also knows what biting her lip does to me.

I feel Ryann’s lips twerk into a rebellious smile, “Make me.” Her hand frees my large, growing cock, her hand working me slowly and teasingly. My breath hisses between my teeth, trying to keep myself composed, but it’s pointless. “What’s wrong, Mr. Copeland? Can you not handle a woman in control?”

God, this fucking woman can undo me with her damn words. I devour her lips with mine, forcing her hands into my hair as I yank her tights down to the damn ground. Ryann shuffles from foot to foot, pulling the skin-hugging garment off.

Pulling Ryann closer to me, I feel her hand come between us, and I immediately stop her from working my cock once again. I’m not coming by her hand, not when I need to be buried deep inside her.

Cupping my hands to her backside, I urge her to wrap her legs around my waist as my cock nestles in the sweetest spot possible. I can feel the warmth of her silky wetness coating the tip of my cock as Ryann attempts to drive me further into her.

“What do you want, babydoll? Do you want me to fuck you?” Again Ryann attempts to drive me into her opening with the swivel of her hips, driving me mad. Backing her into the refrigerator, she lets out an erotic moan as I force her away from my lips. Her cheeks are a rosy red, her pupils dilated and taking hold of the vibrancy of her hazel eyes. Her lips are so swollen and luscious that I want to feel them against my skin. Pulling her lip between her teeth, she arches her back from the refrigerator, and the hold around my waist becomes tighter in her attempt to pull me close.

“Thomas,” she moans out, “Please.” I love hearing her beg.

“Please, what?” I tease.

Instead of getting the answer, I thought. The one telling me to fuck her. A fiery determination ignites within her eyes as she wraps her arms around my neck. I feel her fingers entwining into my hair and pulling on the strands as she impales herself onto my dick. My groan vibrates through my body as I have to force my legs from shaking and sending up both toppling to the ground.

Ryann hums her new pleasure and slowly rises and falls back down, “I’m not saying please again.” Her breath is hot and raspy with her desires, “Fuck me, or I’ll get myself off.”

Her demand is my undoing as I crush her against the cold silver metal appliance. Her moans are loud and vibrating to the deepest parts of my core. My thrusts are hard and fast as Ryann digs her nails into the skin of my shoulder blades, and with each thrust, her nails dig in deeper and deeper. Her moans loud and echoing back to us.

“Fuck, don’t stop. Don’t stop.” Ryann screams out. “Shit, Thomas.”

Her walls feel like fucking velvet. With each thrust, they’re milking and pulsating around me. The pleasure is undeniable, but sex with Ryann is always an undeniable indulgence that I can’t say no to. She’s my one true queen, and my world will always revolve around her.

Ryann’s nails dig into my shoulders one last time before I feel her tightening around my throbbing cock, “Oh, my god. Shit, Thomas.” She cries out as her body withers against mine.

Holding her close, I groan out her name with one last thrust deep inside of her and spill into her core. I hold her tight as her head buries into the crock of my neck. I can feel her chest heaving against mine as I stand with my pants undone and my dick still buried deep inside her.

After a moment of allowing us to catch our breaths, I urge her out of my neck and rest my forehead to hers. I understand why she’s pissed, and I understand that she’s feeling like I just brushed her feelings and thoughts under the rug.

But that was never my intent. It will never be my intent. I don’t want Ryann to ever feel like her emotions aren’t valid or that her thoughts and concerns are pointless because they’re not. I need her to always know that no matter what, I will always believe her.

With Ryann still wrapped around my waist, I walk us out of the kitchen and back to our bedroom. Placing her down to the floor, I lean in and place a soft kiss against the damped skin of her forehead and then to her lips. A simple, intimate, and loving kiss. One that lingers between two people madly in love.

Pulling away, I rest my forehead to hers again, “Why don’t you go start a bath.”

Ryann lets out the softest and cutest giggle possible, “You want to take a bath with me?”

Tilting her chin up slightly, “Yes. And I’m going to order some dinner and inform Travis, and I’ll meet you in the tub.”

Ryann’s eyes light up with a smile gracing her beautiful face, “Pizza?”

Laughing because when isn’t Ryann craving pizza, “Pizza.”

She beams, “Ask Travis and Samuel if they want any. Please.”

I guess I never did tell her that I gave Samuel the rest of the week off. “Uh, I gave Samuel the rest of the week off. He won’t be going with us to Vancouver or New York.”

Ryann steps back with her head cocked off to the side with confusion in her eyes. “Why?”

“His daughter is sick, and I told him to take the rest of the week off. I already talked with Travis. Since Val is meeting us in New York, we can pull Jonathan or Heather if needed.” Ryann’s face softens into an adoring smile. “What?”

She shakes her head, keeping that adorable adorning look upon her face, “Nothing. Just surprised me is all.”

Pulling her back towards me, “Babydoll, I’m full of surprises.” I say as I place a quick kiss to her lips. “Now, go and get the bath going. I’ll be right back.”

“Hmm, hurry back. I love you.”

Watching her saunter off into the bathroom, her perfect ass on full display, she looks over her shoulder, “I love you.” I say to her as she blows me a kiss and disappears into the bathroom.

Once I hear the start of the faucet to the tub turn on, I make my way into the office to grab my phone before heading out to the kitchen. Walking down the hall, I manage to button up my pants and place an online order from a local pizzeria. Ordering enough food for both Ryann and I and enough for Travis if he’d like any.

Picking up Ryann’s black pants and slinging my tee over my shoulder, I’m slightly startled by Travis’s shadow coming in from the direction of the garage. I didn’t even hear the door open or close.

Standing straight up, “I’ve ordered pizza. Please help yourself to any. You can leave it on the countertop.”

Travis nods his head, “I’ll be on the lookout, sir. If you don’t mind me asking, sir. Is everything okay?”

Looking over my shoulder, I know Ryann won’t be behind us, but with my shit luck, and since I’ve already been busted once. I want to make sure I’m in the clear before speaking. “In the doghouse,” I admit with slight amusement. “Max called her phone from an unknown number, and I answered it.”

I watch Travis’s eyes go dark like the night. A trait that I’ve noticed comes into play when he’s protecting Ryann and feels like he needs to be on his guard. “And what did he want?”

“To talk to her.”

“Hmm, I see. Do we need to change her number?”

As much as I want to do that, we can’t. I know keeping Max out of her life will be hard until she makes that decision on her own. Ryann will have to accept a truth she doesn’t want to accept before she’ll fully cuts Max out of her life. “No, I don’t think it would do anything besides cause more drama than what we already have. As of now, I don’t think there are any additional security threats.” I say with a pause. “Have you found the information I asked for?”

Travis shakes his head slightly, “No, not yet. But I will find out who sent Jamie Maddox to California. He had no business here nor any other connections. His trip was not a planned vacation, and he was set to pick up a rental later that afternoon.” I can feel my blood going ice cold with a murderous numbing rage. “Sir,” Travis shakes my shoulder, making me realize I must have zoned out as I think of every possible way legally, I can cause harm to Jamie. Ways to bring him down.

“Sorry, Travis. What were you saying?”

He shakes his head, “Nothing that can’t wait. Go and enjoy your night. We’ll need to leave here at two in the morning to get to the airport on time.”

And I’m not looking forward to the next twenty-four hours. As soon as we land in Vancouver, it’s off to the studios for interviews and one last reshoot. Then we have to get on a plane and head off to New York, which we won’t land until well after nine in the evening. I hate the whole two planes in one freaking day, and I know Ryann does too. My schedule for the next twenty-four hours will be chaotic.

Once Travis has left the house, I head back to our bedroom and hear a sweet angelic voice echoing out of the bathroom.

’Cause all I know is we said hello

And your eyes look like coming home

All I know is a simple name

Everything has changed

All I know is you held the door

You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours

All I know since yesterday

Is everything has changed

Ryann’s voice is soft, airy, and powerful and reminds me of the musical chords that would erupt from the piano or guitar when my mom would play. A familiar relaxation washes through my veins, giving me a sense of belonging and home.

Walking into the bathroom, I propped my back against the door frame and watch Ryann sway in the claw foot bathtub with white bubbles surrounding her with her knees pulled up into her chest. She’s redone her hair into one of those messy top knots she loves, with random strands framing her beautiful and serene face.

And all my walls stood tall, painted teal

And I’ll take ’em down, take ’em down

And open up the door for you

And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind

Makin’ up for lost time, takin’ flight, making me feel like.....

Taking my shirt off, I throw it down to the ground before sliding out of my pants. Ryann is so lost expressing herself through song that she still has yet to realize that I’ve joined her. That is until I slip into the tub behind her. Ryann jumps as the water slushes around us, and I wrap my arms around her, bringing her between my legs.

Leaning her head against my chest, she cranes her head back to look up at me, “How long have you been in the bathroom?”

Placing a kiss to her forehead, “Long enough to tell you you got a lyric wrong in the song you were singing.”

Ryann sits up, turning slightly with a bemused look on her face. “You know Taylor Swift?”

I can’t help but chuckle at her question, “Yes, I know who Taylor Swift is. Well, not personally. But I know her music.”

“You’re a Swifties!” She exclaims with per shock and amusement. “Thomas Copeland is a Taylor Swift fan.”

Rolling my eyes in exaggeration, “Fine, I like her music. It’s a guilty pleasure, don’t go telling Val or Xayla.” Ryann pinches her pointer finger and thumb together and acts as if she’s zipping her mouth. Sealing the secret for life. Although, I know she wouldn’t tell a soul even if I didn’t ask her. “Why did you change the lyric from painted blue to painted teal?”

Ryann turns back around and leans back into my chest. Her fingers tracing along the outline of my knuckles. I watch the bubbles on my hand pop with each new design she creates on my skin. “My bedroom walls were teal. I used to seek refuge in my bedroom. It was my safe haven when I couldn’t get out to the pond on my parents’ property. I would return to my room high and or drunk, but I never brought the substances into my room.”

“Kinda like me?” Because I never had alcohol brought into my room or hidden in my room. My room is my sanctuary, and I made sure to keep it that way.

Turning her head slightly, I catch a small smile on her face. “I guess we are more alike than I ever thought could be possible.” She admits. “But I would hide my pills around the house. In places, I knew no one would look. I think my sister knew, but she never said anything to my parents.”

This is news to me. “Why?”

Ryann’s shoulders rise up and down with a shrug, with the water rushing back over her flawless skin. “I don’t know. I never asked her. Maybe I should.”

“Babydoll, I think you and Jen should sit down and talk things out.”

Ryann lets out an unamused laugh, “Did she tell you that?”

“No. Call it a feeling. I think she may surprise you because lord knows she surprised me.” And she did. I wasn’t expecting Jen to be the first person out of Ryann’s family to call after the whole Jamie debacle. And to call Val of all people when she couldn’t get ahold of Ryann on her phone.

“Hmm, was it because she could form full sentences when she spoke to you?”

Well, I mean, what is her definition of a full sentence? “No. It’s because she was the first one out of your family who called.”

I feel Ryann tense slightly in my hold before relaxing against me again. The conversation dying around us, and I can feel Ryann overanalyzing what she just learned. I think the puzzle pieces that were once broken and lost are slowly being pieced back together.

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