Escaping the Truth Book Two

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Chapter 40-Ryann

Just landed in New York. BTW, Jonathan is a terrible flier. I’ve never seen a man so jittery in my life. It was amusing. I may have also jumped each time we hit turbulence. I’ll be waiting for you in the hotel! Can’t wait for us to take New York on again! Because we are getting out before we leave for some much-needed people watching!

Valerie’s text is enough to bring a smile to my face as I’m stuck in a car with a tense and awkward silence. A silence brought on by me because I’m not talking. I don’t want to talk, and I’m not really sure what to say. I’m pissed. At every fucking one. I’m pissed at Martha for even thinking she had the right to come to Thomas’s trailer and call me out on shit she doesn’t know. I’m pissed at Thomas for demanding me to go to the damn car without him, and I’m pissed he stayed long enough for Martha to play him to get what she wanted.

I knew what she was doing, and she succeeded. She started a fire, and even thinking about her lips pressed to Thomas’s causes a fiery rage to surge through my veins. Just one last kiss. That is all she wanted. One last fucking kiss and she got it.

And the petty part of me also feels played and pushed off to the side.

When Martha asked if we were dating, Thomas should have said yes and told her to fuck off and called the argument at that. But he didn’t. Instead, he comes up with some diplomatic excuse of taking his employees’ security seriously.

I know I’m green with envy, and I’m acting out on impulse, but it’s an impulse that I’ve been craving more and more. I’m tired of women like Martha trying to steal what will only ever be mine. I want the world to know about our relationship. But maybe before the world finds out, I need to tell my family.

I know that’s why Thomas did what he did and said what he said. He was only thinking of me. He is always only thinking of me and what he feels is best. But what about what I think is best?

Damn’t, I need to get a grip before I even board the fucking plane to New York.

Pealing myself from the door of the car, I reply to Valerie’s text.

Can’t wait. I have a lot to tell you. Vancouver was a shit show.

I watch the tiny bubbles appear on the screen before Valerie’s reply appears.

Urgh....what did Thomas do now? Am I going to have to use my new self-defense moves? I did bring my laptop.

Not on Thomas. I can handle Thomas. Maybe on Martha. Though, the next time we meet, it won’t be pleasant. I may pull a trick out of Xayla’s book and just throw my fucking shoe at her with no warning. Hopefully, I’ll be wearing heels when that time comes.

IDK, you could tell me I’m overreacting or some shit. I may have let my jealousy get the best of me.

The three little dots form at the bottom of the screen before disappearing and reappearing.

Hmm...what jealous bimbo hit on Thomas this time?

Biting my lower lip, I contemplate if I should even tell Valerie what I saw before I can even tell her what I heard. But like the self-absorbed dumbass I am right now, I opt to tell Valerie before I can give Thomas a chance to explain.

Martha kissed Thomas. She came by the trailer, and I almost got into a fight with her, and now all I want to do is curl up and cry. I feel like my emotions are all over the fucking place, and I’m not sure what to do or how to handle them.

I watch the bubbles form at the corner of the screen again and just stare at the device, waiting for her to respond. But the longer I stare, the more the little bubbles start to irritate me. Finally, flipping my phone onto my lap, I gaze at the passing scenery and take in nothing but the hills and forests that are a giant green blur.

I should just apologize to Thomas. I know he’d never do anything to hurt me, but knowing that still doesn’t ease this slight ache in my heart or my fucking queasiness that seems to have returned. God, I really need to get all of my emotions in check because this constant nauseousness is starting to annoy the shit out of me.

Taking deep breaths in and out, I start to count to ten in an attempt to breathe through the threat of throwing up. In and out. In and out. Deep breath in, hold it, and release slowly. Maybe it’s this conflicting weather. During this time of year back home, I’m known to get car sick with the sun beaming down into the car, making it hotter than what the actual temperature is outside.

Just the thought is making me feel like I’m trapped in a hotbox. I quickly pull out of my hoodie before rolling down the window and letting in a burst of cool fresh air to wash over my face.

“Ryann, are you okay?”

I hear Thomas’s voice, and I can feel his stare boring into me. The warmth calming and relaxing, but I’m afraid that if I speak, I’ll hurl. Holding a finger up to him, I close my eyes and start to count again. Over and over.


“Pull the car over,” my voice quivers through my breaths I’m trying to control.

“What’s wrong?” I feel Thomas’s hand on my knee, but I can’t bring myself to open my eyes.

“Pull the car over, please.”

I feel the car slowly drift off onto the shoulder before coming to a complete stop. With the sound of the doors unlocking, I immediately scramble over Travis, throwing the door open and falling out onto the pavement where I hurl up nothing but stomach acid. I mean, what else would I throw up? It’s not like I have anything left in my stomach.

I feel a hand pulling back my hair before one is placed onto my back, rubbing the softest of strokes and sending a wave of clarity through my body. I can tell by the heat and surge being spread across my body it’s Thomas next to me.

Spitting out the last bit of the disgust in my mouth, I manage to lean myself against the car for added support as Thomas hands me a bottle of water. Taking a large swig, I swish the contents in my mouth before spitting it out onto the ground beside me. The swoosh of the cars flying by us snaps me back to the real world and the fact that we’re pulled over on the damn highway.

Standing up, my balance falters as I brace a hand against the side of the car for added balance.

“Ryann....babydoll, are you okay?”

Forcing myself to look up at Thomas, I can tell by the worry in his greens that he’s not going to drop what happened until he has an answer.

“Sorry, I got car sick,” I think.

Thomas frowns slightly, “You’ve never gotten car sick before.”

Now it’s my turn to frown because he’s right. I haven’t gotten car sick since working for him, but I also haven’t really had to deal with the changing of the seasons too much either. Maybe I need to start carrying peppermint gum with me again. When all else failed, that seemed to help ease my car sickness.

“It’s the weather,” I offer up. “There is something about it being cooler outside and when the sun makes the inside of car’s game over.”

Thomas studies me for a moment before accepting my excuse, “If you’re ready, we should get back in the car.”

Nodding my head in agreement, I look over to Travis for the first time, and he’s standing by the front passenger door, and I know the bullshit excuse I just fed Thomas. He’s not buying. I watch as Thomas starts to head back towards the front of the car, leaving me standing alone, but I don’t want to be alone.

Reaching for his hand, I stop him and cause him to turn back around, “Please don’t leave me.”

I watch the rise and fall of Thomas’s chest before he pulls me into him. His arms closing in around me as he places a kiss to the top of my head. “Babydoll, I’ll never leave you. I love you.”

Holding onto him tightly, “I love you.”

Thomas places another kiss to the top of my head before slipping two fingers under my chin, forcing me to look up into his exhausted and conflicted greens. I can tell the day has taken a toll on him, and my act of jealousy only tacked onto his stress. I shouldn’t have lost control like I did. I allowed Martha to get the best of me, and I know she got the best of Thomas. She was able to tap into his vulnerable side and use it to her advantage, and she’ll regret it. This is far from over.

“Babydoll, I need you to know that I love you with all my heart, and I would never do anything....”

Placing a finger to his lips, I shh him. “I know. I’m sorry for how I acted and how....”

“Jealous you got,” he adds in with a slight smirk.

Eyeing him, “I don’t get jealous.”

For the first time today, I see a smile grace his handsome features making him look relax and finally at ease. “Oh, babydoll, you got jealous.” He muses, “But you need to remember that there will only ever be one woman in my life who will have me, all of me, and that woman is you. You have my heart and soul, and you’ll be the only one who will ever have my heart and soul.” I feel tears fall freely from my eyes as his thumb softly wipes them away. “I’m sorry for what happened earlier. None of that should have happened, but I need you to know that I would never ever kiss another woman.”

I cup my hand to his cheek, my fingers brushing over his subtle stubble as he leans into my touch. “I know. But the next time I see Martha, I can’t guarantee that I won’t kick her ass.”

Thomas closes the distance between us, his lips hovering just above mine and giving me that tease I so desperately want to end. “Babydoll, I love this feisty side of you.”

A cough erupts from behind us, causing both Thomas and I to pull away. An impatient Travis is looking our way, urging us to hurry up. “If you two wouldn’t mind, can you finish this makeup session in the car and not on the side of the highway. Not to mention, we have a plane to catch.”

Thomas turns back towards me, placing a swift kiss to my lips before we pile in the backseat of the car. I grab my phone as I slide across the seat and find a missed text message from Valerie.

I’m going to pull that bitch’s extension from her over-process hair. God, I can’t stand her, and you know Thomas can’t either. You know he did not kiss that bitch back, right?”

I know he didn’t, but it’s still not an easy sight to see. That and I think there might be another reason for my crazy emotions.

Valerie, I need you to do something for me.

As soon as we get to the hotel in New York, I’m going to sneak off to Valerie’s room if she agrees to what I’m about to ask.

I feel my phone vibrate in my hand, and I see Valerie’s response below.

Sure, what do you need?

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