Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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“Do you mind if I talk something to you?” asked Yudha.

Kang Didit surprised, “Oh, certainly!—” answered Kang Didit, “But it’s better if we chat at the saung, right?”

Yudha was looking at Kang Didit and sleeping Lia—she was sleeping peacefully—so he didn’t dare to disturb her rest. “Yeah! You’re right.”


“Whoa!—I don’t realized I don’t get bitten by the mosquitos while hanging out here!” said Yudha amazed.

“Because our house is using natural mosquitos’ killer!” said Kang Didit.

Yudha widened his eyes, clueless, “Hmm?—Such as?”

“Do you listen it?” asked Kang Didit while gazing at the rice fields near the hangout place.

Yudha was listening of many kinds of frogs and toads snores, and he then understood what Kang Didit was talking, “I see—the frogs and toads are mosquitos main predators in those rice fields!..”

“Okay, then!—What do you want to talk?” Kang Didit was getting excited when wanted to talk something to him.

“Ummm!—It’s when I was walking home, kinda bless in disguise when I got lost on the journey home, I could observe the details conditions of this village, and I have some assumption.”

“What is your assumption, Yud?”

Yudha didn’t answer it directly, he was looking around the saung for a while.

“Eh?—What’s wrong?” asked Kang Didit curious.

“I didn’t see Pak Mathias.”

“He said he was going to attend invitation in Sekdes house.”

His memories flashed back to the moment when he protested Pak Sekdes about piling up villager’s applications— including Pak Amin’s. He realized how offended Pak Sekdes was when he was blamed by such a boy like him. But at that time Yudha was out of control—he was just thinking about that Pak Amin’s trouble must be solved!

Shit! Hope Pak Sekdes was not complaining about the incidents and revoked my recommendation paper!—said Yudha anxiously.

The students need the recommendation paper for passing the obligatory field practice, and the recommendation paper was only issued by the authorities of the place where they are become trainees—and Pak Sekdes threatened Yudha that he would not make any recommendation papers if he didn’t stopped his nagging mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

Yudha shook his head, “N-Nothing!—Just if I were speaking my assumption also with him, he will be impressed and give me an A plus.” he joked.

Kang Didit laughed “Don’t worry! I will forward your views to Pak Mathias when he’s here!”

Yudha smiled, and he talked back his assumption, “I am doing field practice between heaven and hell. I mean—I stay at your comfortable and orderly community and I work at the desolated and messy center of village. It makes me thinking—why does this village have different condition?”

And Kang Didit didn’t look shocked when he heard what Yudha said—he even smiled, “At last, someone realized it!” he looked happy.


“For your information, Yud—” Kang Didit held his breath for a while, “I am at war with Pak Kades.”

“YOU WHAT???” Yudha was shocked when he heard what Kang Didit said.

“Not at war for literally! Kind of competition.”

Kang Didit gazed the starry skies for a couple of seconds, trying to collect his memories about that.

“When I was doing field practice like you, Lembur Ciheras is lovely fisherman’s village, have peaceful and beautiful beach. It’s all started when I took a month vacation from my works and did a nostalgia trip to Lembur Ciheras—missed so much that memories!”

“But, when I did the nostalgic visits, the village I remembered, had totally changed. Lembur Ciheras became a desolated village caused by iron sand minings exploitation. Because of the love of this village, I resigned from my jobs, and started my personal plan.”

“My plan is rebuild Lembur Ciheras—like Lembur Ciheras when I was doing field practice, but in modern condition without loosing her natural beauties! But like sayings, most hard is the first! My first plan was asking Kades Mukti’s supports, for showing my goodwill to the local authorities. But, he rejected it—even he insulted and challenged my proposal.”

“I considered it as challenges! Making the role-models of my revitalization plans, the role-models of how the village can make better living by getting together with the mother nature, even I must dry up my working savings and sold properties to build this house and community.”

Kang Didit scratched his itchy hair “But it looks like until now Kades Mukti still disagrees with me, eventhough they already have the best examples of my implemented ideas. But I still believe, someday he will accept me and rebuild this village together!”

“Have you ever thought to become a Kades?” suddenly Yudha asked that.

Kang Didit was shocked when he heard what Yudha asked, “Why are you asking me that?”

He remembered how hostile Pak Sekdes when he was being criticized by Yudha about their bad work ethics, if he had good intention, he would have accepted patiently what Yudha’s said—even with his harsh naggings.

“Because I believe, even until they dead, the village authorities will not work together with you. Becoming yourself as a Kades, is the only way you can rebuild every corner this village!”

Kang Didit felt into silence for a while, “Yes! I’ve been thinking about becoming a Kades, long ago. But I decided not yet.”

Yudha frowned his eyes, “But why?? You have proof you could give better living for your community!”

“I have personal views. Gaining such position requires sincere trust of the peoples, Yud. Never gaining it because we beg or bribe the peoples for that position!”

“Even they trust such a person like Kades Mukti—that bling-blings geezer that made all of these damages?? Are you serious??”

“Y-Yes! Even they choose a person like Kades Mukti.” Answered Kang Didit.

But Yudha could see his awry feeling—he has ambition to become Kades, to generate larger benefits to all the Lembur Ciheras villagers, but doesn’t have wits to join the direct competition.

“But seriously, Kang!—You have great performances when you still university student and have good attitudes for a leader! It’s a total vain if your capabilities let the lousy man like Kades Mukti is let to lead this village!” pushed Yudha, “Unorganized goodness always lose to organized evils, Kang!”

Even the enthusiastic Yudha dared to gaze Kang Didit’s stoned eyes strictly, “Are you still serious that you want to rebuild Lembur Ciheras?”

Yudha’s talkings made Kang Didit getting more uneasy.

“Thank you for your concerns, Yud!—I’ll think it again!”

“Alright, then!—It’s also already late night!” Yudha replied with little upset, “Thank you for the late night chats, Kang!” he smiled.


Heeehh! He needs to realize and stops with his misguided idealism! If not, the village he loves will totally be destroyed and unbearable to restore it!

When he was walking to his room, he stopped when he got near to Lia’s room. He became more curious when he saw the door was not closed, and he ambled to see Lia’s condition.

It looked like Lia has been doing well. Looking she’s lean back at her bed while reading the books, she looked enjoying reading the books, looking at her excited mixed by relaxed expression.

Thank goodness, shes okay—said Yudha while he smiled in relieve to Lia who didn’t realized being watched by him. But suddenly ,she looked to her door and caught Yudha smiled at her.

Yudha gasped when Lia caught him watching her, and her soft face changed with pissed face, he tried to make an excuse for Lia, “I-I just make sure that you’re okay!—”

She went in a hurry to her opened door, Yudha just stoned in front of her and held his breath—hoping that she’s not going to give him the punch again!

“GAAAH!! IT’S JUST MISUNDERSTANDING—” screamed Yudha panicky.

BLAM! She slammed her room—and locked it too.

Yudha sighing, “At least she does not punch me again..”


After working at Kades Office, Yudha visited TK Lembur Ciheras, looking for the kid who were almost hit by him, and Bu Ria welcomed Yudha’s apologize initiative—even he must scolded by the teachers and the kid’s parents. Thank goodness the parents also appreciated Yudha’s apology!

“By the way!” said the kid’s father.

“Yes?” ask Yudha.

“Are you the boy who helped Pak Amin preparing his son’s newborn document?”

Huh?? How come they know??—Yudha startled when he heard his question.

“Ah!—Something like that, Pak!”

“Incredible!—We need more nice people like you to change Pak Kades and his lazy men!” shouted the father, burned by anger.

“I-I’m just doing my duty. That’s all” said Yudha; He didn’t want to be involved with the father’s emotions.

“But, yes! When Pak Mukti becomes our Kades, our village condition is getting poorer than before!” even Bu Ria spoke out her feelings.

“I still remember with his election promises, when the iron sands mining companies were investing in our village, we would have the better living! But now—BULLSHIT! We’re becoming poorer, even worse—we can’t plant rices or fishing because of poisoned lands and seas!” whined the father.

“I see..”

“We must get better villager who can handle the village!” declared the father.

“When another election opened, by the way?” the mother asked.

“As far as I remember—it’s next six months.” Answered Bu Ria.

The discussions about Kades election makes Yudha’s spider senses tingling!

“Do you have a candidate to change the recent Kades?” asked Yudha.

They shook their heads together.

“How about, Kang Didit, become next Kades candidate?” asked Yudha with enthusiastic face.

They were facing each other when they heard Yudha’s ideas.

“Hmm!.. He’s nice man too, as I knew!..” said the mother.

“His community run remarkably well!—Many institutions and schools, from cities and from another countries, have visited his place and looked for his advices!” said Bu Ria.

“Good idea!—” the father agreed, “I’ll try to ask Kang Didit for joining the Kades election!”

YESSS!—Finally Yudha could set Kang Didit to join the Kades election!


“I’M HOMEEEEE!!!...” yelled Ditsy.

“Welcome home, Ditsy!” welcomed Teh Ningsih while she’s washing up the vegetables at the kitchen.

“What’s tonight dinner, Mih?” asked Ditsy while he was throwing his school bag at dining table.

“It’s Eggplant Stews and spinaches soup!” answered her, “Ditsy! What Mamih said??” Teh Ningsih sulking.

Ditsy grind, “Teehee! Don’t throw the bag at the dining table” he picked again the bag.

“You’re home, brat!” said Lia approaching Teh Ningsih, with her pajamas, “What I can do??” she was offering some helps.

“But you still need much rest!” refused Teh Ningsih, “Ditsy, don’t forget to take bath, yess??..”

“Alright, Miihh!!..”


“So, how’s your first period?”

“Still limp” answered Lia lazy, while she was rubbing her back neck.

“Just clean the spinaches.” asked Teh Ningsih.


“I’m home!” said Yudha while was taking off his shoes.

“Welcome back, Yudha!—” welcomed Teh Ningsih, “You get home early?” she looked at the clock.

“Yes!—The papers matters were signed up and stamped early, so the staff let us leave the office early.”

Yudha found Lia helping her sister. She’s cleaning the spinaches when she gazed at him with killer eyes. However, Lia wondered, why her intimidating eyes didn’t affect to Yudha like yesterday—even he sat at the dining table, resting his chin to left arm – and she looked at him.

Sigh! That gaze again?? Is your punch yesterday until you fainted still not enough??—whined Yudha in his mind.

Why does my killing gaze not scare him?? Maybe he is too bored to scare??—Lia threw her face from him and blushed.

“Before going back home, I visited the school—and made apologize to the kid, her parents, also the teachers.” Said Yudha; sitting at the dining table.

Lia stunned when she heard it, “DO YOU???”

Yudha nodded. He started to explain it to Lia about that accident, “When it happened, I was rushing to Pak Sekdes’ house to help a villager who badly needed his signature and stamps for completing his son’s newborn documents, and the application deadline was at that day. If we didn’t act quickly, his son would be in trouble with the state’s administration matters when he is grown up.”

Lia looked amazed to Yudha—and she even stopped washing for a while! And after that she threw her face again to the sink, continued to wash the spinaches. And long silence happened between dining room and kitchen.

“Don’t mind if I leave? Looks like the eggplant not enough for tonight!” asked Teh Ningsih. She’s going to the eggplant patch near the house.

“Oh, sure!” answered Lia.

No replies from Lia which Yudha waited for. Just long silence and the sounds of her hands washing the vegetables. Tired waiting for her comments, he fell asleep at the dining table.

“Dining table is not for napping place!” said Lia.

Yudha woke up when he heard it, “S-Sorry! Fall asleep!”

“That’s great!”

“Huhh??..” Yudha was clueless for what she said.

“That’s great that you made apology to the kid and parents.”

Yudha smiled when he heard what Lia said—she’s praised me! “So how about your—Ahem!—Period?”


“I-It’s Teh Ningsih. When you were fainted at that night!!” hurriedly Yudha answered it to prevent another punch.

And Lia calmed again, girl’s emotion during that time was just like a boiling water!

“I-I’m okay. Tomorrow I will get better again.” answered awkward Lia.

“Okay, then!—I’ll take a bath and nap.” Yudha left the dining room.

“Hey, Yudha!”

Yudha stopped when Lia called him back, “Yes?”

“Thanks for asking.”

He smiled “You’re very welcome!”


Ahhhh!!—That’s refreshing!!” moaned Yudha while he was drying up his hair, after taking a late afternoon bath.

He dropped himself to his bed and looked at the roof. He felt grateful when he apologized to that kid’s parents, he was only being sulked and yelled. He was wondering what would happen in Bandung; maybe he would sucked by them with absurd sum of—so called—compensation money.

“That’s close!” he was wondering to himself—Next time, even it’s in serious condition, must sure to take more care!—Not make another problems while trying to solve the problems!

And he started his turned off smart phone. He didn’t bring the phone due to lack of communication signals in Kades office—that could make his smart phone work more hard for searching signals and shorten the battery’s lifespan.

After his smart phone already set up and popped out all the social media notifications, he felt something strange after he checked all the notifications.

Hmm? No messages from Siska? I wonder, what is she doing now?—Yudha sent an afternoon greetings to her instant message’s account.

But after waiting for fifteen minutes, there’s no replies from Siska, and that made Yudha feel uneasy.

The heck she’s doing??—While he stalked his other campus mates.

When spotted a photos titled—Going Premier Movie Together!—The mystery why Siska didn’t immediately reply his message has solved. She’s going the premiers with her gang and their boys and girlfriends.

But he disturbed when saw a photo—a man who was standing beside Siska and holding her left shoulder!



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