Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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Laundry Talk

“W—Why she’s with her ex? ” Yudha was shocked with the timeline photos.

Yudha thought for a while. Trying not to make the jealousies consume him, he texted Aryo—his best friend to seek wisdom from him.

Yudha :

Hey Aryo! :wave:

I need to talk to you!!

And in a minute, Aryo’s reply popped out, “Aaah!—He’s answered it!!”

Aryo :

And you message me when you need something. What kind of friend you are btw? :middlefinger:

Yudha smiled bitterly when he read Aryo’s reply. He realized he didn’t contact him after the assignment duty for a while.

Yudha :

:grind: :grind: :grind:

When I checked at the timeline, I saw Siska is with her ex doing hangout!


Her ex? Adri?

Yudha :

Of course!! Does Siska have another ex than Adri?? :angry:

So what am I supposed to do??


Ask her, lah! Why she with him, moron! :facepalm:

Yudha :

I see :P

Hey! How’s your field practice assignment btw?


Not special. Just counseling how important is to legalize a marriage :yawn:


Hey! If you have free time, we can hangout together :thumbsup:


Hmmm! Sounds good offers for me.

Yudha :


Aryo :

Hey, Yudha. Make sure not tearing an enveloped money!

Yudha silenced for a while when he read Aryo’s last advice—tearing enveloped money, mean doing reckless thing that can loose good opportunities.

Yudha :

Yes, Pak!

Yudha checked his instant messages again—Siska still not yet reply his greetings.

“Aaah! Maybe I’ll take a nap while waiting for her.” He laid his body to the bed and closed his eyes.


Until dinner still not yet replied??Yudha was getting uneasy when Siska still did not reply to his message. From his getting up for dinner yesterday evening until finishing his dinner this evening, still there’s no sign of Siska’s reply!

“What’s wrong, Yud?—You have trouble?” asked Pak Mathias.

“N-Nothing, Pak!” answered Yudha awkwardly, “Yesterday night you had a meeting with Pak Sekdes at his house. Were you discussing something about our field practice?”

“Oh! It’s just light chats only.” Answered Pak Mathias, “Oh, ya!—Pak Sekdes said that you and another pair students that assigned at Kades Office, praised for your good works!” said Pak Mathias proudly.

Seriously?? He even didn’t tell him about his quarrels with me??

“S-Seriously, Pak???..”

Pak Mathias nodded.

“Aaah!—Thank God!” Yudha relieved.

Pak Mathias frowned his eyes, “Is there something?”

Yudha shook his head, “No, Pak! Thank God our works were appreciated!Tee hee!.." he lied—I still have a chance to get the recommendation paper! Phew!

“Pak!.. Without reducing my respect to you —I want to talk about my opinion about this field practice!”

Everybody at the dining table got silenced when hearing Yudha’s permission—included Teh Ningsih and Lia that joined the dinner.

“What opinion?” asked Pak Mathias.

Yudha took a deep breath first, before talking. After having enough breath, Yudha talked.

“Is it really a field practice??—Because, for me, our assignments is burdened by their jobs, so they can be relaxed and do nothing. I’m sorry, Pak! Are you trapped us with sugar-coated field life experiences excuse?” Said Yudha.

The dining table was getting in tensed when they heard the topic that Yudha presented. Everyone at that room was looking to each-other.

“I agree with Yudha’s sayings, Pak!” one of his stay mates spoke out too, “I have the same feeling as Yudha when I did my first assignment!”

Yudha continued the opinions, “Also this is not the first time Lembur Ciheras visited by our university—or another university—for field practice, and surely they also had same problems and concerns like us, am I right? But the results in the field, there’s no changes happened in this village. If there’s a change, it’s only at the area managed by Kang Didit’s community.”

No further answer from Pak Mathias, but he thought seriously to what Yudha was saying. Even Pak Mathias growled for a while—looked that he was trying to choose the right answers for Yudha and another students.

“Ladies and gentlemen!—” Pak Mathias spoke out, “Every field practices, I made you and your seniors stay at Kang Didit’s community’s place and made all of you work at the desolated area of this village—For stimulating your critical thoughts, just like what you guys do now.”

Pak Mathias smiled to Kang Didit, “By the way! Do you still remember Kang Didit’s welcoming speeches??” he asked to his students.

They look each-other when getting that question with their awkward expression, and Pak Mathias expecting that, “Looks like not, eh?” he said with bit upset voice.

Suddenly Yudha cut the line, “Hoping to us, after the field practice, we will be inspired to change the community and surroundings, and—if not, we have good memories of this village.”

Pak Mathias looked amazed when Yudha answered his question, “Honestly, I don’t expecting you’ll answer it, Yudha! Magnificent!”

I don’t know what’s Pak Mathias said counted as a praise or insult, or both!—Yudha sourly smiled to him to show his mixed feeling; between happy and offended.

“That speech addressed many students before you. But, the result is obvious, many of them just saw Lembur Ciheras as good memories—Stay away from the troubles, busy with their own business and duties.”

“No one got inspired???” Yudha really shocked with the facts.

“Some of your alumni become inspired—they brought the idealism when become the parts of the authorities who can change Lembur Ciheras or other ill-fated villages. But too bad, the evil circle sucked them too hard, and some of them even worse—were jailed for corruption.”

The dining room fell into gloomy silence; listening and thinking about what Pak Mathias said.

“And Kang Didit is the only student who really inspired, huh?..”

Kang Didit laughed, “Not really! I even almost made this village as mere good memories, too!” he confessed, “But looks like, the thread of faith bonds us.”

He stared at Yudha, but Yudha can feel his stare is unusual—a stare of someone hopes something to Yudha. And his prediction is right when Kang Didit said, “But, we still optimistic, there’s still some hope! Especially when Yudha doing right for the villager.”

Shit! As I tought!—Yudha quickly throw his face, avoiding Kang Didit’s stares.

“Well, it’s getting night! I think I don’t need making other lectures again—All of you were already grown up!” said Pak Mathias while looking at the clock, “Thank you for the meals, Teh Ningsih!” he got up and left the dining room.

Teh Ningsih bowed her head, “It’s my pleasure, Pak!”

When those serious after-dinner-discussion disbanded by Pak Mathias, Kang Didit still watched Yudha who the first to going back to the room—with uneasy feeling that he can’t hide from Kang Didit.


In his bedroom, Yudha was still haunted with Pak Mathias’ speeches, while he was checking his turned on smart phone—hope Siska replied his message this time. But this time his smart phone booting the system too long, and he decide to reviewing again Pak Mathias’ speeches to kill the waiting time.

I still don’t understand to this Lembur Ciheras people, while they can see the result of Kang Didit and his community do, why do they still choose that messy and corrupt system??

Are they don’t trust Kang Didit??—Naah, impossible! They saw how he must sell his properties, spend his savings, lost his job and comforts to build this community!

Honestly, Yudha feel challenged with Lembur Ciheras condition, the thoughts of want to changes the village started to grow. But he feel discouraged when remembered what Pak Mathias said—some of his inspired seniors fall deeply to the circle of bad working ethics and corruptions.

Better not involved! Problems with my family is more than enough, I don’t want added more troubles with being jailed!—Yudha shook his head and checked his fully operated smart phone. But still no reply from Siska.

“Tch!—” he turned off his smart phone again, set the clock, and take a rest.


“Three more days!..” Yudha was sighing and throwing his laundries to the basket.

“OI!!” suddenly Lia yelled him.

“What agaiinn??..” asked Yudha desperate and clueless.

“Stop making my sister-in-law become like your housemaids!!”

“But she’s offered herself—just put the laundries to the laundry basket, she said!”

Lia suddenly came to him—face to face—even so close, Lia could kiss Yudha if she wanted!

“What t-the heck are you doing??” Yudha quickly step back from her with blushed face.

“Me is me, she is she!—I have my own rules and regulations! You must wash your laundries by yourself! And it’s super gross when I must wash strangers’ clothes and underwears like yours, you know!”

Yudha gave up, he followed her order rather than take risk for being punched again.

“So, where I can wash my laundries?”


“Wow! Never thought you guys have good automatic washing machine!” said Yudha while setting up the washing settings—and when it is completed, he pressed the start button.

Lia was offended when she heard what Yudha said, “Excuse me, Pak!—Do you think villagers too poor to afford it—HEEHH?!” she’s scolded him again.

“Hey! It’s just my life experiences, that kind of villagers like you, wash their laundries using with their own hands and using rivers’ streams to clean the detergents.”

“When did you live at the village?”

Yudha tried to remember it again, “Maybe when I was still in fifth grade, as I can remember!”

“Damn, citizens! They think they know everything about how the villagers do when they only saw it on TV or the internet!” said Lia, “Sorry, man, doesn’t mean to hurt your feeling! But it’s the fact!”

Yudha just shut his mouth, thinking what Lia said before—well, her nags are spicy, but most of her thoughts are correct.

“Where’s Teh Ningsih?” asked Yudha while waiting the machine to stop spinning.

“Teh Ningsih and A Didit will attend the groundbreaking ceremony that the Regent of Pangandaran will come to announce it.”

Lia was looking Yudha again, “Do you have to go to work, don’t you?”

Yudha shook his head, “Nah! The staff told us we could come to the office in the afternoon.” Yudha answered.

Suddenly Lia smirked, when she noticed Yudha’s free time, “I have pre-assignment for you today!”

“Pre-assignment??..” Yudha felt clueless.


“Uhg! Never thought the guests laundries really—A LOT!!” Yudha troubled with a mountain height piled of his and other students’ laundries.

“Let you learned that not just you were abused by the Kades staffs, we, the villagers, are abused too by you, citizens!” Lia evil laughed.

I think only you who abused—Yudha clipping the laundries to the drying ropes—But make sense too, how troubled is Teh Ningsih preparing laundries, meals, tidying up for another five householders. When Teh Ningsih looks need help, I must quickly give a hand to her!

“Well this is really something!” Yudha sit on the ground and pounding his stiffen back and shoulders.

“Good! Looks like you’ve learned your pre-assignment!..” said Lia while clipping the laundries.

Pre-assignment, your ass!—Yudha didn’t brave enough to say it with his mouth, he just look at her with pissed expression.

Yudha was watching Lia clipping the laundries—she looked enjoying her laundry duty, a rare nowadays scenery. And he could watch Lia looked so feminine even in her tomboyish clothes!

The conclusion is—A perfect posture of a wife!

I wonder— Do any men have special relationship with her?—Yudha was wondering.

“What is your art teacher college last assignment subject?” asked Yudha.

“How do you know that I am an art teacher?!” her docile feminine side changed to angry and annoyed when she heard Yudha’s question.

He tried to explain it before he got karate chopped, “H-Hey! Kang Didit himself told me—and he is very proud of you!”

Lia sulked for a moment—Damn you, Aa! When you can shut your mouth for talking me?! And she answered it, “It’s titled—Learning Arts for Boosting Lembur Ciheras Children Intelligence and Environmental Awareness.” She blushed.

“WOW!—SOUNDS AWESOME!!” shouted Yudha excitedly.

“Lies!—Even I felt the title is over-exaggerated!”

“No!—Seriously! Sounds interesting for me!” he said again with higher pitch, “Tell me about it, if you don’t mind!”

Lia fell into silence, she looked confused—between keeping her last assignment subject classified or sharing it with Yudha who praised and was interested with her title—but, she told it.

“Ahem!—I took the title because I’m also inspired with what my brother does, trying to fighting the rot-to-the-core Lembur Ciheras’ false cultures. When A Didit made our community as a success example, the villagers can live in prosper with honest living and protecting the environment. I then take duty in educational matters as a voluntary teacher at SD Lembur Ciheras, practicing how the proper quality teachings must be.”

Suddenly, her tough expression changed to little down and melancholy, “It’s bit challenging when I’m the only one who was qualified to be voluntary teacher, while the other teachers is too old to teach and another voluntary teachers did not have competencies for teaching!..”

“As I know, you can request for new teachers’ procurement to the Kades, did you?” asked worried Yudha.

“We’ve already do that many many times! But there’s no answer. I don’t know from the ministry, or province, or the regency, or the Kades himself who do not endorse it” Lia answered him, “That’s why I helped when the field practice students come and lend hands!..”

“Honestly, I hope they stay forever to help us educate the children!” she giggled.

Whoa! She’s giggles!—And cute!—Yudha amazed and blushed.

“Sorry for making you listen to my gibberish!..” said Lia.

Yudha shook his head, “NO! NO! NO!—I don’t mind!—I am even amazed, a brutal punching machine like you, have such noble purpose like that!”

Lia smiled and blushed, “T-Thank you!” but she frowned her eyes, “Huh? What do you mean with brutal punching machine?!”

Shit! My tongue slipped!—pale Yudha closed his mouth with his both hand, “I-I MEAN!—”

“Tell me!—EXPLAIN IT!!”

And then, both of them were getting closer—with not really smooth approach.


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