Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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( Glossary - 5 )

#1 “Bakso”, is Indonesian terms for meatballs or meat paste made from beef and is similar in texture to the chinese beef ball, fish ball, or pork ball--but mostly, “Bakso” is maded by beef.

#2 “Siomay”, is Indonesian terms for an steamed fish with vegetables served in . It is derived from . It is considered a light meal that is similar to the Chinese, but is cone shaped. It is traditionally made from tenggiri ( wahoo ) fish meat. Other complements to siomay are steamed cabbage, potatoes, , boiled egg and . Siomay is cut into bite size pieces and topped with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, and a dash of lime juice.

#3 “Non/Nona”, is Indonesian terms for “Miss” or “Young lady/mistress”, but mostly the terms was ameliorated to become callings for “Young Lady/Mistress”.

#4 “Nya/Nyonya”, is Indonesian terms for “Madam/Lady/Mistress”, but mostly used for calling a “Mistress” or “Head of family wive(s).”

#5 “Tasikmalaya” is name of capital city in West Java Province, it’s located at the southern area of West Java.


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