Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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Call her house! NOW!!

“Hey!.. What’s the long face?” asked Yudha’s female classmate.

No answer from Yudha, he sulked at his smart phone, the voice that popped out from his mouth is another sighs and more sighs.

She tried to peep at Yudha’s screen—she saw Yudha and Siska chat window, the chat only written Yudha’s Good afternoon that sent two days ago.

“AAAAH!!...” now his female classmate knew why Yudha is moody today.

“What t—the heck are you peeping?!” Yudha immediately hid his smart phone.

“That’s why the diligent trainee become lazy and moody today!” teased his female classmate, “Hasn’t she contacted you, Yud?” asked her.

Yudha bowed his head, “Y-Yeah..”

“Did you try to text her?”

“Yeah, but no reply.”

“Did you try to phone her?”

“It’s same.”

“Phone her house?”

“EEEHH??? I must do that far???—Damn! That thing is so old school!”

“What thing do you call old school??”

“The phone of your date’s house. I did that when I was still in SD!”

“Hey! If you love her, you must do your best effort, even if it’s so old-fashioned, right??..”

Yudha didn’t answer his female classmate advice, but he looked thinking about it, “Okay then, I’ll try to consider it. Thank you!” said Yudha.

“Do you want me to treat you bakso?” she tried to help him gain the mood again.

Yudha grinned, “I want to eat siomay!”

She sulked, “Picky!!”

Suddenly, the other field practice students visited the Kades Office counter.

“Well! Well! Well!.. What happen with the ruckus?” said Aryo.

“Oh!—Aryo and you guys are coming here!!” Yudha was very happy when being suprisedly visited by Aryo and another classmates.


“She’s suggested me to phone her house. How about you?”

Aryo was enjoying munching steamed potatoes of his siomay snack when he listened to his best friend private talks in the front yard of Kades Office.

“I agree with her!”

“Y—You agree too??”

“So what? You asked my opinion about it, right? This time I agree with her. And.... You look awry when we advise you to call her house?—What’s wrong?”

Yudha shut himself for a while. Aryo could spot there’s something traumatic past shackled his best friend’s tongue.

And Yudha spoke out, “Because I have trauma when I was in the fifth grade on SD. When I called my crush asking for a date, her father answered it and scolded me.” Answered Yudha shyly .

As I thought!—Suddenly Aryo bumped his siomay plate to Yudha’s head, “Stupid moron!.. What age you live are??”

“I need solution, not insult!!” yelled Yudha.

“That’s the solution, now try to find her house’s phone!”

“But where to start??”

“Sigh—Try to ask our faculty information center and ask the dean’s house phone!”

“What if the information center ask why I am asking the dean’s house phone number?”

“Guess it by yourself!” answered Aryo while he checked his watch, “It’s two PM—the office still open!”


“Now stop wasting time with your whining and do it!!—” pushed Aryo.

Yudha looked uncomforted with his guidance. But there’s no other choices to know about Siska, “Okay, then!—” he forced himself to agree.


Yudha did what Aryo and his female classmate suggested. First, he tried to search the office phone at Karyawijaya University’s website, even though he must have extra patience due to low quality cellphone signals at the office.

After he must sacrifice thirty percents of his battery capacity—due to how hard his smart phone worked to gain the signals— he found the university’s office phone, then he asked the Dean of Law Faculty—aka Siska’s dad—the house phone, but the university’s receptionist asked him to call the Law Faculty office. They gave him the Law Faculty office’s numbers.


"Karyawijaya University Law Faculty. Can I help you?

“Ah! There’s an answer!” Yudha said it happily to Aryo, “Ahem! Excuse me, Bu!.. I’m looking for the Dean’s house phone numbers!—” said him while he was thinking what lies he’ll tell to the receptionist, “I’m his last assignment’s students and I forgot with his contact numbers.”

"Oh, sure! Wait for a moment please!" answered the receptionist.

Aryo widened his eyes, “Good lies, Yudha!” he praised.


“Ah! Hello? Yes?” aswered Yudha awry.

"The dean’s house phone number is 022-123-12345!" said the receptionist.

“022-123-12345!—Is that correct, Bu?” Yudha tried to reconfirm the numbers again.


“T-Thank you very much!” Yudha closed the conversation—and he screamed happily.

“SEE??—It’s not as hard as your thought right??” asked Aryo to Yudha who was saving Siska’s house phone numbers as fast as possible before his memory lost.

But Yudha felt stuck again when he was looking at Siska’s house phone numbers at his smart phone screen.

“Now what again?” asked Aryo.

“I’m scared if her dad picking up the phone”

“Yud, seriously!—I’m getting tired of your pain in the ass whining!” said Aryo with serious gaze, “Your hesitation shows that you do not seriously love her. If you love her, you’ll do any risks you must take—even you must deal with her dad!”

Yudha stopped his whining, thinking about what Aryo said.

He’s right, if I love her, I shouldn’t do such worthless things—whining and worrying. And he pressed the call button, and the dial tone popped out, then he needed to wait until someone picked up the phone—but deep in his heart, he still hoped her dad would not pick up the phone.

"Mulyadi household here!" someone with middle-aged female voice aswered his call.

“YES!!—” screamed Yudha. His desperate pray was answered, “Hello! This is Siska’s—friend—do you mind if I talk to her, Bu?”

"Ooh, Non Siska’s friend! I’m sorry, Non Siska is not home yet!.." answered that woman—and she might be her housemaid, due to using Non when mentioned her.

“Eh? Where’s Siska going??” asked Yudha curiously.

"She’s got to the hospital, Nyonya said she got dengue fever!.."

Yudha spontaneously stood up from the siomay vendor’s chair, “S—Since when, Bi?? Where’s Siska taken care??”

“I think two days ago, and she was taken care at central province hospital!..—”

Yudha’s foul imagination of Siska with her ex while he was far away fading out, changed with how painful her was in the bedrest at the central province hospital—his feeling was mixed out, between the relieve that she isn’t cheating and she’s got that serious ill.

“Okay then, thank you for the information, Bi!..” Yudha ended the call, and he sat in the plastic chair with loosen shoulders and relieved sighing.

“What’s wrong?..” asked Aryo when he watched his best friend got uneasy when his phone call was answered by someone in Siska’s house.

“Siska had been hospitalized two days before—dengue fever.”

“I see..” Aryo replied, “Now you can ease your mind, right??..” he shook Yudha’s right shoulder.

He nodded, but still with stiffen face, “Yeah!..” Yudha agree—with something still stacked at his heart.

“Don’t worry, Yud! She’s taken care of her family!—Just stay calm and focus to your field practice now!”


Stay calm and focus to my field practice now? How come I can calm and focus when I knew her fall in serious ill??—whining Yudha while he on the walk home.

And he continued to spacing out again—Siska, I’m sorry for thinking bad about you! But, that photos of you and Adri were still disturbing me! Ah! I don’t mind! Let her get well first!

“OI!!” Lia caught Yudha spacing out at a heading home crossroads.

Yudha came back from his spacing out, “Oh! Lia!”

Lia replied it with simple smile and waved her hand, “Back from the Kades office?”

“Uh-uh!” he answered.

“How your works today?”

“Nah! Just helping Pak Sekdes making letter of request for more teachers’ replenishments for TK Lembur Ciheras.”

Lia was shocked when she heard that—she looked that she didn’t expect her complaints at their laundry talks was followed up by Yudha, “You bullshitting me, right??”

“Not!” he answered with firm gaze, “We made more credible letter of request. We also mail the copies to higher ups—such the camat, regency and province level education authorities, the regent of Pangandaran, also to the governor of West Java completed with the positions we need. Soo!—If one of them uses blaming games for their negligence, we have trump card!”

“How come you know what of positions we need in the school??” Lia looked doubt with his answer.

Yudha grinned, “While I felt bored spacing out at the office, I checked many documents at the office—And I spotted the documents about teachers’ shortage at TK Lembur Ciheras, I remembered our laundry talks and—BAAM!!”

Lia looked at Yudha with soaking eyes, “Thank you!.. Thank you so much!..” she sniffed.

She’s crying!—He couldn’t believe what he saw! “But, I can’t guarantee the request will be approved!..” answered Yudha—he didin’t want to give a false hope to Lia.

But Lia was still happy even though he gave the pessimistic views. She shook her head, “I don’t mind!..”


If Kang Didit and Lia are an apple, surely they come from the same tree! That’s what Yudha found while they walked together to home; killing the time by talking about anything—her thoughts, achievements, ideas, and concerns—mostly were the same as what Kang Didit tells every breakfast at the saung.

“Ah! At last we arrive at home!” she moans when spotting her house.

“Well! I don’t expect how fast we arrived!” Yudha added her talking.

“Me, too!”

While they looked at the house, Kang Didit came out from the house with two villagers, and they hopped to their own motorcycles and leaving by taking another routes.

But Yudha could see both the guests’ face—Isn’t that Pak Amin and that kid’s father??

“Who’s that, A?..” Lia asked her brother.

“A guest. They send a message from the elders, tomorrow they’ll visiting our house.” Answered Kang Didit, “Welcome home, Yudha!—Pak Amin send thanks for your help!”

Yudha replied it with smile—As I thought, they’re Pak Amin and that kid’s father. And he was wondering about Pak Amin, the father, and the elders—Looks like they’re going serious to approach him to become the next Kades!


After the dinner, the mega prize winners had their another privileges—They got recommendation letters earlier than other students whose handed tomorrow. How happy Yudha and his other classmates were when Pak Mathias handed their letters!

“Keep those letters in the safe place! Because it’ll be troublesome to make another letters if you lost them!” warned Pak Mathias.

“Whoa!—I don’t know the recommendation are issued earlier!..” Yudha was happy and curious.

“Yudha, congratulation!” said Lia.

“Ah! Thanks!” Yudha answered with blushed face.

“The authorities think that Class B students all fit to get the recommendation.” Answered Pak Mathias, “By the way, it’s already four days we are here!..”

“Ah, yes! Time passed so fast!..” said Lia.

“Aaaah!—We will miss you very much, guys!.. This house will get quite again!..” said Teh Ningsih bit sad.

“But at least, no extra cookings and laundries for a while!—Teehee!..” Lia grinned.

“Lia! That’s so rude!” scolded Teh Ningsih.

“But we hope, you guys, will visit this village again when you have free times!..” said Kang Didit.

“Sure! This place has nice and quiet beach! Can’t be forgotten!..” said a student.

Pak Mathias caught that Yudha looked bit strange in this dinner—Yudha looked bit down, and when he caught Pak Mathias was looking at him, he threw away his face and pretended there’s nothing wrong in him.

“Is there’s something you want to ask, Yud?” asked Pak Mathias.

Yikes!—“N-Nothing, Pak!.. Good night everybody!” answered stuttering Yudha and he hurriedly get back to his room.

“Oh! You’re already sleep??..” asked Lia.

“Yeah! Tomorrow I must wake up early in the morning. Going to work, right?..”

“Ah!—You’re right.” Answered her, “Good night, Yud!..”

“Ah, yes! Even You’ve got the recommendation letters, tomorrow you’re still doing trainees works!” said Pak Mathias—and the response of his mega prize winners were moans and grumbles.

Ditsy caught the anomaly between them, “Tante Lia likes Oom Yudha??..” he whispered her.

And his mother overheard the whisper, “She is??..” Teh Ningsih smiled to her.

Lia panicked and blushed, “Smart ass! Stop watching your Mamih’s soap operas and go to bed, brat!!” she scolded her nephew.

She quietly peeped Yudha who was entering his room—too bad, I want to chat about something with him.


As usual, before taking a rest, Pak Mathias turned on his smart phone to chit-chat and checked his small family conditions in Bandung—he has a pair children and—absolutely—one wife, and after doing the quality time via instant messaging, he checked his lecturers chat group to check the updated news at the campus.

And there’s news updates that interest him.

Dear Bapak and Ibu,

We got information, that, Siska Mulyadi, daughter of Pak Mulyadi, the dean of Law Faculty of Karyawijaya University, has been taken care at Central Province Hospital, becausae of serious dengue fever. If Bapak and Ibu want to visit Pak Mulyadi’s daughter, you can visit at 8 AM-10 AM o’clock and 5-7 PM o’clock.

Thank you for the attention.

“Hmm!.. Now that’s make sense, why Yudha looks uneasy in the dinner!..”


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