Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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Prologue : The Vow

The moment has arrived!

After two months, Yudha run away from his responsibility for the accident. He visited the family again to confess!

Kang Didit’s house, when the morning show up, always emit energetic and pleasure spirits, now turned 180 degrees after being left by the head of the family forever, due to the fatal accident.

Yudha noticed there’s something valuable vanished from that house, even usual crowded chirping birds that nesting at the house he couldn’t hear it.

The near-ready to harvest rice plants were not dancing when they were blown by the sea breeze as before—the rice fields owned by the late Kang Didit, were also grieved for their master’s death.

If I hadn’t done that at that time,It wouldn’t have been like this—said mourning Yudha while he was gazing at the house and the rice fields.


He swiftly came back from his spacing out when noticed that familiar adult woman voice caught him standing between the rice field.

It’s Teh Ningsih—the late Kang Didit’s wife— who called him.

“H-Hello, Teh Ningsih! Long time no see.” Answered Yudha.

She looked at Yudha with wondering expression, “Why are you spacing out at the field?? You’ll be passed out by the sun! Come to the house!” called her with obvious dense Sundanese dialect.

Yudha was littlepanicked, because he didn’t expect that wouldmeetthe widow such early. But this happened,hejustnodded and walked to the housenervously.


“You came here alone,Yud??” asked Teh Ningsih while she put a glass of tea at the guest table.

“Ah, yes!—I’m not visiting for a campus matter, Teh!” answered Yudhaawkwardly, “Ditsy not at home yet?” asked Yudha while he was looking around the house.

Teh Ningsih looked at the nearest wall clock. Time has shown four PM in the afternoon, “He isstill playingat the beach with his friends.” She shook her head.

Yudha didn’t know why, when he was looking at Teh Ningsih face which was in passing months bereaved by her husband, it looked so calm. And the calmness of Kang Didit’s beloved wife made Yudha become more nervous.

Yudha tried to control his nervousness with more light chats, “How about Lia?”

“Lia is not yet home too. Maybe she does overtime works at the school.”

“This place become really quiet, huh?” Yudha laughed awkwardly—why the fuck I laugh ??—he swore himself.

“Yes, since being left by Papih!” Teh Ningsih smiled simply, “But, this house will crowded again, sooner or later!” told her certainly.

“H—Hope it’s sooner, Teh!”


Months ago, Yudha and his university classmates, stayed at Kang Didit’s house for doing their field practice. First thought, the field practice would become his living hell, but when he stayed at this house and knew the housholders’ hospitalities, he changed his mind.

Maybe within some moments during the field pratice, he also had unpleasant experiences—but overall, he realy liked and enjoyed staying at Kang Didit’s house! And that made him feel more regret when he ended the good memories in this village with that fatal accident.


“How’s your Mom, Yud?”

Yudha was shocked when Teh Ningsih asked that question. It made him remember the accident.

“S—She’s okay now, Teh! Thank you for asking!” he stuttered when he answered her question.

And then, the light chats became bitter. They both stayed in silence when there’s nothing to become their light chats subjects.

“By the way—why are you bring a backpack and sports bag?”

Yudha was getting more nervous when Teh Ningsih noticed those belongingshe brought to visit the house! His face was getting pale and hesweatedand shivered!

“Yudha!—what’s wrong??” Teh Ningsih was confused.

There’s no other way!I must tell the truth!—Yudha forced his heart.

“Teh Ningsih!—Please forgive me!!”

“Eeh??” Teh Ningsih became confused with Yudha’s sayings.

“The truth!—The truth!—WhenI was asking Kang Diditto drive me home to visit my Mom’s while she’s sick at the hospital!—IT WAS A LIE!!” Yudha said it in one breath.

Teh Ningsih was shocked when she heard what Yudha said.

“I wanted to come back home hurriedly from that boring campus field practice! I couldn’t stay in this remote village! Getting out from this hell to Bandung! That’s why I made an excuse that I had news my Mom was in serious ill and I had to go home!”

I was shocked, Kang Didit was willingly to drive me home even that time was early in the morning and in heavy rains! I never thought a container truck would hit and push us to fall to the cliff!”

I never thought—A good man like Kang Didit must die! I never thought—An asshole like me, was let being alive!” said Yudha clearly; shutting his eyes and holding his heavy shaking body.

After enough explaining the truth, he tried to encourage himself to open his eyes and looked at Teh Ningsih’s face.

“I’m very sorry, Teh!” said Yudha with low voice, “Please!—Forgive me!”

After being stoned for a minutes, Teh Ningsih cried hysterically. Yudha could only stone on his seat with awry feeling.

“Sorry???—YOU SAID SORRY???”

Yudha noticed that fierce voice. It’s Lia who was overhearing the conversation a while ago—the furious Lia was running to strike him.

A direct blow from the tomboyish girl landed at his right cheek. Because of how powerful the punch is, Yudha even dropped to the floor with his chair!


Lia was going out of control. One direct punch was not enough for her. She even sat on Yudha’s chest and did many blows—three blows in the left cheek and three blows in the right cheek!

Knowing that the situation was getting worse, Teh Ningsih at once tried to prevent Lia’s wrath. She was screaming like a possessed woman. Yudha had realized that this situation would happened to him, and he was ready for this consequences— just lying down and closing both of his eyes, He let his face battered by Kang Didit’s infamous short tempered young sister.

“LIA! ENOUGH!!” yelled Teh Ningsih. She was struggling to pick Lia up from Yudha’s chest.

The uncontrollable Lia -even she growled and shook her head- refused her sister-in-law and returned to strike Yudha. “EYE FOR EYE!—LIFE FOR LIFE, TEH!!” screamed herfiercely.

“LIA! EVEN YUDHA WERE DEAD! YOUR AA WON’T COME BACK!!” screamed Teh Ningsihdesperately.

And after that, Lia get herself. She’s lowdownher fists and stared at beaten up Yudha who was looking at her with resigned face, and even after that tears were falling out ofhis bruised eyes.

“Do—Do you realized??! Forever you rob a husband from his wife??! Rob aPapihfrom his only son??! Rob a beloved big brother from his cute little sister??! Rob the future of a man that had dreams to rebuildLemburCiheras??! Rob many villagers’ hopes and prays??!” asked Liafuriously.

His beaten up face became soaked by Lia’s tears. Thank goodness—the terrible wrath of the tomboyish girl became uncontrolled tears and cries.

“Yeah, Lia!—I know that!..” answered Yudha, “That’s why, I am voluntarilyfrom the city and encouraging myself to confess what istrulyhappened, and begging to paying back for what happened here!..”

The two beloved late Kang Didit’s women cries stopped, turned with their looking each other with confused face.

“What paying back??” asked Lia.

Yudhastood up from his fall, and he stood up as firm as a coconut tree that stand still while it was being blown by a typhoon. The face of many guilt and sins, changed to be the face of resolute and burned up person!

“I will continue Kang Didit’s dreams!—Become Kades of Lembur Ciheras!” answeredYudha.

Even because of his firmness, Lia and Teh Ningsih gawked each other when they heard it!


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