Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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First Assignment

“HELL YEAH!!—She’s right!”

Yudha was happy seeing the 2G quality cellphone signal pop out on his smart phone’s screen. His smart phone needs a minute to pop all of his social media account notes, and as usual, many of the timelines were filled with obliged field practices status.

While he was lying in his bed, he tried to count the services of the field practice – nice meals, relaxing fair temperature shower bath, cozy feelings, photogasmic village sceneries, good quality cellphone signal, and access of electricity—that requirements were passed for making Yudha forgive this remote super off-road village.

“Hmmm!.. I wonder—what time is it now?..” ask Yudha, he looked at the Clock at his charging smart phone—it’s 10 PM.

And a tone of incoming instant message popped.


Siska :

Nighty-nighty! Hey! How’s the field practice? :waving:

Yudha smiled when Siska asked about his condition at Lembur Ciheras. She rarely takes initiative to ask his condition. He replied his girlfriend’s instant message immediately.

Yudha :

:waving: Not yet. Just arrived at the place we will stay for next week. I and three other classmates must stay for a week with Pak Mathias! :puke:

Siska :

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :congratulation: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Yudha :

Wuutt??You even laughed at me too??? :angry:

But, even we got HONOR to stay together with Pak Mathias, the place we stayed was forgiven!

Nice meals, relaxing shower bath, cozy feelings, photogasmic sceneries village, good cellphone signal, and access of electricity! It’s like staying at some resort! :thumbs up:

Siska :

Oh ya?? That’s good! :happy:

But isn’t it obvious that a lecturer will choose better place to stay?

“Yeah! Same as how obvious the Dean’s princess got nice place to field practice, huh??..” Yudha insinuated his girlfriend, but not dare to type and send it to her.

Yudha :

Hmm! That’s make sense!

Never thought that so far :lol : :P

Btw, some beaches of the village are nice and still natural! Those made me remember when we met for the first time!

Siska :

Ah! That inauguration party! I felt bad when you must heard all my complaints and weepings about Adri in that time!

Yudha :

I understand it.

The pains of broke up.


Actually, Siska is Yudha’s seniors—she’s two years earlier. When they met for the first time, Siska and her other classmates held an informal inauguration party to welcome their new academic year juniors at Pangandaran Beach.

Too bad, for the first event, the lonely Yudha just sat at back row and enjoyed the drinks and performances from the distance. It’s just because most of the juniors and seniors were the people who he didn’t know; even Aryo—his new friend couldn’t attend it because he and his family had their own family agenda.

And suddenly a drunken Siska came and hug him! At the First impression Yudha was annoyed with her drunken whinings. He tried to push away and run from her—but Siska insisted him on going with her weepings about her breaking-up with Adri!

From her information, Adri is his senior who has remarkable academic and non-academic achievements—handsome, athletic, and has special performance in his campus. That’s why he is called as the prince of Law Faculty!

Well, even though she was drunk, being hugged by a cute girl for free was a rare moment. Maybe it’s okay!—And Yudha gave up and went with her until she was tired on bad-mouthing her ex.

Later, their relationship started from that accidentally acquaintance, then bloomed become a dating.

Yudha :

I’m sorry! Got to go sleep! Seven in the morning we must start our first field practice.

Good night and take care!

I miss you.

Siska :

Oh I see!

Good night and take care too!

I miss you too! <3


“Siska! Without you, one week is like a one century for meee!!..” he whined and made a childish rolls on his bed.

And he stopped his childish rolls when he remembered something—he grabbed his smart phone again. He wanted to make call to his home informing to Bi Imas that he had arrived at Lembur Ciheras.

At the first try, no one answered the phone. Yudha tried for the second time— finally, someone answered the call.

"Mahardhika household here!.."

Yudha shocked when he heard that voice, “Mama?”

"Yudha?" answered his mom.

“You got sick again?” Yudha amazed.

"Yeah, I leave the office for three days—need rest."

“I want to tell you that I had already arrived at field practice location.” Said Yudha.

His mom didn’t answered him for a second; thinking she didn’t realized that her son’s university activities had already stepped near the end.

"When will you come home?”

“Bi Imas didn’t told you?”


“Oh!—” Yudha silenced himself again in a couple of seconds, “next week.”

"Okay then. Take care."

“Thanks, good night.” Yudha ended the call, “Geez!—What the heck was that conversation!..” he sulked.

He spaced out with eyes looking at the ceilings—never expecting his mom come home early like that, because she’s a super-busy career woman in a well-known multinational construction company. Found her staying at home in healthy and fit condition is a rare moment. She always comes home for her sickness and then is taken care by Bi Imas.

And after she gets better, she leaves again with her travelling baggages—flying to many countries that Yudha never cares where she goes.

Those awkward conversations are common activities between Yudha and his mom since he was a kid.

It’s eleven o’clock—and he turned off his smart phone and closed his eyes until opened in the morning.



Yudha woke up when in his deep sleep he heard someone or something ramming of his room door. When he opened the eyes and found that the sun has already risen, he got panicked.

“S-SHIT! I FORGOT TO SET THE CLOCK!!” screamed him in panic while he was wiping drools on his mouth before getting up and answered the door.

“OOYY!! WAKE UP!!!” someone called him in thunderous voice.

“Y-YESS!!—A MOMENT, PLEASE, WILL YOU?!” Yudha answered and opened the door, “Stop pounding door like that!—Sheez!”

When he opened the door with disturbed face to stop the pounding door, he was shocked to see someone waking up his near-overslept.

Someone in the black pearl with clipped hair and a set of sports tank top and shorts woke him up. She was carrying a bamboo basket of the household laundries. In her apparel, Yudha also noticed the unburnt parts of her skins.

That pearl white skin and well-built body! She’s surely cute if not burned by the sun! If talent seekers find her—she might be the new Indonesian idols!

“HEY!!” Lia caught him staring at her too much, “Kang Didit and Pak Mathias told me that the breakfast is set at the saung.”

Yudha was shocked and came back from his short spacing out, “U-Uh, saung??” Yudha looked clueless and blushed.

“It’s behind this house. Just follow this alley.” Lia pointed out the way while she’s leaving him to wake up other Class B students.


“Good morning!” greeted Yudha to Kang Didit and Pak Mathias who had already attended the breakfast first.

“Aah!—Good morning, Kang Yudha!” replied Kang Didit.

“Where’s the others?” asked Pak Mathias.

Yudha raised his shoulders.

Pak Mathias was looking at his watch, “In this hour, they’re still not here!” he grumbled.

“Kang Didit! Please, just call me Yudha!”

“Oh, okay, Yud!” Kang Didit understood it, “How’s the night? Did you sleep well?”

Yudha nodded, “I am amazed, I can sleep well in the first time I stay in other’s place!”

“Ah, yes!—You haven’t had your breakfast yet, right??” Kang Didit offered a dish of still fresh surabis.

“Whoaa!—Long time no see with this kind of snacks!“howled Yudha when he saw the surabis—and Kang Didit offered two types of the traditional surabis the salty one, seasoned with oncom sauces and the sweet one, seasoned with kinca sauces.

“For how long?” ask Kang Didit.

“Hmm!—Maybe a year ago, when my Bibi made this dish for our breakfast!” said Yudha trying to remember.

Yudha started to enjoy his breakfast while his face was blown by the sea breeze, and his ears were indulged by the chirping rice-eater birds perching on the top of the rice fields.


“How’s your first stay, Yo?” ask Yudha, when Class B students gathered to their first field practice briefings at the squares.

“Meeh!—Too much mosquitos! Our resting time were used to clapping those vermins!” aswered tired Aryo, “And the bite marks are still itchy until now!” and he scratched the itches.

Yudha grinned to his close friend—In your face, Aryo! That’s the payments for mocking me at lotteries draws!

“You seem enjoying your sleeps with Pak Mathias!” guessed Aryo.

Yudha laughed, “HELL, YEAH!!—Now I take back what I am saying about my regret for becoming mega prize winners!” answered Yudha with cocky face, “Good meals, nice bath, comfy bedroom, good electricity and good communication signal!”

“One week staying at the luxurious resort-like house, Yo! NO MOSQUITOS!!” he tried to torture his best friend with mocking stare.

“Okay! I give up!—That’s enough for the provocation! Congratulation!” Aryo tried to stop his mock.

“But you don’t look sincere to admit your defeat!” Yudha still teased him.

“Tch!” Aryo was getting annoyed with Yudha’s grudges.

“WHERE’S YUDHA?!!—IS HE SPACING OUT AGAIN?!!” yelled Pak Mathias with his thunderous voice.

“P-PAK!!” answered Yudha—he was too much talking at the back line, forgot to pay attention to the briefings.

“Come front to take your assignment paper!”

“Y—YES, PAK!!” answered Yudha and rushed to Pak Mathias


“Is this really a Kades Office??” asked Yudha’s male classmates.

“Well, isn’t it obvious???” Yudha counter-asked to his classmate; pointing to the address plank—Lembur Ciheras Kades Office—with faded words.

“Well, we have arguments why we doubt is this the office of not—This office is more like abandoned dungeon than an office!” said his female classmate.

Yudha silenced himself, and gazed at the office—The Kades Office’s was unkempt. The mini garden near the office terrace was filled by the wild grass and many kind unknown weeds. The floors tiles were let cracked and broken, and the post-leaked ceiling was seen unrepaired for a long time.

“Hmmm! You are right!” he agreed with grieved expression, “Let’s get inside!—Make sure that the employees of this office were not changed by any kind of ghosts or monsters!”


After roaming around the building, they wandered where to go, because there was no guides signs inside the building, now they found the location they had to see—the unmanned receptionist counter.

“Yud, are you sure this is the right place??” asked his male classmate.

“I am!” answered Yudha, “E-Excuse me!—Is anybody here???” he shouted to the unmanned receptionist counter—and after five times attempts calling somebody at the empty counter, their efforts finally were fruitful.

“Aaaah! The field practice students!—Welcome! Welcome!” a staff of Kades Office popped behind the door behind the counter.

“We are assigned by our head of field practices to go to the Kades Office to learn the workflows in this place.” Said Yudha; showing him a pair of his classmates.

“Ooh, I see....” the staff mumbled while he was seeing the assignment papers, “Hey!—What kind of assignments we give to these kids??” he asked to the other staffs of Kades Office at the office behind the counter.

The other staffs were looking to each other with unenthusiasm gazes—they looked clueless with their friend’s question. Yudha frowned his forehead, observing the working behaviour of Lembur Ciheras public servant—no wonder, why this village is so messy.

“Yud, should we ask Pak Mathias?” asked one of his two classmates, about the assignment to the office, with her low voice.

“For what? No need yet!“answered Yudha, and he started to think what they were supposed to do—and .... eureka!!!!

Yudha asked, “What is this paper for, Pak?”

“It’s legal papers application.” Said the staff.

“Such as?” asked his female classmate.

“National ID card applications, newborn documents, marriages documents, and many more!” answered the staff.

“Is there any assignments for us—like processing the undone applications?” asked Yudha.

The staff looked clueless for a while, “Oh, ya!—We have!” answered him excitedly.

At last, the first assignment was prepared for three of them, and then they are officially become Kades Office trainees!


BAMM!!!—Those were the tenth piles of unprocessed applications came to the three speechless trainees.

“T—THAT’S A LOT!!” Yudha was shocked when he looked at the piles of papers with average heights of three years old toddlers.

“This is your assignments, guys!” said the staff - stretching his stiff arms.

“How come you postponed so much applications??” asked Yudha then, and he had more headache when he discovered that the piles of applications were piled up randomly.

“Hey, man! Our duty is just not checking the applications! We have many works to do!” defended the staff.

I caught you and your friends sleeping and doing nothing at the office! Many works to do, your asses!—Yudha just sweared to himself. The first time assignment started with unnecessary quarrel will be a serious trouble for them.

During the uncomfortable feelings between the trainees and the Kades staff, a villager visited the office with anxious face, and suddenly he tried to charge the staff . He was caught in his eyes!

“W—WHEN WILL MY APPLICATION COMPLETED?!!” yelled him with furious voice.

Yudha and his pair of classmates stared at the uneasy middle-age man with same anxious face—what’s wrong with him??


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