Kades Yudha ( Volume 1 )

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Messy Bureaucracy

“C-Calm! Calm down, Pak!!” shrieked the terrified staff when the man grasped his collars, “Please be patient!!”


“W-What the fuck is going on??” charged his male classmate.

“This staff made a mess with that guy!” answered Yudha.

“D-Don’t worry! The application has approved!” repeated the scared staff.

“So give me that damn recommendation paper!!” pushed the man.

“B-But! There s one re-requirements left before we can give you the re-recommendation paper!” said the stuttering staff.

The man startled, “W-What is left??”

“It’s the Kades signature and the village’s official stamp!” answered the staff, “But Kades was on official travel for a week!”

The man snapped his sanity, “Why you cursed BLOOD SUCKING MONSTER!!—” he took something inside his cheap polo shirt.

“Oh my God!—He tries to kill that man!!” screamed the female classmate saw a machete.

“H-HEEELP!!” shrieked the staff.

“PAK!! ENOUGH!!” stopped Yudha with his thundering shout.

The frustrated man hold his plan to stab the staff’s stomach with his hidden machete when he heard Yudha’s yell.

“Screw that bastard, Pak! What your problems?!” asked Yudha.

The man looked confused, who would he choose? The jerk or Yudha? But Yudha struggled to convince him to talk to him.

“The fuck are you doing, Yud??” asked his scared male classmate.

“I’ll help your problem, Pak! Seriously!” said Yudha firm.

And the frustrated man was getting ease again, he dropped that asshole staff, “You don’t lie me, right??” asked the man doubtfully.

“No, I won’t lie to you.” answered Yudha, “But, sheath your machete first!”

“But you swear will help me, right??”

“I swear in the name of my mom to help your problem!” said Yudha with making V-Sign with his right hand—even my mom looked never care If I were dead.

At last, the frustrated man sheathed his machete to his inside cheap polo shirt.

“Okay, Pak!—What’s your problem?.” Yudha asked him with soften voice.

“A month ago, I requested newborn documents for my newborn son! They said, if a newborn infants did not make any newborn official documents in one month after the birth, the state wouldn’t recognize our children as citizen of Indonesia!—My boy couldn’t get to the doctor and wouldn’t be allowed to join the school!”

“As a parents that want to assure their future, I at once made some newborn documents application to the Kades office as soon as possible! Every days I asked when recommendation would be done? And the answers were always—tomorrow and tomorrow!”

“But that tomorrow and tomorrow just a bullshit!—They pended my application! When I asked whether they needed money for faster application? They replied yes, they demanded 250 thousands rupiahs!—I didn’t have that much money, so I had to borrow it from a loan shark, believing the application would be completed.”

“But the application not yet completed—even I bribed him! And now I got two troubles because this asshole!” yelled him pointing to the scared Kades staff, “My son was threatened not to be recognized by the state, and the interest of the loans I borrowed was getting increasingly crazy!”

“Errr!.. Isn’t that statement, the children that delay the newborn document won’t be recognized as Indonesian citizen, just an issue??..” wisped his female classmate.

But Yudha showed her a hand signal to keep silence, “Okay then! What is your name and your son’s name, Pak?”

“My name is Amin, and my boy’s name is Denis Amin, Kang!” responded the man.

“Father name Amin, son’s name Denis Amin!—” he struggled to memorize the names, and he faced to his classmates, “Hey! Help me find the paper that signed newborn document application that father’s name Amin and his son’s name Denis Amin!—QUICK!!”

“O—OKAY!!” answered both of them.


The three trainees were searching of those names from the mountains of unsigned papers as quick as possible. Pak Amin—the desperate man— was looking at the three trainees working hard to find his postponed papers with hope they’ll got his papers.

“Oh!—” Yudha’s female classmate found the papers, “Newborn official document!—Father’s name Amin, son’s name Denis Amin, am I right??”

“HELL YEAH!!—” screamed Yudha, waving his left hand as sign requesting that papers to be given to him, “And now we need signature of the Village Secretary!—Where’s the secretary’s office, Pak??” hunted Yudha to the staff.

“U-Uh! ... Pak Sekdes didn’t entered the office..” answered the staff shyly.

“EVEN THE SECRETARY DIDN’T WORK???” Yudha felt like beeing struck by a lightning in the bright noon, he tried to control himself for a couple seconds, “Fine!—Where I can meet Pak Sekdes??”

“You can meet him at his house.” answered the staff.


“I know it—but it’s my today’s shift, so I can’t get out from the office.” said the staff.

Pak Amin spoke up, “I know where’s Pak Sekdes lived!—Come! Let me take you to his house!”

Yudha nodded, “Let’s go!”

His pair classmates and the asshole staff were watching the militancy of Yudha, taking common red tapes matters like between life and death matters, something that the infamous whining man never thought before would he do—something that make the staff ashamed!


“Thank you very much for the help, Teh Lia!” said the teacher of TK Lembur Ciheras.

“You are welcome, Bu!” answered Lia while she wiped her sweaty forehead.

Bu Ria noticed it and she felt worry in a full week. Lia had been doing voluntary duty to teach and playing at the beach to two classes—at once—because two teachers who do their regular teachings, are going a leave for married for a week and doing training program for a month.

“But, if you are tired, I can exchange the schedule with you!” offered Bu Ria worry.

Lia smiled and shook her head, “No! No! No!—It’s okay! It’s okay!”

“But you look not well, Teh Lia!”

“Ah, it’s okay!—It’s just because we have fielded practice guests staying for a week, so I must help my sister!” answered Lia.

“But, you look pale!” pushed Bu Ria.

Lia shook her head again, “How come, a youngster that have more staminas than the teachers here, can’t hold the troubles of a week??—How can I lose?”

“It’s not win and lose, Lia!” yelled Bu Ria.

Lia kept silent for a while to think about what Bu Ria said, “Okay then, I’ll take a leave for only tomorrow!—Sorry for bother, Bu!” she decided.

Bu Ria smiled to her, “Good! See you day after tomorrow!—Please don’t hesitate if you need help!”

“Yes, Bu!.. Thank you!..”

A first class students grabbed to her summer poncho, “Bu Lia!—When we go to the beach??” pushed her.

“Oh, yes!—Call your friends, we are going to the beach now!” answered Lia.

“YAAAYYY!!!!” shouted the kid.

As usual, Lia brings six students to go for doing outdoor games at the beach every after school. When she was busy leading her post-toddler students, one of them suddenly run to the road without her attendance!

“NOO!!!!” screamed Lia.


While Yudha pulled Pak Amin’s borrowed motorcycle gas as hard as he could for chasing the time, a toddler suddenly run in front of them.

“O-SHIT!!!” Yudha tried to press the break pedal hard and fast!

But the motorcycles way too fast to be stopped, and he tried to hit the handlebar as hard as he could to avoid hit the toddler.

“AAH!!” screamed the toddler, she fell to the road when the motorcycle nearly grazed her!

Lia hurried to reach and help the fallen toddler and checked over her body to make sure she’s okay, Yudha tried to watch the conditions of that toddler with worry and hoped there was nothing happened.

“Is she okay??” asked Pak Amin worry.

Yudha did not answer Pak Amine question’s yet, but when he could see Lia and Bu Ria checking the toddler and making a relieved expressions, he felt relieved too, “She’s all right! Thank goodness!” said Yudha.

And Yudha was shocked when Lia stared at him—early seconds, she startled that reckless driver she caught was Yudha, and then she looked furious, she’s rushed to his position with her thunderous scream!

“I-I’M SERIOUSLY SORRY!!” shouted Yudha when he and Pak Amin tried to leave the location as fast as possible.

“YOU ASSHOLES!! I’LL MAKE YOU PAY AT THE HOUSE!!” screamed furious Lia.


“Thank goodness! Thank goodness! The application has been signed and stamped by Pak Sekdes!!” Pak Amin sounded relieved and happy when he could catch the deadline.

“Thank you! Thank you very much, Kang—”

“Just call me Yudha, Pak!” Answered Yudha while he showed his fake smile.

“Thank you for your help, Kang Yudha!—Without your help, I don’t know what will happen with my son’s futures!!” said Pak Amin worry.

Yudha nodded happily, “Our country is proud to have good citizen like you, Pak!”

He remembered something, Yudha opened his wallet and gave a bill of one hundred thousand rupiah, “Hope this money will help you for the trip!”

Pak Amin nodded and cried, “I pray for you, that you’ll become a great man in the future!”

Yudha just chuckled when he heard what Pak Amin said, “You don’t have much time!—Go home, quick!”

“AH, YES!!” Pak Amin rushed to his motorcycle, quickly started it, and went home as fast as he could. But he didn’t realize that he left Yudha alone in the front of Pak Sekdes’ house!

He’s damn so fast!—Yudha looked at Pak Amin who disappeared from his vision in couple of seconds—And he left me alone here..

He also looked around the Sekdes’ neighbourhood which he was so unfamiliar with, and the eerie atmosphere coming up along with the sunset forced him to remember where they come.

“T-This way!!” He rushed away when he heard someone giggling at him.


After he far enough from that eerie place, Yudha started to space out—remembering what’s happened in this messy day.

First day as a trainee, he must deal with the Kades staff’s mess—because of their working ethics, one of them nearly lost their life! He hoped those shocking experiences would change to the better working habit!

Also, he almost hit a TK child when he drove Pak Amin motorcycle—he couldn’t imagine if that accident happened, it might be not just the fury of Lia he must deal; the kid’s parents plus the villagers too!

Those of Lia’s trying to attack and threatening screams haunted his mind.

I must try to tell her what really happened when I arrive at home! But I must prepare what Lia will do when I arrive at home—Yudha sihged in despair.


“Where’s the heck is that college boy named Yudha?!!” asked Lia impatient.

“Maybe is he still on his assignment.” Answered Teh Ningsih preparing the dinner, “What’s happened?” Teh Ningsih looked to her sister-in-law carefully, “And you look pale and tired!”

“Oh! It’s okay!—” answered Lia, “I was just stood too long at the beach.”

“Tante Lia must rest, your walking become like a drunken thug!” said Ditsy.

“Stop watching too much soap operas, Ditsy!” yelled Lia with dropped voice.


Yudha came inside the house—with tired face, after getting lost for an hour. Thank goodness he met a villager that lend aid to pick him to Kang Didit’s house. “Phew!—Finally arrived!” Yudha relieved.

“Ah! Welcome home, Yudha!” said Teh Ningsih.

Hearing that Yudha arrived, Lia rushed to him with furious gaze, and Yudha was shocked when he didn’t expect that he would confront with her very fast.

Yudha look paled and gulping, “Hey! Hear my explanation first!—” shouted him to angry Lia.

BAM!—A bare punch landed at his left cheek. Her punch was near serious blow. Yudha almost dropped at the floor with swollen cheek and lips, also near shifted jaw!

“L-LIA!!” screamed Teh Ningsih panicked when she caught her sister-in-law suddenly punched Kang Didit’s guest.


Fuck! Even her appearance like a photo model, her punch like a bouncher!—Yudha tried get up from his fall, and he became furious too because Lia’s reckless behaviour, “THAT’S WHY I ASKED YOU TO HEAR ME FIRST, FUCKFACE!!”

“H—HOW DARE YOU CALL ME, FUCKFACE!!—” said Lia angrily when she was preparing another hard punches, but after made the first blow, she felt dizzy and lost her balance—she fainted!

Yudha immediately captured her to his hugs, preventing fainted Lia hit the floor—and managed!

“Phew, that’s was close!—She’s fainted out!” said Yudha.

“Y-Yudha! Are both of you okay???” asked panicked Teh Ningsih.

Yudha hissed with pain, “Don’t worry, I’m okay!—How about Lia??”

“Please bring her to her room!!” beggedTeh Ningsih.


“Here’s a bag of icy water to treat your bruise!” offer Kang Didit.

Yudha who was sitting near fainted Lia who was being taken care by Teh Ningsih—grabbed the bag, “Thanks!”

“So, she is sick?? Catch cold, Mih??” asked Kang Didit worry.

Teh Ningsih smiled and shook her head, “No, she’s okay!—She’s entered her periods session while she overworked in her voluntary assignment at TK. She just needs full resting day!” Answered Teh Ningsih.

Yudha and Kang Didit spontaneously relieved.

“Sorry for my sister’s misbehaves, Yud!” said Kang Didit.

“I-It’s okay, Kang!” answered Yudha as he was sticking the icy water bag to his swollen cheek.

“What’s happen with both of you??” asked Kang Didit.

“Oh! Nothing!—Just a misunderstanding.”

Yudha gazed at Lia’s room—He didn’t believe that such thug-mentality girl Lia has tidy and nice smells girl’s room. Are the girls’ room always looks and smells nice like this??—he was wondering.

Not just figured achievements and her karate’s mini-trophies she collected as her room decorations, there’s also fancy mini statues and small scales eccentrics paintings and posters filled Lia’s room.

“Is she doing college too?” asked Yudha.

“Yes, off course! She’s at vocational college as art teacher!” answered Kang Didit.

“H-HEEE???...” Yudha was shocked with the answer. Being shocked, like his head was nailed by someone or something!

As karate athlete, taking sports teacher’s subject it’s sounds make sense—but a karate athlete taking art teacher subject?? Hmm, maybe she’s try to balance her life, the rampage of karate balanced by the affection of arts—said Yudha inside his mind.

And when he was gazing again the corners, he saw something interesting at her desk—a photo of Lia when she still attended at High School.

Hell yeah! It’s real her when her skins still white! Damn pearl white! Is she human or living porcelain doll?—Yudha amazed. But her eyes when still on the school looks warm and tender, far different with her eyes now, so sharp and have killing-intent gaze—maybe she’s become like now because of practicing karate??

There’s another something interesting from her photo from the past—it’s her pose at that standing frames, she looked happy being hugged by someone—but whose that someone that Yudha couldn’t see, because the part of who hug her torn in half, and Lia’s part looked scrapped before aligned again and framed.


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