Quick Gun

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The story of a known outlaw by the name of Paul Cummings Greenwood. Even Though Paul has been living in Texas all of his life. However, Paul had never had a family or have any knowledge of them, he had been an orphan all of his life, and he is a known famous wanted bank robber and a known outlaw in the small town of Fairview, Texas. Although Paul is wanted by the Texas Marshals and he goes to a hideout so he will not be captured or killed by the law. Along The Way to the hideout place is an old cabin in the woods and on his journeys. James Godfrey is Paul's best friend who he became friends with at the orphanage and Molly Mae is an old friend from the Orphanage even though she is a stunning African American woman, however, she helps hide Paul from the law, nurses him back to health, and helps him escape out of the town of Fairview because she told him to keep on pushing but never look back but also keep on moving on in life but to never forget all about James or her. Will they fall in love? Will he escape the long arm of the law? Wait and read the thrilling tale of an outlaw by the name of Paul 'Quick Gun' Cummings Greenwood and his life story.

Drama / Other
Justus Hill
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Chapter One: The Untold Story Of Paul Greenwood- P

Born April 29, 1820, to a young unwed outlaw teenage mother & to a young unwed outlaw teenage father who was giving the middle name of Cummings by his mother and the young teenage Greenwood father & his shy-quiet 16-year-old brother who both share the same last name of Greenwood with their very well known famous drunk outrageous outlaw father which the teenage Greenwood father newborn baby boy will be sharing the same middle and the same Greenwood last name with him instead of the newborn baby boy sharing the last name with his beautiful unwed outlaw teenage mother but the young Greenwood father whose strong-willed girlfriend was going into labor but was expecting to give birth to a beautiful precious baby girl or give birth to a handsome precious baby boy at the time of 6:00 pm even though In the middle of the cold & freezing Autumn night in a tiny cabin in the woods which is suddenly located in the middle of nowhere which separated from the town of Fairview by a bunch of trees because since the last time the teenage mother was expecting to go into labor which turns out to be a big scare for the young outlaw unwed teenage couple. Who both are the same age which is 18-years-old.

However, that is when the young Greenwood father was eventually biting off his nails on both of his cold shivering hands & he was panicking out of his mind, here it is now happening again to the young unwed teenage couple, and his beautiful girlfriend is getting ready to go into labor to have their third child since both of them already have two little precious children but the young unwed teenage couple have a handsome little boy & a beautiful little girl who is excited to see their new little sibling which is going to be named Paul but even though the young Greenwood father was walking back and forth in the tiny spaced brown cabin but also he was wondering to himself & questioning himself what he was going to do to support his family. Although the young outlaw unwed Greenwood father was in need and he was asking his shy & but quiet 16-year-old Greenwood brother in a nicely-friendly calm tone by saying to him out loud so he could hear him in the next room "Baby brother will you please go into town for me!" and even though the young Greenwood father 16-year-old Greenwood brother heard what he said but,however, that is when eventually the young Greenwood father was starting to open his mouth again which of course he said out loud to his 16 -year-old little brother " Would you please little brother ride on the brown horse into the town of Fairview & to fetch the midwife or fetch her husband the doctor since we, however, suddenly live in the middle of the woods but on the outskirts of town!." As soon as the young Greenwood father was about to open his mouth to say something else, suddenly out of nowhere which has caught his attention was that his little Greenwood brother has responded, and said to the young Greenwood father while he was standing at the bedroom door with a big smile on his face "I heard everything you have said in the other room big brother and I will ride off into town on the brown horse as you wish for me to do so I would fetch the town midwife or the town doctor as you requested of me to go into town to bring back the doctor or his wife the midwife big brother to come to the cabin to help your girlfriend deliver yall's precious new born baby boy or new born baby girl!". So the shy & quiet 16-year-old Greenwood brother could ride into the town of Fairview, Texas on horseback to fetch the new town doctor or fetch his wife who is the new town practical midwife to bring her or the other which is the doctor to the Greenwood family cabin because the young outlaw Greenwood father was not willing to leave his girlfriend's side while her water just broken when she was just laying down in the bed even though she was snugging up against her white cozy pillow especially since she was so comfy in the bed & so she could get some good night sleep and although she was going into labor on the bed that she was comfortable in but that is when she let out a loud cry saying to her boyfriend "I think the baby is coming this time especially with my water just breaking and it is the time for me to go into labor honey!" but also was saying to him as well "The baby is trying to come out of me darling help!".

The young Greenwood father was still panicking and was still biting his nails but he was waiting on the midwife to be fetch but also summoned at the Greenwood's family tiny spaced brownish cabin which was located deep in the woods. where all five of them which was about to make six of them because of the birth of the new born baby in the household. The handsome & charming young Greenwood father & his girlfriend were all living together as a big family in the small tiny space brown cabin, even with his only sibling which is his younger brother who is also known to his brother to be quiet but shy,he hardly speak much half of the time, and who was 16 years old living in the same household even he was sharing a room with his nephew & niece at that time because of the fact that the shy but quiet 16-year-old Greenwood brother was sent to live with his older mature unmarried intelligent 18-year-old outlaw brother but also it was by their own beautiful spiteful & hateful mother who in addition has the passion of hate in her heart for the Greenwood man. Who she let their own father get down on one knee so he can propose to her with a blue engagement ring that he have picked out from the store but while he was holding the ring in his left hand especially with his charming and confident handsome self but ask her for her hand in marriage by saying "Will you marry me? and Will you be my wife?" but she had turn around marrying him & letting him have sexual intercourse with her but also she eventually remembered in the back of her mind of a depression memory which was that of him having his way with her on that night of their wedding day when it was officially over with. While she was laying in the bed reading a book which was giving to her as a gift by one of her bridesmaid which was her best friend in the whole world but that is when her drunk husband pull the cover off of her warm-temperature whole body, he was pulling down his underwear to his feet but he was taking both of his feet out from the holes even though he was although hard as a rock, and that is when he was starting to pull down her decorated white lace undergarment then he climbed on top of her but with whiskey on his breath as she was trying to cover her nose up with both of her left & then right hand because she did want to smell his breath. However, which was supposed to be the night of love and passion by letting him stick his hard throbbing penis in her virgin tight vagina by making love to her, whichever, turned into a night of rough sexual intercourse since something she was not fond of & being choked with his both of hands or spank by her husband with his hand on her booty or when he pulled her hair which felt like to her he was pulling all of her hair out of her scalp & he was making insulting comments and some nasty disturbing- hurtful degrading comments that was towards his wife that night in spite of the fact.

That even though which eventually cause her heart to break into million of tiny pieces but to the point suddenly after the rough sex was over with that is when she broken down into tears when she was laying in the bed although she did not finish the book she was reading. As her out of his mind drunk husband was tossing and turning in his sleep in the bed while he was laying next to the edge of the bed but he started moving his body closer to hers but also while he was cuddling up next to her body by placing his head on her chest but all of sudden after the fact that she was done crying her eyes out & wiping her tears with her red night gown which was giving to her as a wedding gift which she used both of her hands to wipe away the tears off of her face as well but she was starting to feel her eyes get heavy & she started to close them but also that is when she was falling asleep. The drunk lying not good for nothing man who have no job to support his family and he is an excuse of a man whom she loved at one point & gotten married to who always loves to scheme some pitiful helpless victim or some innocent wretched person but he can continue to con somebody who is a innocent older victim or anyone in the general public area who he can get his hands on but also he can trick them out of their hard working money which by putting on a act like he is a beggar who is living on the streets and a person whose has loss his house or family in a house fire. However, the Greenwood man who is the father of the two young Greenwood brothers, both of the boys came from his seed but he even eventually impregnates her or the boys mother with his seed in her egg or vagina with the life barring seed, and eventually from his own hard throbbing penis which even though was making but creating both of their own two baby sons but also since the life barring seeding of the drunk outrageous outlaw Greenwood man seed was being in her vaginal system which was the seed was traveling or the seed was taking a journey or going on a adventure all the way to it's destination to her egg twice and who she bore two sons with the man she now hates even though she loss love for him in her heart but also the drunk Greenwood man who made both of the boys mother life a living hell or a living nightmare. Even though with his scheming ways but both of their sons is a split image even of their own lying & conniving but also scandalous and drunken outrageous father.

However, in addition of the fact of course that both of the handsome & intelligent Greenwood brothers, beautiful mother was going to run off with her woman best friend even though it was going to be towards to a different state or to a different city, and so she can get married to a man who is even out of her own white race or of colored which is a man of Native American descent.

In Addition of the fact of the man that both of the boys mother will be picking or choosing from ,however, although the man will be even eventually from a tribe or will be a man who came from African American descent so it could be out of spite but to make her own white husband whom she is still married to. By making him jealous so she can get revenge on her own white husband. Who one day all of a sudden awoken from his deep slumber up early in the morning & while his own beautiful wife and two little boys were still sleeping comfortable in their beds but he even was thinking but also decided on his own to abandoned his own family while he was on the run on foot and he was even eventually was running away from the law because of the fact that he broken into a general store one day and he stole a loaf of bread to feed his own family but now both of the Greenwood boys father he is now running away from the law in the whole state of Texas or from the law in the town of Fairview, Texas because he had killed a elderly man at the mans own house with both of his own bare hands by strangling the old man in a slowly painful & in a agonizing way until the poor old man was losing consciousness and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head from the lack of oxygen while the boys father was squeezing down tightly on the elderly mans neck and the man was having blood run from his mouth as he was fighting for his life to have the will to live so the boys father could not kill him but that is when the man was eventually giving up & have taking his last breath but also drifting off into a deep long slumber & that is when the boys father pronounced the man dead and close both of his eyes shut while he was stealing all of the money out of the dead elderly man pockets as well.

Because of the fact the Greenwood brothers no good for nothing outlaw father has run off by leaving his family behind while both the boys outlaw drunken outrageous father is a wanted man and on foot running away from the law in the state of Texas. However, Young charming - handsome Greenwood father sweet & kind down to earth pleasant 18-year-old unwed beautiful strong-willed girlfriend, has been disowned by her own loving-beloved mother & father whom she looked up to as her role models, having her own parents starting to turn against her was causing emotional-psychological problems on her, and she felt so alone in the world but she was being disowned by her so called family who said they will always be there for her. They even said to her they will always have her back no matter what but what truly hurt her the most was even being disowned by her own favorite close cousins who was although on both of her mother & father side of the family who she can talk to them about everything and spend time with them on a regular basis even though she was disowned for having her first son with the man who she truly generally loves with all of her heart,however, then the young beautiful teenage mother was eventually turning around having her beautiful precious daughter with a man that one day she is hoping she can get married to which her mother & father both of them did not approved of or even approving of their daughter having two little young children with a man of a poverty status.

In addition of the fact that both of them truly have general hatred for the young handsome and charming outlaw teenage Greenwood father in their black hearts. Although both of the snobby & wealthy parents of the young teenage mother wish their daughter did not get impregnated by him or fall deeply in love with him & or she falling head over heels for him of course and she even bore two little precious children with that man whom they also thought in their shiver up-dark & cold black hearts was not worthy enough or the young handsome and charming outlaw teenage Greenwood father was not even a perfectly fit for being a good enough father for their beautiful daughter little precious children although whom which they already had a man pictured in the back of both of their minds who should have been their beautiful little precious grandchildren father. However, instead of the Greenwood boy who is the son of the town famously of course known drunken outrageous outlaw, the parents was choosing but thinking of the sweet & kind but wealthy man which both of them had picked out for their child but also both of the parents which both of them even thought he would be a perfect match for their beautifully daughter,the teenage mother judgemental mother & father both of them were choosing a man who was born into a successful wealthy household, he was a young wealthy successful businessman but he is the son of the town mayor, and unlike the handsome teenage outlaw Greenwood father because he was not in the same social class as them or even his family came from a bloodline of wealth. Even though her successful wealthy judgemental and hateful but spiteful mother & father had kicked her and even her own precious little children out of their household for her even being impregnated by the young outlaw Greenwood father again on the streets in the middle of the cold freezing night which both her mother & father and the rest of the entire family of theirs was not even showing any sympathy or emotions even though she had their son and daughter with her but also while the children father was up day & night fixing up the cabin in the woods to get prepared for his family to occupy the beautifully decorated brown tiny cabin which he designed himself. That is when the teenage mother started taking both of her children by both of their tiny little hands, she eventually started walking with both of their little beautiful children, and it was in the middle of the cold freezing night from her parents house to her boyfriend who was living in the cabin in the woods even though the cabin was surrounded by a bunch of variety of trees.

The tears were flowing down her face and she was brokenhearted at the fact that her own mother & father and family members turn their back on her but even turn their back on their own grandchildren who loves them dearly but also because the young mother parents were not accepting of the handsome charming young intelligent outlaw Greenwood father in addition of the fact it was all because the parents wanted their beautiful daughter to marry or be with a rich man even have children with him or marry into a wealthy man family. However, while the young unwed beautifully teenage mother was remembering memories that were pushed in the very far back of her mind or in her head & wishing her whole family were there and as she was laying in the beautifully decorated white and greenish lace that covers the bed in pain with her own two legs stretched apart but open so she could get ready to go into labor while she was breathing in and out slowly. The young teenage Greenwood father said to the mother of his children out loud while he was walking back and forth constantly trying not to faint onto the cold wooden cabin floor from exhaustion "The midwife or the doctor is in town of Fairview at this moment my dear, him or her should be being fetched right about now but summoned to our cabin since our cabin honey which is located in the deep of the woods, and it is out in the middle of nowhere darling at once by my little 16-year- old brother; my love! because my brother is riding off into town on his own pretty brown horse looking for the midwife my darling!." Even though the mother of the young sweet Greenwood father children was still breathing in & out then again in & out but then she stopped for a minute to take a break to catch her breath but also then she started right back to it from her break her breathing in & out again. All of a sudden out of the blue "Ahhhh!" as she screamed at the top of her lungs while she was in pain but breathing in & out but also was trying to catch her breath again which the baby was trying to come out or to be pushed out of the body of the beautifully creation which that God himself have eventually handcrafted which of course was the beautiful young teenage unwed mother's skinny petite hourglass figure even though the young teenage unwed mother was wearing a beautiful & elegant green dress that was decorated with flowers but up under the dress of hers but also she was wearing was a black tight fit corset.

Even right alongside a garter that match her tight black fitted corset as well,however, although she started to screamed at the top of her lungs by telling her boyfriend which was "The Baby Is Coming! The Baby Is Coming! The Baby Is Coming! Please rip my corset and rip my garter off of my body Please honey! I would rather be giving birth butt naked then to be having this dress or clothes on because I am so hot!" as she was trying to fan herself down with both of her own two hands while she was burning up which she was pushing but some of the blood was coming out of her body onto the white bed sheets but also when her loving- charming & then her handsome boyfriend was starting to panic after seeing the drop of blood on the white thin layer sheets in the bed and that is whenever the young Greenwood father muster up the courage deep within his body & his soul to start ripping off his girlfriend's beautiful decorative green dress that was covered in the most beautiful different varieties of flowers & although he has started to rip off her tight corset and her garter as well. Once he was eventually finishing ripping the clothes or the fabrics off the young mother's body now she was now in the nude but she was not feeling hot anymore but also the young mother can now feel the cold spring breeze on her skin while she was still laying in the bed naked in the cabin. "Everything is going to be okay darling! and Hang in there baby! My little brother should be back shortly from town with the midwife, my love!" which said the handsome & charming but intelligent young Greenwood father who was trying not to either have an opportunity to have a panic attack in the freezing cold cabin while he was pacing back & forth again across the wooden floor or he was even trying not to have an fainting spell because the young 18-year-old Greenwood father did not want to plummet to the cold hard cabin freezing wooden brownish floors while he was making a thud sound as he falling to the floor with a heavily blow to his temple & his head or to the back of his own skull which will cause the charming & handsome intelligent Greenwood father to get a concussion on his head or he ends up slipping into a comatose state which will lead up to him falling asleep on the bed and the young wise Greenwood father would have entered into a coma but he will not have a clue what is going on in his life but around his surroundings or even eventually he will not have a clear understanding of his whereabouts or even though he would never know who his children are, especially the mother of his children who have brought them into the world if he was to hit his head on the hard floor which could probably be the cause of the young outlaw Greenwood father to have memory loss. However, while he was pacing back & forth but in the cold freezing wooden cabin of the teenage couple & the young Greenwood father was starting to bite his nails.

Even though then the young handsome wisely intelligent outlaw man who is a young unwed Greenwood father & his beautiful girlfriend who both are parents at the age of 18 years old he even eventually stopped at this point and at the foot of the bed while he was standing there which he was starting to rip off his long sleeve grayish-whitish button-up shirt which how come was starting to expose his cold muscular chest & his v-line but also he started to sit down on the bed as he placed his hands on his face. The young Greenwood father then said to himself while mumbling under his breath "Got Damn it! Where the hell is my little brother at? and he needs to hurry up before the baby comes out into the world by itself!." While his shy but quiet 16-year-old little Greenwood brother,however, was riding into the town of Fairview on his best friend in the whole wide world who he loves dearly. Which of course is a brownish horse even though the 16-year-old Greenwood brother was looking for the midwife house every where whenever he had approached the town he has gotten loss and stopped to ask for directions where the house of the doctor and his wife the midwife is located at in the town but eventually the man was a nice & sweet but also he was such a kind middle aged gentleman who live close to the doctor & his wife the midwife and he was starting to point his finger into the right direction where the midwife but her husband lives which was the house that was painted the color bluish & pearl whitish looking which the house will be located on the right. That is whenever the young handsome & charming Greenwood father 16 year old Greenwood brother rode his brown horse up towards the house of the doctor & his wife who was the midwife. .The 16- year-old Greenwood boy ran up to the door and he was banging on the door to get whoever was in the house attention their was no answer then he kept on banging on the door a second time still nothing but as soon as he was about to bang on the door a third time but also that is when the midwife had flung opened the brownish front door.The midwife stepped out the front door while wearing her yellow nightgown and said to the 16-year-old Greenwood boy "Excuse Me young man! it is 6:45 pm and we are trying to get some sleep!" then the Greenwood brother said to her out loud "Ma'am I am sorry for waking you but it is an urgent emergency because my brother's girlfriend is going into labor right now since he could leave the house to fetch you but also he have sent me to fetch you and we do need your help to her help her deliver this baby!." However, the midwife was becoming shock by what she was hearing from the mouth of the 16-year-old boy, she replied to him saying to him " You said going into labor right at this moment huh?", and he replied to her question " Yes Ma'am she is! and we need you!". The midwife step inside of her house real quick to change out of her gown.

The midwife was already to go and she told her servant to tag right along with both of them because she did not feel comfortable riding on the back of the horse with the 16-year-old boy whom she thought in the back of her mind could probably kill her or even rape her in the woods. She was just being on the safe side, the 16-year-old Greenwood brother hop onto the back of his horse, the servant of the midwife was the second person to be hoping onto the horse, and then here comes the midwife herself hoping onto the horse so all three of them could be on there way to their location. Eventually when they were making it close to their destination that is when the midwife heard the loud cries & screams of the young beautiful unwed teenage mother who was in pain since she was going into labor deep in the woods. The cries could be heard from a far in the distance, the animals who are in the woods could hear the sound of the cries, and the wolves was starting to howl but as soon as they were riding up that is when the midwife hop down off of the horse but she starting to run to the porch of the house while holding onto her blue dress but also she was at the door that is when she started knocking on the door and said out loud "Here I am! and I am the midwife but I am here to help deliver the baby!" as she was still knocking onto the door. The teenage Greenwood father had open the door, he greeted the midwife, and he said to her & her servant "Please come in!"but then he said to both of them " My girlfriend is right this way!" but also said to his beautiful girlfriend "Darling the midwife & her servant is here darling!".

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as she screamed in agonizing pain. The midwife was telling the servant to prepare warm towels & to prepare a bucket of hot water but to bring her a wet rag so she could wipe the sweat off of the face of the teenage mother but also drain up the running red blood which was coming from the girl's body. Even though eventually the young teenage couple had help with the help of a beautifully stunning green-eyed woman who have pale skinned with freckles decorated on her face but whose lips were painted with the color red but also who is an intelligent woman with long beautiful braided darkish but reddish hair that was hanging down to her back almost getting close to her butt. However, a young successful brilliant intelligent 28-year-old married woman who has graduated from the same medical college, even though even she was right along side of her newlywed but sweet-loving & caring but also amazing handsome husband who is the new town of Fairview doctor because the last one has been murdered while he was walking home drunk from the saloon by an elderly drunken outrageous outlaw, and the new doctor in the town of Fairview, Texas has been known to the public to be a knowledgeable man in medicine but intelligent in how the body works & what plants can be used to be turned into medicines so the plants would not harm or kill the patients but he is an experienced man in the scientific medical field just like his wife the midwife. Although she has been famously known to the general public & by the townsfolk of the small town of Fairview,Texas to even have a heart for children and love helping but curing people from all of their different varieties of illnesses or sickness. Because of the passion that she has in her heart & have the knowledgeable skills as a professional Intelligent midwife who have been helping pregnant women give birth to their own children ever since she was 20 years old and with the help of her younger down to earth African American woman servant whose hair was wrapped up in a cloth which nobody could even get a chance to glimpse at it who will be assisting in helping the midwife with the delivery. However, The midwife & her servant was helping the teenage mother deliver her baby but the midwife said to her out loud "Okay darling! I am going to need for you to push!"that is when she was pushing then the midwife said "On the count of three 1,2,3 now push dear!" but also the young teenage mother was pushing again but also that is when the midwife said "I can see the baby's head! Now push!" as soon as she was pushing the baby had came out of her and the midwife.

Said to both of the teenage couple & to the 16-year-old Greenwood brother and his nephew but niece "It is a handsome precious baby boy!"as she was handing the baby to its mother while she was in tears because of the fact that she has given birth to a precious handsome newborn baby boy in the middle of the cold spring night. whom she has given both of their own son the name of Paul Cummings Greenwood who she and her loving beloved husband who both did not have the means to take care of the precious bundle of joy baby boy even though the teenage mother had brought into the world by giving birth to him because of the lack of money and resources which the teenage couple both did not have obtain in the household. Even though they had already had two other older children one boy who was 3 years old and one girl who was 2 years old in the Greenwood household at the time which was becoming very difficult for both of the teenage couple because of the hardship the family was experiencing or facing while trying to take care of newborn baby Paul. Although both the mother & father figured out it would be better if he were adopted into a family who would love him for him or given to a loving good home or to a loving wealthy family who could not have children. Who would provide for him & be better parents than they were and who would take better care of him but who could give him a better life but also put him through the best schools or colleges whenever he decided to attend at the school he wants to go to even though so Paul can either pick or choose from in the whole state of Texas besides the small town of Fairview, Texas. However, whenever the young teenage unwed mother & unwed father Greenwood is out of their baby's life because they want the best for him, so their little newborn precious baby son Paul Cummings Greenwood is living in a happy home with other children who will love him dearly, and which both of his mother & father knows deep down in their hearts that their son Paul will be living a happy life without them & he will be living in an adopted but loving and caring home but also so he could have a new set of family & parents who will truly loves him dearly and Paul could grow up to have an opportunity in his life.

In Addition of the fact that he can be just like the rest of the other growing young children in the whole state of Texas or in the whole country of the United States Of America. Even though both of the teenage mother & teenage Greenwood father want Paul to receive a high school diploma or a college degree or obtain an actual education. However, something both of the young couple have never received while they were growing up, so Paul Greenwood can either graduate in the small town of Fairview,Texas or in a different state but he has an opportunity to make a choice by himself but also make his own decisions whenever Paul becomes of the age of 18-years-old , and he even eventually graduates outside of Fairview. Although Paul will be old enough to make his own decisions & he will be a grown man but be able to choose whichever high schools that is close to his adopted parents which he has been attending in the town of Fairview or in the whole state of Texas whichever place his adopted parents were living at. However, whichever colleges that was of his choice by a decision he had made but that Paul wanted to attend to because he wanted to stay close to his adopted parents which he will grow up to think that they was his real loving & beloved biological parents, he was going to be attending a college that he picked out or his wonderful & beloved adopted parents picked out for him but also whenever Paul graduated from a high school, and it be right alongside his peers or his classmates from a high school that will be in the town of Fairview, Texas. Which the town Paul was born in because the parents of Paul wanted the best for him in his future. Even though both of them believe deep down in their heart that they could never give their precious bundle of joy baby a life of luxury, The father took baby Paul to an orphanage by the name of the Sacred Heart Orphanage For Children which was located in Fairview, and he ran up to the front porch of the orphanage while deciding should he.

knock on the door but heard the head maiden said out loud: " Who is it?" and " I will be there in just a minute!" but also the father of Paul was nervous & he was shaking at the front door that is whenever the father of Paul have ran off the porch to the gate with Paul in a basket but dropped his son Paul off at the front entrance of the orphanage which was the front gate was located in front of the building. As the father was staring down at the basket that was decorated with birds and leaves with his precious baby in there that is when he attached a letter to the basket which he had written himself but the letter said " Dear Sir or Ma'am please take care of our son & give him a good home but the name of our son is Paul Cummings Greenwood but also the wife and I; we would love for him to be taking care of or have been adopted into a caring loving home who will love him dearly. Provide for him, wipe away his tears, and give him a good life because we could never give him the life he deserves!." The father and the mother got down on one knee & pick their son Paul up from the basket that is when both of them placed a kiss on his forehead but they bid their little precious baby a farewell with tears in their eyes but also rode off into the sunset before the head maiden could see the disappearance of the Greenwood's in the distance.

Or before the head maiden hear the cries of their little precious bundle of joy baby boy Paul C. Greenwood at the front entrance gate of the Sacred Heart Orphanage For Children. Growing up he was never adopted and Paul had abandonment issues. Paul grew up hating his parents and wished they loved him. He watched from the window nightly & hoping for their arrival while crossing his fingers. Never had been adopted or having a family he grew up feeling unwanted and unloved. The head maiden treated the children as if they were nothing or less of a person. He and his bunkmate were always left hungry. They would steal food or toys and give them to the younger children in the orphanage. Sometimes Paul would get on his knees but he will start praying & wishing someone would truly love him or wish he could get a chance to be in a room with his parents. While they are holding him tightly in both of their arms and showing him love as he is in tears while his tears are pouring down from his eyes but they wiping his tears away with their shirt or hand but also saying to him " Everything is going to be Okay My Son!" and "Dry away all of your tears my son! " but "We are here now for you!" but also "We love you with all of our hearts , Paul!". Even though Paul knows it is all nothing but a dream that is in his head.

In the cold stare well, Paul received a new bunkmate. He never keeps company too long, like the older kids always say the ugly ones never get out. His new bunkmate was named James Timothy Godfrey which his mother abandon him in the woods to run off to become a prostitute & he was found by a sheriff who have taken him to a orphanage. However, James Godfrey who was such a adventurous young man & he was a lot talkative then Paul's last bunkmate who was adopted by a loving family last week, Paul was enjoying his new bunkmake James because he was keeping him company, and he love talking to James because James told old stories of how this was his third placement in a orphanage in the last two years. This was the worst place for James which ,however, of course he have ever been to or had experienced in his entire lifetime growing up in the different orphanages . Even though Paul Cummings Greenwood & James Timothy Godfrey was becoming the best of friends and promised one another they would never leave each other behind. They made plans to leave the orphanage and never come back. Growing up they were known for their mischief and deceit. They would come up with elaborate plans to get money to feed the young in the orphanage but even though both of the boys would even come up with elaborate schemes to steal from the rich people's homes while one of them is distracting the victim also the other is stealing their money by searching for their hiding spots they put their money in a safe spot where it can not be touched or found by anyone who is trying to rob them.

That afternoon Paul went up to the window as he was staring out the window but he was wondering to himself. "Will I ever be good enough to be adopted, will my ma, and pa will ever return to adopt me because I wait for my parents day and night but do they even love me but also why would they abandon me in this cold world knowing their little boy needs them!" and "Nobody understands how it feels to suffer from abandonment issues & depression or how it feels to go the sleep every single night wondering will your parents ever arrive to adopt you!" said Paul as he was trying to be strong and trying to hold back from letting out all of his tears.

While Paul was still gazing out the window to take his mind off sad thoughts which were going on in his head constantly that's when he noticed two birds on the branch of the sycamore tree that is in the front yard of the orphanage, but he noticed the different variety of flowers growing around the tree, and he saw the two birds dancing graciously on the branches. Day in and day out Paul dream of his parents although he wondered if he had more family-like aunts and uncles but even cousins as well. However, Paul thought what if he wasn't the only child, they only gave him up, and he thought of the best and worst of them. Although he thought of them as amazing people who just don't have the means to take care of him. Paul was sitting in his bed thinking about life while James was asleep. When he noticed a plate full of rations slide under his door. Even Though Paul was getting up from his bed to stretch his arms and legs. However, he started walking towards the door to turn the knob to investigate who had slid the plate under his and James's bedroom door. that is when he heard a creaking sound on the floor; as a result, he had opened the door to notice a silhouette of a girl with long black hair wearing a pearly white dress with black stockings on while wearing brown boots as well. While the girl was slowly walking down the hallway, Paul heard the mystery girl giggling to herself, and he was wondering what she possibly could be laughing about because he wanted to find out for himself what could be so hilarious. Suddenly out of nowhere, Paul Got distracted by the sound of click-clack coming from down the corridors. The click-clack coming from the heels worn by The head maiden even when she was walking back and forth from room to room to check on the little children down the corridors in the orphanage. However, Paul snapped into reality, and he quickly heard a small sound of a footstep. The mysterious girl is Molly Mae, who is an African American handmaid for the orphanage. However, her duties as a handmaid are cooking, cleaning, and she takes care of the little children in the orphanage. Molly Mae nurses the children & the head maiden back to health in the orphanage even though She waits on the head maiden hand and foot. Paul noticed she never ate, so why would she give her food to him, and Paul would be wondering to himself.

Why would Molly Mae be so kind to him but also have a conscience of even giving her rations of food to him? Although knowing that she has not eaten anything all-day because in Paul's mind & soul he thought this was all a dream and that he is still sitting on the bed but had fallen into a deep slumber in the bed of his while still sitting up. Paul had said out loud. "Is this a dream? If this is not a dream that I am having or in a deep slumber dreaming of Please someone pinch me!". When placing his hand on top of his forehead & that is when Paul had let a "Sigh!" Out loud. Suddenly out of nowhere, that is when sweet & kind Molly Mae pinches him, and it was on the top of the shoulder. Paul had said out loud to Molly Mae was "Ouch! That Hurt!.", "Why did you pinch me?"; and"I was using sarcasm !." even though Paul was questioning Molly Mae and she started to shrug her shoulders but yet she develops a smirk on her face but also said to Paul, "You said to pinch you to see if this was not a dream or a fantasy of yours!". "Did you or Did you not say that?" said Molly Mae to Paul; "Of Course I did say that!" Paul had responded to Molly Mae's question. Suddenly out of nowhere, Paul got a cold sensation going through his entire back & spine; because he felt a strange vibe as if someone was watching him and Molly Mae while they were conversating under the Sycamore tree in the front yard. As a result, Paul's superstition of someone watching him turned out to be correct because James awoke from his deep slumber, although he was stretching his arms & legs also yawning as well while he walked over towards the window. When James approaches the window in the bedroom that he and Paul shares together. He started looking down from the window, that is when all of a sudden James had got distracted, and his full attention got caught by the two silhouettes standing up under the Sycamore tree. While James was flabbergasted & baffled to find out that his best friend Paul is under the tree with Molly Mae. However, the blank expression he had on his face, James had started to raised & curved his eyebrows, and that is when he was letting out a loud gasping sound. Before you know it, Paul and Molly Mae started noticing that it was getting very late because the sun, however, had started going down. Which had made a beautiful sunset even though it has started becoming the most breathtaking sightseeing sunset they have ever seen with their eyes in both of their entire lifetimes. As they were still watching the sunset, that is when the wind started to whirl, and the owls had started to hoot & the crickets had started chirping. The frogs had to start ribbiting because they were near the pound right up the road from the orphanage." I have to go but it was fun speaking with you and listening to nature with you but also watching the sunset with you!." said Molly Mae that is when Paul Said to Molly Mae "Of Course anytime and I am glad you enjoyed yourself tonight!." while he was placing his hand on his neck and that is when Molly Mae walk towards him but she kissed him on his cheek but also she then waved goodbye to him as soon as she was walking towards the house. However, Paul develops a big grin on his face while his teeth were showing, his face started to turn red, and because of all of the blushing on his face that he was doing at the moment while he was thinking about how could a girl like Molly Mae like someone like him out of all people in the whole world.

Back in the room, James was pacing back and forth from the window to the door but back to the window but also to the bed where he sat down on the bed, he slept in every single day. As he was sitting on the bed James placed both of his hands on his head but started panicking while he was panicking James was rocking back and forth on the bed but also he thought or knew he was having an anxiety attack something his best friend Paul is not aware of or known about. "No No No! not again this can not be happening to me right now!" James had said under his breath to himself, however, then He said to himself in a sad tone "James you are tough as nails, you are not a punk, and you are going to get through this even if you have to confess to your best friend Paul about your anxiety attacks because you know deep down in your soul that he will support you because he is your best friend in the entire world!." All Of A Suddenly James Hop up off the bed with so much confidence in his soul as he was standing he started to inhale and exhale to calm himself down so he would not send his body into hyperventilating because he did not want to have another anxiety attack right in front of his best friend Paul which he loves so dearly and cares so much about in the whole world on God's beautiful green earth. James walked towards the door as soon as he was going to grab the knob to turn it, standing at the door was Paul, and Paul was trying to open the door to get into the room so he can lay down in the bed so he can get some rest. When Paul Walked into the room and he said to James " how long have you been awake buddy?" James replied to Paul's question " I have been awoken buddy about a while now!." The room got silent and James broke the silence because he said to Paul "Did you know that Molly Mae kissing you on the cheek or kissing you anywhere, in general, is considered very much controversial and scandalous buddy?" Paul started to raised & curve his eyebrows while staring at him but he said to James "What do you mean by scandalous and controversial all Molly Mae did was gave me a friendly kiss on my cheek because she was having a very good time tonight being outside with nature but seeing the sunset for the first time but also seeing different things she has never seen or experienced before in her life because the head maiden keeps her locked away in this house or away from the whole world!." James green eyes widened up as he was staring at Paul right into his dark brown eyes, he replied to Paul's question "If you both would have got caught by the head maiden for courting under the sycamore tree, she would have flipped out on Molly Mae, and because she would have punished or whip her but even sell Molly Mae to a different person or their families for flirting with a white man Paul it is all because she is an African American and a slave to the head maiden all Molly Mae do is wait on her hand and foot but also served her.!" Paul's face turned bloodshot red out of anger because he hated the word slave and he hates the way how the head maiden was treating Molly Mae.

That is when Paul clench his fist, started to grind his teeth, and punch the wall because of all the anger he had built up on the inside of his body but he was letting the anger out of his system so he would not end up punching his best friend James in his face because of his angry outburst but also Paul did not want to hurt James. Paul has always had deep hatred towards racist people because he always believes that people are not born racist but are taught racism at a young age in their household. Paul has hated the fact that African American's are slaves, being beaten, and taking away from their families by being sold or separated from their loved ones like they are such property to the white man. It constantly breaks Paul's heart to know that African American's are denied their rights to be freed or denied to vote & even denied their rights to own land and choose to get married to whoever they want to marry. In Paul's eyes, he always hated the fact that beautiful strong African American women are only used as a tool to be a baby-making machine like they are some wild animals in the wilderness that are in heat by producing a child every month or every year so the slave owners can sell the beautiful black woman or women babies by breaking her spirit and bringing her down. Paul believes African American women are strong, fierce, and beautiful queens but beautiful African goddess to him but also he would do everything in his power so he could to keep his beautiful strong-willed outspoken intelligent queen Molly Mae safe because he is in love with Molly Mae ever since the day he saw and met her face to face. Paul believes that African American women are strong, fierce, and beautiful queens but beautiful African goddess but also he would do everything in his power so he could to keep his beautiful strong-willed outspoken intelligent sweet & kind queen Molly Mae safe because he is in love with Molly Mae ever since the day he saw and met her face to face. Paul look at James right into his eyes and said to him "Always Remember Buddy!" while Paul places his hand on James's shoulder but continuing saying "No man is born racist but they are taught to be racist because they are cowards but also will try to do anything in their power to keep doing anything they want to or try to keep continuing to bring down anybody. Who does not look like them, speak like them, and walk like them but also think like them or even act like them which is complete bullshit buddy!"."Are you okay Paul?" said James with a worrisome tone in his voice and Paul said to James " Yes I am fine Buddy I just do not like the word slave or how the way African Americans are being treated it breaks my heart to see them being treated less as a human person or human being rather than an actual human being because they are people, they have dreams, and they are intelligent but they have feelings just like everyone else but also I hate the fact that they are slaves because they deserve to be free!." "You are right Paul! What should we do about it?"James said to Paul but Paul put his finger on his chin as he was sitting there pondering, and that is when he said to James " We should help Molly Mae escape from this horrible awful place because she deserves to see the world and travel to exotic places on God's green beautiful earth so she can live her life as a freed beautiful woman; Does it sounds like a good idea buddy or what do you think we should do a best friend of the whole wide world I trust with all of my heart and know I can speak to about things that I could never share with another human being on this beautiful earth God created!." James replied to Paul's question " Paul my pal and my buddy you are on to something but I think we should rob someone to get some money to give to Molly Mae so she can use the money to buy her freedom or we help her run away and she uses the money to travel the world or to exotic places like you said my friend because she does deserve to be free!." Paul had developed a big grin on his face while rubbing his hands together but he said to James "We should buddy! We really should but let us get some sleep buddy! So we can go into town in the morning but we both be prepared to raised some hell in town my pal!"."Them townsfolk's will never see us coming because we are going to move in silence and they would never know what's really going to hit them or who will be coming towards their way my pal even though they will never expect two 16 year old boys rob them blind!"said Paul while developing a smile.

James said "Okay my pal!" as he was rubbing his eyes while yawning because he was tired. Both of the boys climb into the bed, pulled the sheets, and the covers up to them before they doze off to sleep they bid each other a good night and sweet dreams. While both of them were sleeping James started snoring and Paul was having sweet dreams. However, Paul was dreaming he was in the woods with Molly Mae who was hiding behind the trees & laughing at the fact that Paul could not catch up with her but he was trying not to trip on a rock or fall down to the ground while he was running & chasing after Molly Mae, he was noticing different varieties of trees in the dream which he has never seen before in his lifetime, and he heard Molly Mae calling his name out loud in the woods which had made an echoing vibrating sound that anyone in the distance could hear "Paul! Paul! Paul!" but "Come catch me if you can silly goose!" but also "Here I am! Follow me this way, Paul!." Paul started running after Molly Mae but she was moving in a rapidly movement but also to Paul he feels like both of them were playing hide & seek in the woods.

Paul started running slowly, it was like he was actually running through time itself, and he stop to catch his breath as he was breathing in & out that is when he got his energy back to start back running & chasing after Molly Mae. When he look up Molly Mae was nowhere to be found, Paul started to get worried because it was like Molly Mae vanished out of thin air, and Paul started to call Molly Mae's name out loud " Molly Mae!" no answer but he yelled her name again "Molly Mae!" But also still no answer from her that is when he yelled her name one more time "Molly Mae!". Paul starts to scratch his head as he was thinking where could Molly Mae have ran off to because he was wandering around in the woods although he was looking and trying to find or locate Molly Mae even though he was walking around but Paul starting to hear a strange noise coming from the top of the tree that was located right in front of him but also Paul was noticing the changing of the colors on the tree leaves. However,which turn to the cherry blossom pink first,starting to turn to the barn red rose color second, and the leaves then starting to turn to the lavender purple third but eventually the next color the leaves of the tree started to turned to the bright autumn orange but also the leaves was even already starting to turn to the color brown right in front of Paul's eyes and even eventually turned to the color of forrest green. Paul said to himself "What the hell is this place? and I really need to wake up!."

Out of nowhere Paul was getting distracted by the birds, the flowers, and even the sky turning pink."Up here silly Goose!" said Molly Mae to Paul while she was giggling & sitting on the branch of the tree that was changing colors right in front of Paul's eyes.Paul look up to the branch, said to Molly Mae "How did you get all the way up there?", and Molly Mae herself answered Paul's question " I climbed up here please come join me Paul!" as she was giggling to herself. "Okay here I come Molly Mae!" said Paul while he was looking around to try to find a way to climb the tree to get up there with Molly Mae but he found the perfect spot which had a flower ladder growing on the side of the tree so he can start climbing but also he started to climb up the tree. As he was climbing Paul reach his hand out so Molly Mae could pull him up right onto the branch of the tree. When Molly Mae grabs Paul's hand, she was pulling him onto the branch, and so he would not fall out of the tree to the ground on his butt. "Thank you for pulling me up and not letting me fallen to the ground!" said Paul.

"You Are Welcome!" said Molly Mae while she was staring right into Paul's eyes, she started to blush, and she was continuing to stare into his eyes. The both of them were now staring at each other deeply into each other eyes and Paul grab Molly mae's hand but he said to her " Molly Mae Can I hold your hand? and you hold my hand!" but also Molly Mae said to him " Yes you can hold my hand!". They both were still sitting on the changing color tree leaves branch while holding each other hands together & making eye contact with each other even though they are not letting go of each other hand which eventually lead to them holding each other tightly in both of their arms that is when both of them leaned in to share a passionate kiss on their lips while both of them up under the beautiful night sky but when the stars shining bright up in the moon lit pink sky but also them star gazing while sitting on the tree branch.

After Sharing their passionate kiss, star gazing, and that is when Paul said to Molly Mae" Would you like to dance? but Molly Mae responded back to Paul's question " I would love to dance with you!" but also Paul jump from the branch down to the ground. As he landed on both of his feet even though he did not hurt himself in the process and that is when he said to her "Molly Mae Jump! I'll Catch you right in my arms!" As he was smiling at her but sweet & kind Molly Mae starting to smile back at Paul but also said to him while looking right into his eyes "Okay here I Come!." As she was holding on to her blue dress, she jump from the branch, and Paul caught her right in his arms like he said he was going to do but both of them were staring right into each other eyes and Paul was the one this time who was starting to turn red because he was blushing but also he said to Molly Mae "You look so very beautiful tonight!".

"Thank You!" said Molly Mae as Paul gently placed her feet on the ground like a gentleman he was. "You are welcome!" said Paul, he grab her by pulling her up to his warm body, and grab her by the waist but grab her hand but also they were dancing under the stars. While they were slow dancing that is when Paul back away from Molly Mae but started to pick up some speed by moving his left foot forward & his right foot backwards in a smooth motion and Molly Mae slid her left foot forward to Paul's right foot & towards Paul's left foot, chasing Paul's retreating left & right foot with hers,Paul started to Dip forward and looking right into Molly Mae's eyes, while his fingers starting to tighten & gripping on Molly Mae's waist as his left foot but right foot came forward & backwards again, by surprising Molly Mae's foot and started to chase it back. Although the both of them was getting to a stopping point and by Paul's toe but to Molly Mae's toe but Paul starting to pull Molly Mae's hips in close to his hips but also twirled Molly Mae into his arms. Paul drew her close to his warm sweaty body,Molly Mae wrapped both of her arms around Paul's neck, and Paul was starting to become threatening with Molly Mae by saying that he was going to brush & press his lips against Molly Mae's lips but he started looking to the left, and Paul then starting looking to the right. Molly Mae had starting mimicking Paul's movement, while she was turning her head into the opposite direction of his.While she was starting to turned it to the right, then Molly Mae turn it to the left. she leaned in to whisper in Paul's ears so softly " I never knew such a gentleman know how to dance, I love dancing with you, and who had taught you how to dance like that?." Paul responded " I had taught myself how to dance!" While they both were grabbing each other by the hands & the waist but the both of them now starting back to slow dance slowly but also they both were staring right into each other eyes and Molly Mae starting to set her head on Paul's shoulder. As they continued to passionately slow dance but both of Paul's and Molly Mae's steps was moving slowly and romantically but also as they were dancing Molly Mae planted her face on Paul's chest because that is when he started twirling both of them around slowly. Even Though Molly Mae had brought her head up from Paul's chest and started to slowly opened her eyes. She leaned in and planted her lips on top of Paul's lips. Paul had wrapped his arms around Molly Mae's neck in return and held her tightly in both of his arms as they passionately keep kissing each other continued. However, the amazing dream Paul was having,was starting to fade away, Paul was tossing & turning in his bed, and he was awoken from his deep slumber but sweat was running down his face but also he said to himself "Damn what a dream that I had!" and "that I had but I never had dreams about Molly Mae before!" but " I need to get back to sleep because I have a big day today!" but also "Hopefully I'll have another dream like this!." Paul wipe the sweat from his face off with a towel that was on the nightstand next to his bed and he laid his head back down on to the pillow as he was getting very comfortable in his bed while trying to find a position to lay in so he will not be doing all that tossing & turning in his comfortable bed but he was shutting his eyes but also he was falling back into his deep slumber.
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