Adventures Of South Hills

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The Voice

“Come on everyone! let’s go! There’s a really good Badminton match going on between Hann and Mia”, Clara was smiling widely when she entered the Dorm.

“But it’s so early! We just woke up! Elle said sitting in her bed.

“Well, that’s something exciting after a long time”, Amy said with amusement.

“Who’s coming?” Clara asked.

“Almost all the girls went with Clara. The only ones left were Lydia, Elle, and Everly who were still snoring in her sleep. It was a beautiful sunny day. Well, not for Elle as the only beautiful days for Elle were when it was raining.

Anyway, she got up, dressed in some joggers and a t-shirt as it was the weekend, and went out to the Court.

All the girls were cheering. Elle too joined them right when she got there.

“Oh...It was amazing”, everyone admired Mia and Hann.

“It’s your turn Elle”, someone said.

“Umm, I am not feeling very well today actually”, told Elle.

“You were very well just now. Now come on, don’t be shy!”, Amy said.

“Yeah, And you were the one who was cheering the loudest”, Lydia said with a smile.

Elle had then no option but to go and play.

“Here you go”, said Mia, giving Elle the Badminton Racket.

Elle smiled;

Elle started feeling dizzy right the minute she held the Badminton Racket. She tried to ignore it but it just got worse. She knew she could play very well, but this dizziness wasn’t letting her play. She didn’t know what happened after that.

It was dark when Elle woke up. She tried to find Mia or any other girl, but she was alone. She didn’t get where she was at first, but then she realized, it was san.

She was scared. She didn’t know why she was here, but she knew she was, and that she had to spend the night alone. Elle had always been scared of the dark. She wanted to wake up Matron, but she didn’t. She just closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

It was 10 in the morning when she woke up again. But this time, she was in her dorm. Amy and Hannah entered.

“Hey, you’re up!” exclaimed Amy.

“How are you feeling now?”, Hannah asked softly.

“Yeah, good, whispered Elle. By the way, what time is it?”

“It’s 10:02”, replied Amy looking at her wristwatch. “You were told to rest today”, Amy told after a pause.

“You guys should be in school right now”, Elle said.

“Yeah, we were. We just came to check on you”, Hann told.

“Thank you”, Elle said.

Shh! Amy and Hannah said. At the same time.

“What?” Elle whispered.

“Don’t you know, thank you are not allowed in here?”

“In where exactly?”, asked Elle.

“In 10 of us. Friends are meant to take care of each other, so we are not allowed to say thank you”, Hannah told.

“It sounds kinda rude!”, Elle said.

“It’s not rude. It’s just something between the 10 of us, and none of us have to think that it’s rude not to say thank you to each other”, Amy told.

“Okay”, Elle smiled.

“Now we better head back to class. See ya after school”, they said and went out of the room.

Elle smiled;

She had been told to rest for a day, but she didn’t want to. So she woke up and got ready. She was feeling like a long peaceful walk could make her better. It was drizzling outside, and being a lover of rain, it was more exciting for Elle to go for a walk.

She took her Umbrella and was just about to head out when Bella entered.

“Hey, Elle. You goin’ somewhere?” Bella asked.

“Yeah, for a walk. You wanna come?” Elle asked happily.

“Uhh, no thanks. Actually... Rain is not my thing”, Bella replied.

“I guess I’ll go alone then”, Elle said and walked out with an umbrella in her hand. She got out of the school gate and walked to a place where only a few people could be seen. It was a rough road in the center of a big green ground with trees and mountains covering it from everywhere.

It was windy and quiet. The trees were dancing while the rain made the leaves many shade greener. The roads were empty with the hissing sound of rain. It felt peaceful.

She felt like she was back home. She closed her eyes and stood there for a moment, quietly. Like she was absorbing it, the earthy smell of the rain. The Petrichor, they call it.

“You like rain?” Elle was rewinding the moment when she and her Best friend Hazel (back at home) met for the first time. They were only back then.

“Yeah, very much,” Hazel said in her sweet-sounding voice.” They were standing in front of a lake, near their houses.

“Me too. It feels like it refreshes you from the inside”, they said at the same time and giggled.

This was the moment Elle knew they were going to be Best Friends. Elle was happy. She had always wanted to have a particular friend, and now, she had one. Although Hazel didn’t say anything about being Best Friends with Elle, but Elle knew, she somehow knew that Hazel is the one, who’s going to be her Best Friend.

She opened her eyes when she thought someone was calling her name, but no one was there. She looked around but found no one. At last, she started walking again. It was raining heavily now, but she didn’t use her umbrella the whole time. Maybe because she wanted to get out of the reality, because she wanted to get wet in the rain and feel like she was home.

At this point, she missed her mother, she missed Hazel. All she wanted to do was go home. Hug her mother, meet her old friends and just feel like herself after some time.

“We have so much in common. Don’t we?” Hazel said when they were walking back home.

“We do”, Elle smiled turning her face towards Hazel.

“I enjoyed with you today”, Hazel said.

“I hope we’ll remain friends”, Elle said.

“Yep!”, Hazel grinned.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Hazel had a sparkle in her eyes.

“Yes please”, Elle replied with a naughty face. This was the day, their friendship started.

Elle was completely soaked when she got back to school.

“Where were you?” Amy and Lydia asked Elle when she was entering the commons.

“ I went to a walk” Elle replied with a half-smile. “By the way, Where are you two headed to?” Elle asked them, just when they were getting out of the room.

“I wanted a few things from the bakery, so we are going to get it. By the way, what has happened to you?” Lydia was hiding her smile.

“I wanted to get wet in the rain. And so I did.” Elle replied with an innocent face.

“You can laugh at me freely Lydia! You don’t have to hide it.” Elle whispered in Lydia’s ear right when they were heading out.

Lydia turned towards Elle with a big smile, then put her hand on her mouth and got out laughing.

“Enjoy!”, Elle yelled and smiled.

Elle was feeling better, but she still wasn’t fresh enough. She had a feeling that something was wrong, that something is waiting for her. Something, only she could do. Something she was meant to do.

Elle was standing in the center of the room, thinking when Mia asked sweetly. “What ya thinking girl?”, to which Elle just shook her head and went out of the room without saying anything.


They just ate dinner and usually after dinner, everyone does their stuff. Elle was in the library reading a book when she heard a familiar voice. It wasn’t one of her friend’s voices, instead, it was a man’s voice. She thought she had heard this voice before but nothing came to her mind. At last, she turned around to see a broad man with glasses and black hair. He was standing at the door, talking to the librarian.

Elle thought a lot about where she had heard his voice but still didn’t get anything. So she brushed off the feeling, thinking that she was mistaken.

The man kept talking to the librarian for about an hour until he got a phone call and he went out without saying another word.

Elle too didn’t pay much attention to the librarian after that. She continued reading her book which was recommended by one of her friends back home.

Elle was now the only girl in the library. She realized she had already read half the book when the librarian rang the “library is closing” bell so Elle had no choice but to go back to the dorm and sleep.

She was restless. She tried to sleep, but every time she closed her eyes, she didn’t feel safe. She had a gut feeling that there’s some danger and that something isn’t right. Just when she was thinking about all of this, it clicked her mind, she got it, she knew where she heard that voice.

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