Adventures Of South Hills

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The Science Project

Elle was collecting her things from her cabinet when Lydia came to her.

“Who are you pairing up with?” she asked.

“For the Science project?” Elle asked still collecting her things.

“Yeah,” Lydia answered as she sat on Elle’s bed.

“I don’t know. Do you want me to pair up with you?” Elle asked turning towards Lydia.

“If it’s okay with you,” Lydia replied nervously.

“Of course Dia! Why wouldn’t it be okay with me?” Elle stood up and put her bag on the bed.

“I meant, if you wanted to pair up with Hann or Amy, that’s okay.” Lydia was now looking at the floor.

“I just told you that I am not sure who I will pair up with.” Elle smiled at Lydia.

“I am heading to the Lab. C’mon, let’s go.” Elle said taking Lydia’s hand as they got out of the dorm.

The Science lab was bigger than their normal classrooms. There were 5 science tables. Each for two. The tables had chemicals and lab equipment on them.

“All of you will pair up in groups of two. And these groups will be decided by me.” Mam Aria was telling in a loud voice as moans and groans were heard all over the class.

“I’ll call out the names. Those whose names are not called will keep sitting at their table while the ones whose name will be called out will stand up.”

“Bella Stevens, Mia Jones, Lydia Burton, Clara Lane, and Sophia Easton.”

“Now I am going to tell who’s pairing up with whom,” Mam said as she turned around the paper, she was looking at while calling out the names.

“Bella and Hannah, Clara and Natalie”, on which Clara made a disgusted face.

“Sophia and Everly, Lydia and Amy, Mia and Elle.”

Both Mia and Elle looked at each other at the same time. Their eyes met for a second but then Elle looked away. “Calm down Elle, calm down.” Elle was making herself calm. “It’s just for one day. You know you can handle her for one day. Just Breath! Oh god, I hate this girl so freaking much.” Elle tried to calm her down once again but looking at Mia made it harder.

“Hey Best Friend!” Mia said when she sat down next to Elle.

I am not your Best Friend!” Elle quickly said.

“But I am sure, you want to be. Don’t ya?” Mia said turning her face towards Elle which was resting on her hand.

“God! Why would I want to be your best friend?” Elle was annoyed. “Just Shut up and do the work!” she said taking out the tools from her bag.

“Don’t you wanna take Hannah’s place?” Mia said with a smirk.

“Why do you think so freaking highly of yourself? “ Elle said with her eyebrows pulled down together.

“Listen to me! You’re the last person I wanna make this project with. But as I have no choice, I will suggest you just keep your mouth shut and just complete this project as soon as possible.” Elle said the last sentence, motioning towards the table.

“So that I don’t have to look at that mean face of yours,” Elle muttered clenching her teeth.

Mia kept talking the whole two hours but Elle tried to not pay much attention to her. There were moments when Elle wanted to kick her in the butt, but she controlled herself. She even told her a few times, to shut up, but Mia didn’t listen.

All she was talking about, was herself and her fantasies about how everyone is a fan of her. Especially Elle. These two hours were the hardest for Elle but as they say, “Nothing good or bad lasts forever.”

“Finally!” Elle said when the bell rang.

“It looks good. Doesn’t it?” She asked looking at the project.

“Yeah. It’s okay!” Mia said making a face.

“Not like you did anything!” Elle muttered.

“Everyone! Leave your projects on your table. And just do one thing. Take a piece of paper and write your own and your partner’s name on it so that I will know whose project it is.” Mam Aria told and got out of the lab.

“Hey, can you write your name?” Elle asked Mia while writing her name on the paper. But Mia wasn’t there when she looked up.

“I wish I had the choice to not write her name!” Elle muttered madly as she picked up her pencil to write Mia’s name.

“It doesn’t look like you had a good time with her.” Amy was standing right in front of Elle while Elle was still sitting at the chair.

“How can someone have a good time with her?” Elle said motioning towards Mia who was standing with a group of girls.

“C’mon, she’s not that bad!” Amy said smiling.

“I don’t get it! How do you guys not find her irritating?” Elle got off the chair and they started walking towards the door.

Amy chuckled but didn’t say anything.

“What?” Elle looked at her.

“What? I didn’t say anything!” Amy said with a mischievous smile.


“Huh Finally!” Clara said sitting on the couch.

“I am exhausted!” Elle said taking a bite of her cake.

“Thank God exams are over!” Amy said entering the room.

“Honestly, I have no energy left,” Hann said who was sitting with Natalie on the other couch.

“Where are the others?” Lydia asked.

“Mia has gone to the swimming pool, Sophia is in the dorm and Bella is in the art room,” Hann told.

“So basically, Everyone’s doing what they love,” Amy said.

“Then what are we doing sitting in the commons?” Elle said looking around the room.

No one answered.

“You lazy bones! Let’s go for a walk!” Elle said standing up.

“Who’s up?” she asked turning around to look at Hann.

“Nah girl. I just told you I have no energy left.” Hann said yawning.

“Amy?” Elle raised an eyebrow.

“Will I have to walk?” she asked.

“Yeah! We are going on a walk! Know what it means?” Elle asked sarcastically.

“Huh, okay! I’ll come.” Amy said slightly rolling her eyes with a smile.

“You know I love you, right?” Elle said pointing a finger at Amy in a dramatic way.

“Yeah, right. Let’s go, girl.” Amy said taking Elle’s hand as they got out of the commons.

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