Adventures Of South Hills

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The Beach Trip

“Rise and Shine!” Hannah came in shouting.

“Shut up, Hann!” Amy grunted back from under her blanket.

“You all wanna go on a picnic or not?” Hann asked, still shouting.

“For God’s sake Hann, let us sleep! It’s 7 in the morning.” Mia answered in a sleepy voice.

“Yeah, but c’mon guys, It’s our last day! Don’t you wanna enjoy it?” Hann stopped shouting.

“We have the whole day to ourselves. We’ll go later. Just let us sleep for now.” Amy grumbled.

“You all are heartless!” Hann said as she left the room.


“Well, I don’t!” there was some usual discussion going on in the dorm.

“I think you should! It’s healthy for you.” Mia was sitting on her bed while Amy and Clara were sitting on Amy’s bed.

“What do you think, Elle?” Amy turned her face towards Elle who was sitting on Lydia’s bed.

“Guys! I am eating a chocolate bar right now. Why do you think I’d know anything about a Salad?” Elle said in a sarcastic tone.

It was their last day at school before their Half-Term Break. They were all sitting in their dorm wearing their PJs and having mid-day snacks. They were gossiping as they had no class today. It was a while before Hann entered the room and all the eyes turned in her direction. Everyone’s expression slowly changed as they remembered what happened earlier in the morning.

“Hey, Hann! Where were you?” Mia tried to make a conversation but Hann didn’t respond.

She went to her bed, opened her cabinet, pulled out a bag, and was about to leave when Mia ran towards her blocking her way.

“We are sorry Hann.” Mia said as she signaled everyone through her eyes which said, “Come here all of you!”

“Yeah, we’re sorry Hann!” Everyone chorused as they made a circle around Hann.

“Good for you!” Hann said with a sarcastic smile.

“We really are!” Amy said putting her hand around Hann.

“Don’t you try to talk to me,” Hann said pointing a finger at Amy.

“Hann, we love you!”

“I am gonna kill you, Mia. Don’t talk to me!” Hann snapped.

“C’mon Hann, we’ll make it up to you!” Elle said coming forward.

Hann looked around for a minute. She stared at everyone, then slightly smiled, which probably showed that she was not cross anymore because Mia suddenly cheered and smiled widely.

“So, what’s the plan?” Clara asked hopping in front of Hann.

“I don’t know! You guys tell.” Hann said.

“Why don’t we go on a Beach Picnic just like you suggested?” Mia said pointing at Hann.

“Who suggested what?” Clara asked bringing her eyebrows together in confusion.

“Yeah, you were probably fast asleep, when Hann came shouting in the dorm, inviting everyone for a Beach Picnic.” Mia was telling Clara.

“And let me add, it was seven in the morning!” Elle said with a smile.

Clara and the others had an array of expressions on their faces. Clara’s eyes were wide open with a big smile while Bella was quietly smiling standing at the back of the circle. Everly was shaking her head and to Mia’s shock, Natalie seemed to be enjoying it too.

“So, it’s decided that we are going to the beach, isn’t it?” Hann asked to make sure.

“Yes, it is!” Mia replied with joy.

“But it will take time to pack things for the picnic,” Amy said.

“Umm, So there are 10 of us, right? If we distribute the work equally, it will not take us even half an hour.” Mia said after thinking for a minute.

“Elle, please go and buy some Pina Colada cans from the Cafeteria, Amy go and fetch Beach Mat, Beach Towels and Shade Umbrella from the Supplies room, Hann you go and bring the First Aid Box, Sunscreen and the Trash Bags, Natalie you go and get some Cookies and Brownies from the Kitchen.” Mia was giving orders to Everyone.

“I am not doing any work!” Natalie directly refused.

“Then you’re not coming with us!” Mia replied raising an eyebrow.

“I am! No one can stop me from coming!” Natalie protested.

“Oh, is it so?” Mia folded her arms and took a step forward to stand more close to Natalie. Natalie knew she couldn’t win the argument, so she kicked her foot on the floor and got out of the room mumbling.

“Girl, You know how to handle her type!” Everly remarked when there were only Mia and Everly left in the dorm as Mia had sent Bella to get the Water Bottles, Napkins, and Bottle opener.

Mia chuckled;

“We should get back to work or we’ll get late. You go and get Lydia. She must be in the common room watching TV. I am going to inform Mam Harriet and I’ll get the camera as well.” Mia said as both of them headed towards the Dorm Hall.


“So how far is it, the Beach?” Elle asked Amy when they were on their way.

“I mean, we can take Bus if we want, but it’s within a walking distance,” Amy told brushing off her red hair from her face.

“And who wants to take a Bus on such a beautiful day?!” Amy was screaming while moving in circles with her arms spread open.

Mia turned around and smiled, looking at Amy.

They were now on an empty Road with trees covering it from both sides and the Perfectly Textured Mountains being seen at a distance. They were just wandering around with not a care in the world. Most of the girls were wearing Shorts with Bikini tops but had oversized shirts over them because of the dress code. Some had their hair hanging loose over their shoulders while a few of them had their in High Buns or Ponytails and believe it or not, all of them looked just like the perfect “Squad” everyone dreams of.

The sun was shining brightly as the winds were making the trees sway. The leaves were descending to the ground on the beat of wind, grazing their shoes while the girls were busy making the memories and enjoying themselves to their fullest. Mia had the camera in her hands and was already taking pictures of everyone, enjoying.

They reached the beach after having some fun on the roads. “It took us only 10 minutes!” Elle said to Amy when they were putting their things on the Beach Mat they brought with them.

“Yeah, it did,” Amy said looking at the water.

“Look at that Beautiful Thing, Elle! What a blessing of God!” Amy said motioning towards the sea.

“Let’s Go!” she screamed running towards it.

Elle was standing there staring at the water when she caught a glimpse of Mia taking a Picture of Elle. But suddenly faced another way when she realized that Elle was looking at her.

“Hey everybody, let’s go for snacks.” Came Mia’s voice after an hour of taking cute pictures of everyone.

“Oh, I am starving!” Elle said as they got to their Mat.

“I know, right?” someone said.

“These Cookies are heaven on Earth!” Bella remarked with a half-bitten cookie in her hand.

“They sure are!” someone replied.

The time passed very quickly as they played Tag and Frisbee after eating. It was almost dark when they decided to return to the school. Girls younger than sixth grade were not allowed to leave or come back to school without the Bus at night. The bus came after 5 minutes. All the girls got in and got back. No one said anything on the bus. They got back in five minutes of yawning. Everyone was worn out and went straight to bed.

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