Adventures Of South Hills

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Half-Term Break

“Wake her up! Everyone’s going to be here any minute.” Everly told Lydia as she got out of the dorm. She was wearing leggings with a denim jacket over a plain Blacktop.

“She’s not getting up!” Lydia said loudly after waking her about a million times.

“Wait, Dia! I know exactly what to do.” Hann said with a spray bottle in her hand.

“No, Hann! She’ll hate you forever.” Amy said with her eyes wide open.

“I am sure, she will not,” Hann said and within a minute, Elle was half-soaked in water.

“Oh my Gosh! Who the hell was that?” Elle shouted in a sleepy voice with her pillow covering her face. She quickly sat up and looked at Hann who was standing in front of Elle’s bed. “I am going to kill you!” Elle said getting a pillow in her hand.

Hann suddenly realized what was happening and ran towards the door. She was just about to get out when Everly came in and slammed the door behind her.

“What are you two doing? Everyone’s here! The ceremony is about to start. Why aren’t you guys taking it seriously?” Everly folded her arms.

“Hann and Elle, go and get ready. Now!” she said after a pause.

“Amy and Lydia, come with me to the Auditorium and help out everyone,” Everly ordered as they got out of the Dorm together.


Hann and Elle just came out of the shower. “So, you’re saying that we get only 2 days of the so-called Half-Term Break?” Elle asked.

“Yeah, we do,” Hann replied turning her face towards Elle.

“That’s not fair! We study so hard for the exams and all we get in return is a two day break? Only two freaking days?”

“Don’t be ungrateful! At least they are giving us a break.”

“Yeah, how merciful!” Elle said sarcastically.

Elle was now brushing her wet hair while Hann was still brushing her teeth. She had this weird routine of brushing her teeth after taking the shower. The room was quiet, both of them were doing their thing until Elle broke the silence.

“Can I ask you something?” Elle was now drying her hair.

Hann nodded;

“Promise that you won’t judge me!” Elle said pointing a finger at Hann.

“Why would I?” Hann said as she started doing her skincare routine.

“I don’t wanna go home! It’s not like I don’t miss home, but I will miss all of you guys so much, and back at home, there are a lot of things, a lot of people I don’t want in my life again. I’ve started liking it here and-” Elle hung her head.

“It’s just two days, Elle. Just go home and enjoy yourself with your family, your parents. Avoid interacting with those people you don’t want to, and even if you do,” Hann was standing right in front of Elle with her hands on Elle’s shoulder.

“I am sure you’ll be fine. I am sure, you will!” Hann said.

Elle looked up at Hann with tears in her eyes. “How are you so sure?” she asked in a trembling voice.

“Because I know you’re strong. And I know that you’ll handle it well.” Hann replied with a calm voice.

“I am not strong Hann, I am not strong!.” Elle whispered shaking her head.

“Yes, you are! You are very very strong. I can see it in your eyes!” Hann said giving her a tight hug. “Now let’s get dressed or we’ll actually get late!” Hann said as they went to the changing room section.

Elle was feeling better when she got out of the dressing room and washed her face. She was wearing camouflage trousers with a plain black shirt. “Hey, you look good!” she said to Hann when she caught a glimpse of her coming out of the changing room. “And your hair, I have to admit, they look amazing even when you don’t comb them!” Elle was standing with her hands in her trouser pockets.

Hann was wearing black jeans with an oversized pink shirt half-tucked in while her Dark brown hair was still in a loose ponytail. She brushed her hair and they were on their way to the auditorium after two minutes.

“So, scared about the results?” Hann asked on the way.

“Not too much,” Elle said looking at Hann.

The auditorium was filled with people when they entered. The ceremony hadn’t started yet as the people were still coming. Elle looked for her mother but didn’t find her anywhere. At last, she went to the section where all the students were sitting. She found an empty seat with Amy and sat with her.

The ceremony started about 15 minutes later. Even though Elle knew she would have gotten good results, she was still a bit nervous. The Lower school’s first Four Graders got their results. It was now Fifth Grade’s turn to get theirs.

“Amy Miller, Bella Stevens, Clara Lane, Elena Carter, Everly Caddle, Lydia Burton, Mia Jones, Natalie Dewis, and Sophia Easton.”

All the parents were called on the stage and were given the results of their child. Elle saw her mother on the stage. She wanted to go and hug her in front of the crowd but she didn’t. She just waited and ran towards her when the ceremony finally ended after a while.

“Mom!” she screamed and hugged her quickly. They chatted a bit then Elle remembered asking about her results.

“You got an A in everything. You did an amazing job! I am proud of you!” her mother said kissing Elle’s forehead.

“Hey Mom, I want you to meet my friends,” Elle said as she grasped her mother’s hand and took her where the group of girls was standing.

“Everyone, meet my Mom!” Elle said to the group motioning towards her Mom.

Everyone introduced themselves to Elle’s Mother. They were still chatting when her Mother got a phone call. She excused herself and went away from the group.

“So, Elle, are you going home?” Everly asked.

“I thought I was, but Mom just told me that we’re not.” She smiled at Hann who was in front of the circle.

“So, have you guys planned anything? What are you guys gonna do?” Everly asked.

“I think, we’ll just explore the city since we are new here,” Elle replied.

“Wow, I think you should go-“ Amy got interrupted by Elle’s mother.

“Sorry to interrupt you, but we should really go.” Her Mom said sweetly.

“Sure,” Amy replied as Elle and her Mother headed towards their car.

“You made quite a lot of friends!” Elle’s mother said to her.

“Yeah, I did!” Elle said plainly, looking at the ground.

“You sure you said goodbye to all of them?”

“Yeah, I am sure Mom. Don’t worry!” she said smiling at her mother. “They were suggesting me places to visit in here as they know I am new to this city,” Elle said as they got in the car and started their journey.

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