Adventures Of South Hills

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Back To School

“It was fun, wasn’t it?” her Mom asked while driving the car.

“It was more fun than I expected!” Elle replied turning her face slightly towards her mother.

“Yeah, me too! And I have to admit, this city is amazing. It has its charm!”

“It does! But not like home.” She said looking at her lap.

“You’ll be home in no time, baby. You’ll be lying on your bed, in your room. You’ll look out the window and see Coco sitting in the backyard, playing with her toys. You’ll open the window and smell newly bloomed daisies. You’ll be wandering around the roads with-” Her mother stopped talking. The car got quiet. Not a single word was said neither by her Mom nor by Elle.

“I am sorry! I didn’t want to “ her mother said putting her hand on Elle’s.

“I know Mom! You didn’t want to bring her into the conversation. I Know!” she said grasping her mother’s hand tightly.

“Then why did you get so quiet, all of a sudden? I know you’re thinking about her.”

“I am not!” There was again a long pause.

“I am not thinking about her, Mom! I am thinking about Dad. I wish he was here. I wish he was here making us laugh, making us hear his childhood stories that we have already heard a million times, and- and dancing like crazy when his favorite band would play.” She smiled as tears started gathering around the corner of her eyes.

“I sometimes think, how it would’ve been, how it would’ve felt, if he was here to see me off, if not only you, but both of you were here to say me goodbye, to hug me, and to tell me to take care.”

“I wish he was here.” She at last whispered.

“Elle! Elle!” her mother was shaking her hand.

“Umm, yeah?” Elle said coming out of the zone.

“What are you thinking? Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, I am fine. So, where was I?” Elle asked as she wiped the tears in her eyes. So, I was only thinking about all of that! Thank god, I didn’t say any of that out loud!

“You said, you are not thinking about her and then you just got silent.” Her Mom was saying.

Elle however, completely ignored her as she caught a glimpse of the Main gate of South Hills. They took a turn and entered into the school boundaries. The School building was still at least five minutes away. There was a lot of security on days like this and so they had to pass through a lot of verification processes to verify that Elle is one of the students of South Hills.

At last, Elle’s wait was over. The verification process ended and they moved towards the School Building. They kept driving for 2 more minutes and then, there it was. Oh no, not the building, the girls. A wide smile appeared on Elle’s face.

Her mom parked the car in the Parking lot. Elle got out of the car with her handbag as took a deep breath while looking at the three buildings in front of her. The Main Hall Building, The Dorm Building, and The Learning Hall Building.

It was the first time that Elle noticed it. It was not a huge Building with different sections and Halls in it, it was actually three different buildings that were connected. This was the reason that the corridor for the dorm hall had glass walls and the badminton court and Parking lot could be seen on either side.

She turned around and hugged her Mom. “Take care, honey! II love you.” She said kissing Elle on the cheeks.

“I love you too!” Elle said and disappeared into the crowd.

It was 9. The greetings were done. They were now having their dinner in the dining hall. Most of the girls were quiet as they were tired after long flights. “Hey, Natalie!” Mia called.

Natalie looked up at Mia but didn’t say anything.

“Why are you back? I thought your Mom was not gonna let her only daughter live in such a poor environment?” Mia asked smirking. Natalie got up and went out of the hall without saying anything.

“You shouldn’t have been so hard on her,” Hann whispered.

“Don’t worry. She’ll be okay.”

“Guys, I am going to the dorm. Is any of you coming?” Lydia asked getting up.

“Yeah, me!” Elle said raising her hand as they got out of the hall.

“So, Dia, I heard you were in school the whole time?”

“Yeah. Both of my parents are doctors. They had planned to come but there was some emergency at the last minute. So they were not able to come.” She said.

“Well, they never are!” Dia muttered.

“Sorry! I didn’t know or I would have invited you.”

“Nah, it’s okay. Being here, even in Term- breaks isn’t new to me.” She said entering the dorm.

“Uhh, I missed our dorm!” Elle took a deep breath.

Everything was the same in the dorm except, Natalie wasn’t there. “She must be in the washroom.” Elle thought to herself and went to bed. Half an hour passed but Natalie didn’t come. Elle was so tired but she tried to stay awake for a little longer to wait for her to come. “Waiting’s not gonna do anything!” She thought sitting up in the bed but then-then she didn’t know what happened.

She woke up the next morning. “Shit! I fell asleep!” She quickly sat up and looked over at Natalie’s bed but Natalie still wasn’t there. Everyone was in the dorm, getting ready, but Natalie.

“Where is she? I have to find her?”

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