Adventures Of South Hills

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The Cheat Day

“We are proud of you for what you did. But you shouldn’t have broken the rules. You should have told someone.” Miss Lena was saying.

Elle hung her head;

“You would’ve gotten punished but as you’ve saved Natalie’s life, we’ve decided you’re not going to be punished.” Miss Lena was saying in her usual soft voice.

“Thank you, Miss!” Elle said looking at the ground and got out of her office. She didn’t want to stay here for another minute. She just wanted to get out of here and go to the san to see Natalie.

She was on her way to the san when all the girls came running to her.

“What happened to Natalie?”

“Where did you find her?”

“Where are you coming from?”

“How did you find her?”

“Guys! Slow down! I’ll answer all of your questions later. First, we need to get to the san.” Elle said in a loud voice but politely.

No one said anything after that till they got to the san. “Hey, Matron! How’s Natalie? Can we please see her?” Elle asked standing at the door of the san.

“All of you at once? She is not in the position to see all of you right now. How about you girls come in shifts?”

“Umm, sure Matron! But can at least one of us see us meet her right now?” Amy asked.

“Okay, fine!” she said as she opened the door for them to enter.

“Go on, Elle!” Amy said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, Obviously! You saved her, not us!”

Elle smiled as she entered the san. Natalie was lying on the last bed. She looked really weak.

Elle went to her and sat on a chair beside the bed.

“No, you’re not!” Hazel was saying.

“I am, Hazel. I am sorry, but I am!” Elle was looking at the ground.

“Elle, how can you? It wasn’t your fault. You know it wasn’t your fault!” Hazel had tears in the corner of her eyes.

“It was all my fault. No matter how much you try to forget it or make yourself believe that it wasn’t my fault, the truth is it was! It was all my fault and it would be best if I to stay as far away from you as possible.”

“No, I know it wasn’t your fault. The only thing you did was to save me from getting killed!” There was anger in Hazel’s voice.

“But it’s worse than being killed, Hazel! Why don’t you understand? You’re better off without me!” Elle said as she got up from the patient’s bed and went out of the room while Hazel kept screaming her name.

“Mom, she didn’t do anything! I know it! Why is her Mom sending her to a boarding school?”

“It’s Elle’s and her Mom’s decision, Hazel. We can’t do anything about it.” Her mom said holding Hazel’s hand.

“You can, Mom!”

“Mom! She’s my Best Friend!” Hazel started crying as her Mom hugged her.

Natalie opened her eyes to the screeching noise of the chair and turned her face towards Elle.

“Hey!” she said in a low voice like it was hurting her.

“Hey!” Elle whispered coming out of her thoughts. She sounded like she was on the urge to cry.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“How do you think?” Natalie said half-smiling.

“Not the best,” Elle said with a worried face.

“Don’t worry! I am recovering. And the doctors have said that I’ll be able to get back to the dorm in two weeks.” Natalie told with a slight smile.

“I am sure, you’ll get better soon.” Elle smiled as she noticed that the scar on Natalie’s face was now darker than before.

“Thank you, Elle! Thank you for saving me!”

“I didn’t save you. The lady did.” Elle said.

“She may do. But you’re the one who was called by the Headmistress for breaking the rules. You were the one who risked being caught again. You were the one who tried, at least tried to look for me. Don’t think you did nothing!” Natalie coughed right after saying all of this in one breath.

“I wanted to ask you about everything that happened to you, but you’re not well right now. I’ll come later.” Elle smiled as she got up.

“Yeah, okay. Bye!”

“Bye! Take care!”

“How’s Natalie doing?” Everly asked when Elle sat beside her on the sofa in the common room.

“Better, I guess.” She said in a low voice as all the girls gathered around her.

“We’ve decided something. It’s been a rough week for all of us.” Mia was saying.

“So, we’re going to do something fun.” Amy completed.

“Like what?” Elle asked.

“There’s a new club that just opened. It has all kinds of activities. Believe me, all kinds! So, we’re gonna head there today and just relish ourselves.”

“Where is it?” Elle asked.

“Where’s what?”

“The club? Where is it located?”

“Oh! It’s not much far. Just at the corner of the road. What are you guys waiting for? Go, get ready!” Mia said.

“Right now?” Elle asked.

“Why, is there a problem?” Hannah asked leaning forward.

“No, not from my side. But you guys hate rain.” Elle said smiling.

“Well, it hasn’t started raining yet. It’s just cloudy right now.” Hannah said looking out the window.

“Yeah, I know. But it will rain soon. I mean obviously, I would love it but you guys-“

“Don’t worry about us. A little rain won’t harm us. Now go, get ready!” Hann said as everyone including her headed towards the dorm.

“How do I look?” Amy said coming out of the washroom as everyone burst laughing.

She was wearing a pink head wig with huge big yellow sunglasses and a guitar in her hand. God knows where she got all of this.

“Now we’ll have another entertainment with us!” Clara said while laughing.

“Good for getting people’s attention, Amy!” Mia let out her sarcasm.

“Oh, I’d love it when people will remark you!” Elle said giggling.

“What do you mean? I am not gonna wear this outside.” Amy’s eyes got wide open.

“Oh, Hell you are!” Everly said with a big smile on her face.

“Nah, I am going to get changed,” Amy said turning around towards the washroom.

Mia quickly ran behind her. “Nope! Not happening.” She said as she grabbed Amy’s wrist pulling her out of the washroom.

“Mia! I cannot go outside like this.”

“But didn’t you always want to be famous?” Mia asked smiling widely.

“Yeah, I did but not this kind of famous!” Amy said while trying to lose Mia’s grip.

“Oh, right! But maybe this is the kind of fame you’re gonna get.” Mia said smirking as she ran out of the dorm pulling Amy with herself. “Let’s get the party started!” Mia screamed and all of the girls ran after them.

“Mia, I swear to god, I wanna kill you right now!” Amy said with gritted teeth.

“Sure!” Mia sweetly smiled.

“What, sure?”

“I give you permission to kill me.”

“I hate that evil smile of yours.”

“Hey, that’s not evil. That’s my baby’s sarcastic smile.” Hann said putting both her hands on Mia’s shoulder.

“Don’t you guys start!” Elle said pointing towards Hann.

“Start what?” Hann pretended to be confused.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Elle said. Hann and Mia Laughed;

“Guys, here it is!” Amy said after a while, pointing towards a tall building.

“Well, it looks good!” Lydia remarked.

“Oh, Lydia you were with us all this time?” Mia said shockingly.

“Mia!” Hann eyed her and smiled.

“Yeah, I was. You didn’t know?” Lydia asked.

“Oh my god, Lydia. She’s making fun of you because you don’t talk much.” Clara said.

“I do,” Lydia said as they entered the club.

The Club was more crowded than they expected but it was big enough to have a large number of people in it without looking like a person would suffocate if they entered in there.

It was like a Hallway at first but after walking for a moment they reached a big room. It was named the Bowling room. There was a board on the wall beside a door, labeled snooker room. Some people were playing, some were just standing and talking.

“Everyone’s staring at me, Mia!” Amy whispered.

“Yeah, weren’t you expecting this would happen?” Mia said smiling.

“Obviously I was. After all, the only reason you did this to me was that you wanted to see me embarrassed.” Amy said clenching her teeth.

Mia laughed;

“Hey girls, do you like our friend’s outfit?” Mia asked a group of girls who were the same age as them.

“I think she looks really cool!” one of the girls said.

“See, I told you!” Mia looked at Amy.

“You just need to start singing and you will have the spotlight!” the girl said laughing.

“I am sorry but that’s not funny.” Mia gave her a look.

“Oh no, I am not making fun of you. I am serious! You can be really famous. Just make a video and post it on Social Media. Not everyone succeeds in it but what’s wrong in giving it a try?” the girl was saying.

“And may I ask, why are you being so extra nice to us?” Mia sarcastically said.

“Let’s go, Mia” Hann gave a little push to Mia as they went to another room.

“Chill, girl! She was just joking!” Hann was walking beside her. “C’mon, let’s see what’s in there!” she said pointing towards a room.

All the girls started walking towards the door and into the Snooker room. There was another door and entering into it was the dancing karaoke room then the crafts Poole, video games room, and so on.

They tried everything. It was fun. Everyone was excited to try all the things. They were there for one and a half hours then headed back towards the school.

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