Adventures Of South Hills

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Mia Hates Elle

They were sitting in the classroom the next day when Amy called Elle. “Give me the paper back!” she whispered while the teacher was still speaking about the life of the poet.

“What paper?” Elle asked in confusion.

“The paper, Elle. The paper!”

“What paper, Amy?” Elle once again turned back to look at Amy.

“What’s the noise Amy and Elle?”

“Sorry, Mam!” Elle said as she focused towards her book.

“Elle! Hey, Elle! Listen to me.” Amy tapped her shoulder.

“What now, Amy?”

“I want the paper!”

“What paper?” Elle asked in a louder voice which she realized after a moment, turned all the attention towards her and Amy.

“You two, you can take your book with you and can sit outside the class.” Ma’am motioned towards the door.

“Wait, no. I mean sorry Ma’am! It won’t happen again.” Elle apologized while Amy sat quietly.

“Yeah, I know it won’t happen again-“ Elle let out her breath.

“Because both of you are not allowed to sit in my class today!” she completed.

“What?” This was the first time it was happening to Elle.

“Yes, now you two should get out so the rest of us can continue.” Ma’am said as Elle and Amy got out of the class with their heads hung down.

“What the hell, Amy?” Elle immediately asked when they sat down on the seats outside the class room.

“Look, what you’ve done! By the way, what freaking paper were you asking for?” Elle sounded upset.

“Oh, there was no paper. I just wanted to Bunk the class with teacher’s permission.”

“Well, this is not as delightful as it sounds. We are in trouble!”

“No, don’t worry, we’re not.”

“I don’t know about you, Amy but I want to start focusing on my studies again after so much drama that just happened. You may not care but I was just called by the Headmistress to her office twice in a day! Do you know what that means? That means half of my reputation has already ruined.”

“I am sure-“

“Shut up and listen to me!” Elle cut her off.

“I don’t want it to be ruined anymore and you are just getting in the way! I agree you’re just having fun but I have a little more to do that this!” Elle said and got up from the chair going towards the Balcony .

“Elle! Listen to me. Elle!” Amy kept calling her name but Elle didn’t listen.


“Can you tell us the whole story? What happened to you? How did you end up there? Who was the person?” The cops were asking Natalie just when someone knocked at the door.

“I’ll see who it is.” Matron said as she moved forward to open the door.

“What?” Matron said in a lame manner when she saw Elle standing. She looked tired.

“I- I just wanted to see Natalie.”

“Natalie is busy right now. You can come later.” She said and closed the door without waiting for a reply.

“Umm, okay, I guess.” Elle turned around when the door flew open once again.

“Elena Carter?” Someone asked.

Elle turned around to see a police officer standing in the door way. “Umm, yes.” She said.

“You are the girl who saved Natalie Dewis, right?”

“Yep, that’s right.”

“Can you come in? We want some information and we think you can help.”

“Umm, yeah, sure!” Elle said as she followed the officer into the san and to Natalie’s bed.


“I am not even kidding!” Mia and Hann were alone in the dorm when Elle entered.

“Yeah and she was so freaking confident.”

“I know, right?” Mia laughed.

“Hey, guys!” Elle said as she sat on her bed and took out a photograph.

“Hey, Elle!” Hann said.

“Where were you? Everyone was asking for you but then when they didn’t find you, they gave up and went without you.” Hann was telling.

“Where was everyone going?” she asked.

“Do you remember that school that was in front of the club?”

“Yeah, I think so. What about it?”

“Then you must remember those girls that remarked Amy the other day?”

“Or made fun of!” Mia said with an irritated face.

“C’mon, they said they weren’t making fun of her!” Hann said looking at Mia.

“What about the girls, Hann?”

“Oh yeah, I got a bit distracted.” She smiled. “Yeah, so Amy and Everly and everyone somehow made friends with those girls and Amy took their advice seriously.”

“The one about singing and posting it on social media?” Elle’s eyes got wide open.

“Yeah, that. So they have gone to shoot the video.” Hann was saying while Mia was still quiet.

“Woah, I wasn’t expecting Amy would take them seriously!” Elle said grinning.

“Well, I was, because that’s something Amy would do. Even though I agree with Mia that those girls weren’t giving a good vibe but I think Amy is sharp enough to handle them.”

“Yeah, Amy is!” Elle said and turned her back towards Hann and Mia as they started talking again.

She kept staring at the photo until she realized tears were falling down her cheeks. “Shit! Why the hell do I always start crying? I have to be strong and stop crying!” she mumbled to herself as she wiped the tears with the back of her hand.

“Who’s that?” Hann asked when Elle put the photo on the side table.

“Umm, it’s my best friend, Hazel.” She still had her back towards them.

“Hey, are you crying?” Hann asked.

“No, who said I’m crying?”

“Your voice sounds like you were crying.”

“Look, I am not crying.” Elle turned around with a beaming smile.

“Well, you’re not! So, you were telling us about your best friend. Where is she?”

“She’s back home. But I really miss her.” Elle said with a half-smile.

“Don’t worry, we won’t let you! Let’s go swimming!” Hann said excitedly.

“But we were going for horse riding!” Mia said with a frown on her face.

“Well, we can go later. Right now, we need to make Elle happy.” Hann said with a smile.

“We haven’t taken the responsibility to make her happy. She can go and enjoy with someone else!” Mia’s frown got deeper.

“You can come with us. What about that?” Hann asked Mia.

“No, I don’t want to!”

“Hey guys, it’s no problem! You can go. I don’t want to ruin your plan!” Elle said.

“No, thanks, Elle! You can go with Hann!” Mia said.

“And for your kind information, we made the plan first!” Mia said as she got out the dorm slamming the door.

“I am so sorry. I- I didn’t mean to ruin your plan. You should go with her.” Elle said in an apologizing manner.

“Oh, no it’s okay. Mia just has a bit of short temper. Nothing to worry about!” Hann smiled.


“I don’t wanna hear any buts!” Hann lifted up her palm.

“Umm, okay I guess.” Elle shrugged.

“Let’s go then!” Hann took Elle’s Hand as they got out of the Dorm.

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