Adventures Of South Hills

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The Entrance

They entered into a round big hall with aquariums everywhere. There was a fountain in the center and the roof was decorated with different types of lights. It looked just like the entrance of a castle. The rays of sun entering in the hall made it look dazzling.

There were two doors in the hall. One on the left side and the other on the right. Luna took all the new girls to the door on the right side of the hall. It was a transparent glass door which slid open for the girls and all of them entered a beautiful corridor. There were glass walls on each side of the corridor through which the fine Badminton Court could be seen on one side and the parking lot on the other.

They kept walking until they reached another hall. There were again two doors on each side of the hall and like before, they entered a door, but this time it was a crystalline door.

This corridor was wider than the last one. There were dormitory’s doors on each side of the corridor. Luna showed all the girls their dorms and then went her own way.

Elle entered her dorm. There were ten beds in the dorm. Eight were already taken, only two were left free.

“Hey, it’s the new girls”, someone announced and there was greeting in the dorm.

A smile occurred on Elle’s face.

“Who wanna choose their bed first?”, one of the girls asked.

“I would like to choose my bed first. I always like to be first in everything”, said Natalie arrogantly. Mia rolled her eyes and everyone moved on.

Natalie chose the corner bed which was right next to Sophia’s. Sophia was a chubby girl with bobbed hair. She was innocent and cute. Elle liked her.

Elle got the bed next to Clara’s. A short talkative girl who was currently roaming around in the dorm, probably cracking jokes.

Almost all the girls in the dorm were unpacking their trunks including Elle and Natalie.

After unpacking their trunks, everyone introduced themselves. Lydia, Hannah, Everly, Bella, Amy, Sophia, Clara, Mia and Natalie.

“I am Elena but you can call me Elle”, Elle too introduced herself, smiling.

“Hello Elle”, said all the girls.

“Would you like a school tour Elle”?, asked Amy with her happy face.

“Oh I would love to”, replied Elle happily.

“What about you Natalie? Would you like to come with us?”, asked Amy.

“No, why would I wanna have a tour of this poor place”, Natalie replied with a disgusted face. “My old school was far better than this one.”

“And there comes a typical daddy’s girl!” Amy whispered to Elle.

“Then why did you come here? Did someone threw you out or were you way too beastly for them too?”, Mia replied with a smirk.

Everyone smiled;

Elle and Amy were just about to head out when a voice came from the door.

“Hey Mia!” Everyone turned around. There was a girl standing at the door smiling at Mia.

“Oh My Goodness, Olive!”, Mia exclaimed running towards her to with her arms open for a hug.

“Who is she?”, Elle whispered to Amy.

“She’s Mia’s best friend. Always hanging around Mia. They are best friends for 4 years”, replied Amy who didn’t look much delighted to see Olive. Olive had blue eyes with her straight, long, black hair hanging on her back.

“Is it allowed to let our hair loose?”, Elle asked Amy.

“Nah. It’s strictly forbidden. But there are no rules for the first day so you can do anything you want”, replied Amy.

“Well to be honest, she’s quite a fashonista, or at least tries to be, Amy whispered to Elle.

Elle grinned;

There was a hall when they got out of the dorms corridor. It was a beautiful hall with a round table in the centre with a flower pot on it.

“So we have four halls in this school with all of them having a balcony and believe me when I say it, each one is prettier than the last one with a more beautiful view”, praised Amy.

“Any questions about this hall?”, she asked.

“Yeah. So many”, answered Elle.

“Ok. Then go on”, said Amy smiling.

“First of all, does this hall have a name?”

“Oh yeah yeah. It’s called the Dorm Hall.”, aswered Amy.

“And why?”

“Because this is the hall way to all the Dorms in the South Hills. See, the door on the right is the dorm corridor of Lower School and the door on the left opens to the dorm corridor of the Upper School which is called the secondary dorm corridor.”

“Ok, this is really cool. So are we allowed in the upper dorm corridor?”, asked Elle.

“Oh no girl, don’t even think about it or matron will kill you”, chuckled Amy.

“Ok. Noted”, replied Elle grinning.

“This is a beautiful school”, said Elle when they reached the main Hall.

“No doubt at all”, said Amy turning towards Elle.

“Ok so... This is the Entrance Hall. As you know that the door to the right is for the Dorm Hall while the left one opens to the Learning Hall.”

“And where does that door opens?”, asked Elle pointing to another door on left.

“So... change of plans”, Amy suddenly said.

“We are not going to the learning hall as you’re obviously going to see it tomorrow. We are now heading to...” , Amy didn’t say anymore until she swung open the door.

“The Activities Hall”, screamed Amy excitedly.

Elle just smiled;

“Yeah, yeah I know. You’re probably thinking, “It doesn’t seem that special” but wait till you see it from the inside”, Amy transformed her face from a sarcastic one to the happy one again. Which made Elle laugh.

There were so many rooms in this Hall. Amy showed all the rooms to Elle. Which included the games room, the indoor and outdoor pool, common rooms, dinning halls and so on.

“Come on girls, it’s almost time for dinner, came a teacher’s voice from the Cafeteria.”

“We’ll be there in a minute Mam”, Amy answered and kept showing Elle the hall, until they were hungry enough to not able to walk properly. So they got out of the Activities Hall after about 10 minutes and went to the dinning Hall

Almost everyone was there when Elle and Amy got to there.

“What’s in the dinner tonight?”, someone asked

“Mexican rice, Corn and Bell Peppers and Beef and Salmon”, Lydia read out the menu in a music tune.

Elle smiled looking at her, looking at all of them. She was glad that she came here.

“Sounds delicious”, Clara giggled.

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