Adventures Of South Hills

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Elle was caught stealing

The Breakfast Bell rang and everyone got out of the Dining Hall to get their things ready for the class.

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas.”

“But it’s not Christmas!” Elle turned around to see a 4th-grade girl singing while walking alone.

“So, what? It doesn’t matter.” She replied.

“Yeah, it doesn’t but isn’t a Christmas song supposed to be sung when it’s Christmas?”

“No, it isn’t! Who told you?” the girl looked innocent.

“Forget about it,” Elle said with a smile then sighed and continued walking.

“Good Morning, Ma’am!” Elle said when she entered the empty classroom.

“Good Morning, Elle.” It was Ma’am Harriet’s class.

“Did you bring the Notebook?”

“What Notebook?” Elle asked with a confused face.

“The one you had to do your homework on.”

“Oh, no. I am sorry. I forgot. I’ll bring it in a second!” Elle apologized as she turned back.


The dorm was empty as expected when she got there. Elle got to the books shelf without wasting a second but unfortunately, her Notebook wasn’t there.

“What the hell? I put it right here.” She murmured to herself while checking the shelf again. “No, it’s not here.” She looked around the room.

“No, it’s not here as well.” She thought to herself after checking in her side cabinet as she glanced at the wall clock. “Shit! It’s 9:00 already. The class must have started.”

She checked everything and everywhere but didn’t get any hope. “Umm, what should I do? Where should I check?” she was thinking as she suddenly remembered something which led her to Mia’s side cabinet.

She knew it wasn’t a good thing to open someone’s Cabinet without their permission but she didn’t have an option. “And I don’t think it’ll be such a big deal if I’ll tell her about it.” She thought and opened it. It was full of things like papers and other stuff. Elle had to get all the things aside to be able to look for her Notebook but something unusual caught her eye. It was a file. Not any ordinary file but a Hospital file with Mia Jones mentioned on it.

Elle’s heart skipped a beat. Even though she didn’t like Mia or in other words hated her, Elle still got worried. “Does Mia have a disease? And should I open it?” she was thinking. At last, she decided that she’s going to open the File. Maybe she was able to help.

“What are you doing in my cabinet?” Mia suddenly entered the Dorm.

“N- Nothing.” Elle stood up getting back from the cabinet.

“Were you trying to steal my things?” Mia sounded shocked while anger could be easily seen on her face.

“No, of course, I wasn’t!”

“Then what were you doing in there?” She motioned towards her cabinet with an open hand, “Has no one ever taught you that it’s not a good thing to get in people’s stuff and space without permission.”

“I was just looking for my notebook!” Elle was scared of Mia. She looked like she was gonna kill her.

“Oh? Let’s decide that in front of everyone.” She folded her arms with an evil smile on her face.

“I was looking for my notebook! I swear!” Elle said a bit louder.

“Mhm?” Mia held Elle’s wrist and pulled her to the Classroom.

Elle’s face was full of tears the time they got to the Classroom. “May I come in, Ma’am?” Mia asked sweetly.

“What a bitch!” Elle thought.

“What is wrong, Elle and Mia?” Ma’am Harriet suddenly got up.

“I caught Elle red-handed! She was trying to steal from my cabinet!” Mia said.

“What do you have in your cabinet to steal, a diamond?” Ma’am Harriet asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Ma’am-“ Mia was gonna say something but Ma’am Harriet stopped her.

“Please come in, both of you!” she said motioning towards the front benches, “And don’t hold her wrist like that.”

Ma’am Harriet started speaking as they sat on the front benches. Elle could already see everyone’s mouths open and now that the decision was going to be made in front of the whole class, she was feeling like she was gonna pass out.

“I am gonna hear both sides of the story and then I’ll decide what to do. Mia, you can go first.” Ma’am said as she leaned on the back of the chair comfortably.

“So, Ma’am I was going to the dorm to check if I had taken my French book but on the way, I met Matron who told me to get a blanket from the san and bring it to her and so I went to get it. When I gave matron the blanket, I continued walking towards the Dorm where I caught Elle red-handed stealing from my cabinet.” Mia stopped.

“It’s your turn, Elle.” Ma’am Harriet said with the same comfort and a blank face.

Mia was continuously smirking when Elle told her side of the story which was getting on Elle’s nerves. After a while when Elle ended her story, Ma’am Harriet started speaking.

“After hearing both sides of the story, I have concluded but I cannot make any decision without asking everyone about what they think.”

Elle’s heart was pounding so hard she could hear it.

“Those in Mia’s favor, raise your hand, please.” Ma’am Harriet said as Elle started to sweat but to her surprise, no one raised their hand.

“Then the decision is made, I guess. Elle, you’ve never done anything like this before and we believe you.” Ma’am Harriet smiled a bit as Elle took a sigh of relief.

“What do you guys mean? Do you think I am lying?” Mia said turning her gaze toward all the girls.

“No, Mia, we are not saying that. It’s just that the probability of Elle stealing is not much.” Ma’am Harriet tried to explain but it looked like Mia didn’t want to understand.

“Oh, right! And the probability of me lying is a lot, right?” Mia was turning red which Elle thought was overreacting.

“Let’s go, Mia.” Hann took Mia’s hand and took her out of the class without asking for permission or anything.

“What is going on? Something is wrong with Mia. I am sure.” Elle thought to herself but then brushed it off. “I don’t want to get caught doing something suspicious again!”

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