Adventures Of South Hills

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Important Announcement

“Hey, Elle! Can I talk to you for a sec?” Clara asked in the study while doing their homework.

“Yeah, sure,” Elle asked pulling out a chair for her.

“I wanted to talk about the Mia incident.”

“What about that?” Elle asked with her eyes on her notebook.


“What is it, Clara?” she turned her face towards Clara.

“Umm, is it true that you were stealing from Mia’s cabinet?”

“Of course not. Everyone was there when I was telling them what happened. Why are you still not sure? Don’t you trust me?”

“No, it’s not like that. I was pretty surprised by Mia’s behavior but this wasn’t the only reason I came to talk to you.”

“That day, when you were telling the whole story, I kinda felt that you were hiding something. Like something you may have found in Mia’s cabinet that you didn’t tell Ma’am Harriet about.”

“What do you mean?” Elle’s eyes widened.

“Elle, it’s not just me, all the girls feel that you’re hiding something. We don’t believe that you were stealing that day, but if you don’t tell us what’s that you’re hiding then everyone’s gonna assume that you were stealing and that Mia was telling the truth.” Clara took a long breath.

“It’s none of your business so stay away from it!” Elle said with her eyebrows drawn together. She quickly got her things and came out of the study room.

Elle wasn’t angry right now, she was scared. Scared that everyone would assume that she was stealing the other day and then she’ll be expelled and then, then- “Ugh, why is my life so hard?”

“What were you doing in Mia’s cabinet?” Elle turned around to see Hannah standing with a frown on her face.

“Why can anyone leave me alone, God!” she murmured to herself.

“I already told you I was looking for my notebook!” Elle folded her arms.

“In Mia’s cabinet? Don’t lie, Elle.”

“I remembered that Matron sometimes gets confused between me and Mia and so I thought maybe she had put my notebook in Mia’s cabinet. By the way, if you care this much for Mia, then why didn’t you raise your hand in class?”

“I- I, that’s none of your business!”

“Neither is this yours! Now, please stay away from me.” Elle said.

“Fine!” Hann kicked the floor as Elle saw her walk away.

Elle’s eyes started getting blurry till a tear rolled down her cheek and she ran towards the dorm. She wiped her tears as she entered the dorm filled with girls and their chit-chat. All the eyes turned in her direction but she didn’t care. She just got what she wanted and got out of the dorm without looking or caring about anyone.

After running for a while, she found a beautiful quiet spot outside the school building in a lush green garden beside the parking lot which was right now empty. Elle sat on a bench as she opened up her journal and started writing.

“Everything is messed up. I was found looking into Mia’s cabinet without her permission and Mia made a big scene out of it. I swear I had no bad intention. I was just looking for my notebook. I told this to Ma’am Harriet in front of the whole class and even though Ma’am let me go after making sure that everyone thought I was innocent, everyone is still against me. They think I was doing something wrong. But, believe me, I wasn’t!

Clara says that everyone thinks I am hiding something and if I won’t tell them what it is then everyone will assume that I was stealing. Why don’t they understand that I am doing it for Mia? Even though I hate her, I still don’t want everyone to know what I found in her cabinet or if there is something wrong with her, I don’t want to open up to everyone about it. I know it’s not my place.”

At last, Elle tore the page and put it in an envelope. She was now staring at the sky with the journal and the envelope in her lap. After a while of being quiet and getting some air, she got up and started walking towards the postbox which was right next to the building door. She stopped for a second to put her envelope into the mailbox then continued walking.


“Hey, Elle, c’mon, pass me the ball!” Her dad was standing on the other side of the lawn.

“It’s too heavy, dad,” Elle said while trying to hold the ball properly to throw.

“You’re just not used to it.”

“Or maybe because she’s a little young.” Her mom smiled from the kitchen window which opened to the lawn.

“No, mom, I am just not used to it.”

“That’s my girl! You know you’re very strong, right?”

“Yeah, dad!” Elle laughed.

“What you laughin’ at?”

“No, nothing.” She laughed a little more then threw the ball at him.

“Woah, that was not bad!”

“Here!” her dad said loudly as he threw the ball back at Elle.

“Attention, students! All of you are required in the main hall for an important announcement!” Elle heard the announcement as she realized she had a slight smile on her face.

She saw all the girls including her classmates gather in the main hall. Everyone was chattering and looked happy. Elle too had a bit of expectation that someone would call her when they’ll see her standing alone but no one did which kinda broke her heart.

“I am getting punished for something I didn’t even do. Amazing!” she thought to herself.

The Headmistress started speaking, “Good Afternoon, students. Hope all of you are having a good day.

Yesterday, I got a call from the fundraiser companies manager in which I got to know that the yearly fundraiser program is taking place on the 29th of April which also means that you have only 10 days left. You have to find a partner, think for an idea for the program, and manage everything.

The best fundraising ideas which can also be considered as the ones who will raise the most money from each group, the primary, the secondary and the higher sec will get a prize. This is all I have to say. Best of luck!” she gave a smile at the end and went out of the main hall.

“Who will want to be my partner? Everyone in my class probably hates me.” Elle was thinking as someone called her name and she turned around to see the person she wasn’t expecting

“Here comes my ray of hope. Umm, okay, maybe God has different plans.” She smiled.

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