Adventures Of South Hills

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What's going on in Elle's mind?

"Even though it’s not my business and we teachers are not allowed to help you guys in any way about the fundraiser program, but I am just asking it out of curiosity, who are you guys pairing up with?” Ma’am Aria gave an interesting smile.

“Can I go first?” Mia stood up.

“Sure, Mia.”

“I am pairing up with Hann.”

“Oh, What about you, Clara?” Ma’am asked.

“I’m pairing up with Amy.” Clara gave a wide smile.

“I am pairing up with Sophie,” Bella said proudly.

“It makes sense. Sophie is way too genius and will figure out something for the program while Bella is a more creative type and so she will do all the setup!”

“Thank you for your speech, Amy!” Ma’am Aria said sarcastically as everyone giggled.

“Everly and I are pairing up,” Lydia said sitting on the last bench.

“Is it because Everly was the only one left?” Hann turned around to ask.

“No, I love this girl!” Everly put her hand around Lydia’s shoulder.

“And I guess Elle you and Natalie are pairing up?” Ma’am asked.

“Yeah, Ma’am.” Elle smiled as she caught a glimpse of Mia smirking.

“How come, Natalie? I thought you can do better!” Mia gave Elle an evil look.

“Mia, what are you trying to say?” Ma’am Aria asked folding her arms.


“I like Elle and wanted to pair up with her so I went to her and asked if she’d pair up with me.” Natalie smiled at Elle but Elle was way too busy wanting to kick Mia, she didn’t return it.


“What the Hell is wrong with you?” Elle pushed Mia after coming out of the class.

She turned around, “What? I didn’t do anything, did I?” she was still smiling.

“Don’t play dumb. You know very well what I am talking about!”

Mia didn’t say anything but kept that evil smile on her face.

“Why do you hate me so much? The day I came here, you’ve had a problem with me. What is it? Why can’t you let me live in peace?” Elle was getting red. She wanted to cry but she knew crying would just make her look weak.

“Oh, Elle. Don’t get all angry. I just like to play with you. You know, you’re, umm, you’re kind of my toy.” she said after thinking for a moment. “Don’t you want me to enjoy my life?”

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Elle’s voice had gotten a bit louder at this point.

“What do you think am I? I am not a freaking toy! I am a human being just like you. The only difference is that I am not heartless like you!”

“I told you, Elle I just like to play with you. Nothing else.” Mia had a strange innocent look on her face. Elle couldn’t tell if she was trying to play the victim or if something was going on in her mind.

“You sound like a psychopath, Mia and I do not doubt saying that you even act like one. You’ve ruined everything! My reputation, my friends-“

Mia interrupted Elle as the smile on her face disappeared; “You’re saying your reputation is ruined?” she pointed at her touching her arm with her nail. “You want to go down that road?”

“Oh, sorry, I am sorry. I was mistaken. Yeah, right, right, right, your reputation was ruined, wasn’t it?” Elle folded her arms. She could feel her body shaking with anger.

“Yes! It was! It was ruined and just because of you!” Mia pointed towards Elle.

“Because of me?” she smiled in disbelief. “No, Mia, your reputation was ruined because of yourself! Because you exaggerated about what happened and when everyone agreed that I wasn’t stealing, that was the moment your reputation was ruined and accept it or not, you did that so you can take revenge from me and God knows about what.” she threw her hands in the air, “But your attention stunt back fired on you! And I am glad it did. I don’t even want to fight with you anymore because I know all these friendships of mine that you destroyed and this fight isn’t worth it!” Elle said loudly and turned around to go when saw all the girls of her class gathered around them. She ignored everyone and ran towards the dorm.


Amy suddenly stopped dancing when Elle entered.

“Elle, are you alright?” Amy asked looking into her eyes. “Are you crying?”

“Just leave me alone, Amy,” Elle whispered.

“I am sorry, but I can’t. You may push others back but me, Nah, I’ll stick to your side no matter what.” She sat behind Elle on her bed.

“Why? Aren’t you going to ask a thousand questions like everyone else?” Elle stopped crying a bit.

“No. I’m not.” Amy gave a comforting smile.

“How come?”

“I don’t know. I just, I don’t think you’ll ever do something like stealing. After all, you saved Natalie!”

“But that doesn’t give me the right to open someone’s cabinet without their permission.”

“What do you want me to do? Do you want me to question you as well?” Amy stared at Elle.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” She chuckled. “I just mean that I know I did wrong but I had no intention of stealing or anything bad. I was looking for my notebook. I’ve told this to everyone but I don’t know why they don’t trust me. Everyone’s taking Mia’s side. If they do think that I was stealing that day, then they should’ve stated it in front of Ma’am. Why are they doing it now?”

“It’s because Mia kinda controls everyone! Elle, take a deep breath, please.” Amy sat up.

“I am not a doctor or anything but I am sure that there’s so much going on in your mind right now and it’s not healthy for you. I would suggest you share it with someone, to take this burden off your chest. You’ll feel a lot better, believe me.” Amy said as Elle took a deep breath.

“But I don’t have anyone whom I can consider my friend.”

“What about your mum?”

“I’m not very close to her.” Elle hung her head.

“And your dad?” she asked.

“My dad died last year.”

“I am sorry, Elle.”

Elle didn’t reply. She kept looking at the floor. A tear rolled down her cheek again as she suddenly hugged Amy and started crying her heart out.

Amy was a little surprised by this sudden hug but she hugged her back without hesitation.

“You may not want to hear it right now, but never be ashamed of crying. Never think you’re weak if you cry a lot because the truth is that the people who cry and fight the most are the purest of all. They have nothing hidden in their hearts and so you should always share your sadness with a friend.” Amy got quiet after this until Elle wiped her tears, still hugging Amy, and started speaking slowly.

“Promise me you won’t judge me.”

“No, I won’t, Elle!” Amy whispered.

“You know, I am so bad at making friends and even if I make some, I always push them away when I need them the most. I’ve done this to you and to every single girl in our class who has ever tried to be nice to me or support me when I am not feeling good.” Elle wiped a tear.

“I don’t do it on purpose! Believe me, I don’t! It’s like I am not myself when I’m upset. I do things that I shouldn’t and I say things that I know will hurt people but I just can’t stop myself. I feel like I don’t have any control over myself.” She sobbed; “I know, it doesn’t give me the right to hurt people but I haven’t always been like this!”

“I used to be one of those people who no matter what, never let their anger get the most of them. I used to be so patient, so loving, I used to have so many friends but now, everything has changed. Nothing in my life is like how it used to be. Whether it’s me, my nature, my friends, or my relationship with my mum. Everything has changed, everything!” she wiped another tear.

“But who made you like this, Elle?” Amy quietly asked.

“No one, just all the turns my life took all of a sudden.”

Elle took a long pause;

“Back at home, it used to be very safe, so our parents let us go anywhere but not without a phone. They just told us that we have to stay within the limit from where our home could be seen.” Her voice sounded deep after crying as she kept talking, “It was a fine day when I and Hazel I, my best friend were wandering around the street. It was around half an hour before sunset so only a few people were sitting on their front porches enjoying the beautiful summer evening. Some waved at us while some smiled.” Elle lightly smiled thinking of the moment.

But her smile disappeared when she started speaking again, “We were just going to the community sports complex, enjoying ourselves and laughing at each other’s jokes when someone pricked something at my elbow. I told Hazel not to do it as it was hurting but looking at her confused face, I knew she wasn’t the one doing it.”

“I turned around with Hazel beside me when we saw a man standing with a knife in his hand. We looked at his face for a moment but didn’t recognize him because it was covered with a mask. The first thing I did was look around to see if there was anyone outside but even the remaining few people who were sitting on their porches earlier had gone into their houses. The next thing I tried to do was call my mom with the phone but he was so quick to snatch it, that we didn’t even get what was happening for a second.”

We started moving away from him as he started coming closer with his knife pointing towards us. But as a moment passed, we realized that he was pointing his knife at Hazel and not at both of us.”

She sobbed as she let go of Amy. “He – He tried to stab Hazel with the knife but I got in front of her so he suddenly stopped. I whispered to her over my shoulder to run but she didn’t. The sun had started to set at this point so I knew that our parents would come to look for us soon but I still didn’t make any move.

“But weren’t you scared, Elle?” Amy asked with her head hung down.

“I was, I was scared but I wasn’t scared for myself and that’s why, I once again told Hazel to run, but- but she just wouldn’t listen to me.” She paused for a second. Her throat felt swollen as she started speaking again with a trembling voice.

“After standing there for 15 minutes trying our hardest not to get killed, I saw my dad pulling in our driveway. I wished he would see us and he did! He did see us and quickly ran towards us indicating us to run. I- “, There was a long pause filled with tears and sobbing.

“I took Hazel’s hand and ran as fast as we could but-“ Some more tears fell down her cheeks as she started shaking her head like she was denying something. Maybe she was denying the reality, the truth.

“We hadn’t come much far from the man when I heard two gunshots. One felt very close to me while the other was a little far. I turned towards Hazel and what I saw made me lose my balance. Her leg. The bullet had crossed her leg. She was in so much pain so I took her to her house but all the way, there was one thing that confused me. I heard two gunshots, right?” Elle’s cries were so loud at one point that Amy was sure anyone could hear them outside the dorm.

“That’s when it hit me. Dad! It killed my dad! He killed my dad!” Elle shouted as she fell from the bed and started crying with all the energy she had left.

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