Adventures Of South Hills

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Yearly Fundraiser Program

The day finally came! It’s a yearly fundraiser program today! Woo-ho!

“Hey, Natalie, everything set?” Elle asked slightly turning towards Natalie who was standing right beside a huge thing covered with a huge white sheet.

“Perfect!” Natalie gave a thumbs up.

They were all standing in South Hill’s football stadium with their fundraising clubs covered with sheets so no one could see before the starting of the program what others had done.

The Bell finally rang as the sheets got removed from the clubs. Parents and other people had started coming as the program got started. Each club looked more beautiful and crowded than the other. It was a beautiful night and a much beautiful sight to watch.

People were here and there enjoying themselves. Some parents were meeting their children while others were appreciating their work. Sadly, Elle’s Mom didn’t come because of the load of work but she didn’t seem to mind. She thought Natalie’s parents wouldn’t come as well so she wouldn’t feel lonely but Natalie’s mom came. She was a beautiful and decent-looking woman. Elle met her then Natalie went to other stalls for a while with her Mom.

Elle was now the only one handling the club and not to forget, feeling the loneliest with none of her friends coming to see her work nor to meet her. After a while, when Natalie came back, she was wearing a beach hat and was smiling widely.

“Oh, you look good!” Elle said pointing at her hat.

“Thanks!” Natalie said sweetly smiling. “What about your mum? Is she coming?”

“Nah, she is busy these days.” Elle rolled her eyes.

“Then you should come with me and mum to dinner!” Natalie took off her hat and put it on Elle’s head.

“I am not sure.” She said settling the hat on her head properly.

“About what? C’mon, Elle, it’s no big deal.”


“Okay, perfect. I am going to inform mum that you’re coming with us.” Natalie said and ran in the opposite direction without even letting Elle answer.

“Okay,” Elle said under her breath and smiled.


“So, Elle, what do your parents do?” They were on the way back to school when Natalie’s Mom asked.

“My mom is a doctor.” Elle smiled.

“Oh well, what about your dad?” she slightly turned her head around while driving.

“My dad died last year. But he was a pilot!” she smiled looking out of the window.

“Elle!” there was a knock on the door.

“Yes, Dad!” Elle screamed as her dad opened the door.

“Hey. How’s your school going?” He smiled his most beautiful smile.

“Good as always!” Elle turned her chair around.

“Your room looks a little messy. You know, mom won’t like it, kiddo.” He sat on the bed pushing some of her things aside.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I will clean it. I was starting to pack but then I remembered I had my homework, so now I’ve decided to do it after completing my homework.” she leaned back on the chair and folded her arms.

“Anything I can help with?”

“Nah, I don’t think so and you shouldn’t waste your Saturday helping me with homework.” She said glancing at her notebook.

“Um, okay.” Her dad smiled getting up from the bed.

“Hey, dad.” Elle got up from the chair. “Can we go to grandma’s while returning from the Maldives? I miss her!”

“Sure. I don’t see why not!” He looked at Elle.

“Thanks, Dad!” Elle said as she hugged her dad.

He sat down and hugged her back. “Just complete your packing and your homework today! We will start loading the bags in the car tomorrow night so we won’t have to waste our time the next day.”

“I thought we were going on Tuesday!” Elle put her hands on her waist.

“Yeah, we were, but not anymore. Mom canceled her meeting so we’ve decided to start our trip from Monday!”

“Yay! An extra day!”

“Elle, hey Elle!“ Natalie has fully turned around, looking into Elle’s eyes, maybe trying to figure something out.

“Um, really sorry, Mrs. Dewis” Elle made an apologizing face.

“You are here!” Natalie’s Mom said pulling in the empty parking lot.

“Most of the girls must have been tired by now, that’s why no one’s out here.” Elle thought.

“Thank you for the amazing dinner, Mrs. Dewis.” She opened the door to get out.

“Oh, no need!” Mrs. Dewis gently smiled at Elle.

“Do you want me to wait for you?” Elle asked Natalie who was still sitting in the car.

“No, I’ll be fine. Thanks.” Natalie smiled at Elle as she turned back to her Mom.

“Okay,” Elle said and went inside the school building.

Everyone was doing their thing after the program. Most of the girls were in the Main Hall hanging out. Some were still out with their parents while very few were in the Dorm Hall or anywhere near the Dorm Hall.

“Wonderful! Now I can relax in the dorm without any interruption.” She thought.

Elle was now roaming the Dorm Hall which was empty when she heard footsteps near the sliding door of the Dorm Hall. She turned around but no one was there. She shrugged and moved on.

“Oh no, girl, don’t even think about it or Matron will kill you.” A mischievous smile appeared on Elle’s lips and before she knew, she was in the secondary-dorm corridor.”

As expected, the secondary-dorm corridor was just as empty as the rest of the Dorm Hall but the design and everything were stunning. It was so much more beautiful than the Primary ones.

The corridor was much wider while the walls had simple black tiles on them, decorated with hundreds of photos of the girls from different events, class picnics, graduating days, and whatnot. It looked like the wall was made only for the pictures and nothing else.

She was looking at all the pictures closely, following the corridor when she didn’t realize that the corridor had to lead her to a Hall. A Hall just like the Dorm Hall and all the other halls except it was smaller. “Woah!” Elle said with burgeoning excitement.

“I was not expecting it to be this outstanding!” her eyes widened as she mumbled.

“Hey, aren’t you a fifth grader?” A girl came out of one of the many doors in the Hall.

“Um, no.” Elle lied.

“I know you are.” She slightly smiled.

“Then why did you ask?”

“Because I wanted to know why you’re here?” she asked getting her hands out of her pajama pocket. “Don’t freak out. It’s no big deal!” she smiled. “So, what are you doing here?”

“I was just curious how the secondary-dorm corridor looks like. But turns out, it is secondary-dorm Hall!” Elle turned around to get the full view of the girl.

“Yeah, sec-dorms are very different from the primary ones. I was shocked too when I came to know that.” The girl looked around. “So, how do you like our dorm Hall so far?”

“Oh, don’t even ask, like I’m outta my mind right now, believe me!”

“Really?” the girl chuckled.

“Oh, yes!” Elle said as she opened one of the doors.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the girl stepped forward.

“To see the dormitories, duh!” Elle said and disappeared.

There was again a tall corridor with a very dim light. Doors were on both sides which Elle guessed would be the dorms.

“FYI, all the dorms will be locked, so you can’t see them. Secondly, don’t you know it’s not a very good thing to get into someone’s things without their permission?” the girl said from outside the door. It was very quiet so she didn’t have to yell.

Elle peeked through the door, “Obviously, I wasn’t gonna open them.”

“You can come to my dorm if you want to.”

“I can?” Elle smiled.

“Yeah!” she said as she turned around to open the door behind her.

Elle followed her, “Why are there so many doors in the Hall?” she asked.

“There are only 7 doors in the Hall. Each leads to the dorm corridor of a particular grade. Like one is for sixth graders, one for seventh, one for eight, and so on. ”

“Oh, I see,” Elle said as the girl unlocked a door and went in.

“Come on in! By the way, I didn’t ask your name?”

Elle entered the dorm. It was a big room with two beds in it. One side was very plain while the other was decorated with different things.

“Hello?” the girl waved her hand in front of Elle.

“Oh, sorry. What were you asking?”

“What’s your name?”

“Elle, It’s Elle.” She said still looking all around the room. “Your’s?” she looked at the girl.

“I’m Danya. Nice to meet you, Elle!”

“You too!” Elle smiled at her. “I didn’t know the dorms in here are for only two people.”

“Yeah, there are certain changes for sec-students. The school wants to give us privacy and space as we grow up so they have been given a dorm for only two girls. And similarly, every higher sec-student have a room of their own. They don’t have to share with anyone.” Danya sat on her bed. “You can sit.” She motioned towards the other bed.

“Nah, I’m good.” She folded her hands as she went to the other side of the room where the study tables were settled. “Ugh, we aren’t even allowed our electronic gadgets.” She said looking at a laptop on the table.

“That’s the best rule of this school, though.”

Elle turned around to look at her in confusion, “I mean, you guys get more time with each other. You’re not always glued to your phones or whatever.”

“I am not sure, I want it!” she said under her breath. “Thanks for showing me your room. I should go, now.” Elle waved to Danya as she quietly got out of the Sec-dorm Hall.

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