Adventures Of South Hills

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10th of June. A beautiful summer morning with rays of sunlight entering the room through windows, making the dust particles visible.

Elle got up from the bed yawning as she opened the window next to her bed. A few girls were sitting on their beds with sleepy eyes while some were already in their uniforms getting ready.

Natalie leaning on the back of her bed, Clara entering into the dorm wearing her freshly ironed uniform, Amy combing her hair in front of the mirror, Lydia snoring loudly, Everly trying her best to wake Lydia up, Bella looking for a missing sock, Sophia tying her tie and as usual, Hann and Mia entering into the dorm in their work out outfits.

“Good Morning!” Elle said stretching.

“Hey!” Amy turned around and smiled.

Elle picked up her things and started making her way out of the dorm to the bathroom when Lydia’s alarm clock rang once again leaving everyone shaken, except Lydia.

“Everyone, ready?” Mia said loudly. It was now a daily ritual kinda thing. “1, 2, 3!”

“Lydia!!!” Everyone screamed together as Lydia suddenly sat up with her eyes wide open.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this, guys,” Lydia said in a sleepy voice rubbing her eyes.

“You’re late again, Dia!” Hann put her hands on her hips.

“Shit!” Lydia glanced at the wall clock as she got out of the bed, picked her uniform from the uniform closet, and ran out of the dorm.

Everyone laughed;

10 days had passed since the fundraiser program. Bella and Sophia won the first prize from the primary group for their Muffin bake-off idea. Elle and Natalie’s Craft sale also did good and raised a big amount of money but they weren’t able to win the prize but then, who cares.

After the program was over and the results were announced, while everyone was relaxing in the commons, Elle decided to end the war while returning from the sec- dorm corridor. She went to the commons and acted normal. “Hey, let’s play a game!” Elle announced but the silence went on.

“Oh yeah, sure!” Natalie got up in support of Elle. “Who wants to play a game?” Natalie asked. Everyone hesitated at first but then agreed when they didn’t find anything else to do.

“So, what’s this game of yours?” Amy leaned in.

“It’s called AYM.”

“AYM?” Clara asked in confusion.

“Accepting your mistakes. My dad and I made this game. We used to play it when we used to feel down.” Elle sadly smiled.

Mia sat up, “Then why don’t you go and play it with your-” Amy elbowed her, “dad?” Mia asked sarcastically.

“Oh, I would, if I get a chance to but umm, he’s dead.” Everyone’s expression changed all of a sudden.

“I stopped you, Mia!” Amy whispered in Mia’s ear with irritation.

“Then let’s play it in your dad’s memory!” Natalie smiled.

“Oh yeah, see, that’s a good idea!” Mia spoke.

“So what do we do in this game?” Sophia asked.

“Everyone gets one turn in which they have to accept one of their mistakes which they are ashamed of, one truth that no one knows about and one of the regrets of their life they’ve always wanted to get out of their head and heart,” Elle explained.

“Okay, I’m excited!” Lydia exclaimed.

“We’ll start with you, Bella!” Elle said.

“Umm, okay sure. I once cut my three-year-old sister’s hair and never accepted it in front of my mum” Bella put a hand in front of her grinning mouth.

“You did what?” Natalie’s eyes widened as she laughed too.

“The truth that no one knows about is that I’m adopted which my parents had never told me by themselves and,” she continued speaking as the air got tense, “I don’t think I have a regret if that’s okay.”

“Oh.” Elle smiled.

“Okay, my turn, now.” Amy happily said, “I’m ashamed of stealing from my mom’s bag once, I was abused by my parents when I was 4, and umm, I regret that I wasn’t able to see Chloe, my best friend’s face for the last time as I was still in the flight to London when her funeral was done.”

“We’re sorry, Amy!” Mia said in a small voice. “It’s okay, guys!” Amy replied with a half-smile.

“I’m ashamed of opening Mia’s cabinet without her permission,” Elle said as their eyes met, “The truth none of you know about me is that I have Athlematophobia,”

“Sorry what? You have what?” Amy asked with confusion as Elle chuckled. “Athlematophobia, fear of sports. That is why I always used to pass out whenever someone would ask me to play a game.” She looked around then said, “And I regret that I left Hazel alone and came to South Hills when she needed me the most.”

“I’m ashamed that I started the rumor that Elle is lying and it’s because of me that everyone started thinking Elle did something wrong,” Elle looked at Clara with her eyes widened as the feeling of shock and sudden anger passed all over her, “The one truth no one knows about me is that my real name is Charlotte which I find very ugly so I changed it to Clara! And my regret is the same as what I’m ashamed of. I’m sorry, Elle.” Clara looked at Elle with an apologetic face.

“It’s okay. I hope you won’t ever do that again.” Elle tried to smile ignoring all the anger. “I would never,” Clara said.

“Lydia, your turn!” Mia said. “I’m ashamed of burping out loud one time in a public place.”

Everyone started laughing loudly, “One can only expect something like this from Dia,” Hann said as she joined the laughter.

“Stop it, guys.” Lydia smiled turning red with embarrassment. “Okay, sorry, Dia.” Someone said as Lydia carried on, “Truth is, umm, that I hate being called Dia!” some more laughter was heard as everyone started screaming, “Dia! Dia! Dia!” just to annoy Lydia more.

“Honestly, I hate you guys.” Lydia smiled;

“Aww, we love you too!” everyone chorused.

“And I regret telling all of you that I hate being called Dia cause I’m pretty sure you all gonna call me this more often now!” Lydia grinned as she moved back to let Sophia come forward and tell hers.

“I’m ashamed of, umm,” Sophia said as she started playing with her hair in deep thought, “I’m ashamed of not studying properly for exams.”

“Sophie, you’re always studying!” Natalie said with confusion.

“Really?” she asked with an innocent face.


“Okay, whatever. One truth no one knows about me is that I’m a really good writer and I don’t have regret as well.” Sophia made a satisfied face and smiled sweetly.

“Oh my god, your cheeks, Sophie. I think I’m in love!” Bella said as she pulled her cheeks so hard, they turned pink. “Your turn, Mia,” Sophia said pressing her palms against her cheeks in pain.

“First of all, it’s okay, Elle. I know I did wrong by turning everyone against you and you did wrong too by opening my cabinet without permission but you apologized and I want to too. I am sorry. I hope we’re good?” Mia paused.

Elle thought for a second then smiled at Mia, “We’re totally good.” She said as everyone took a breath of relief.

“Carry on the game guys!” Natalie said.

“Oh yeah, sorry,” Mia chuckled. “So, I’m ashamed of turning everyone against Elle, The truth no one knows except Hann is that umm, try not to overreact guys,” Mia paused then said in a thin voice, “umm, I have cancer.” She sadly smiled;

“You have what?” Elle stood up as everyone joined.

“Cancer, I have cancer. The file you saw that day in my cabinet was from my hospital. But no need to worry, guys. Doctors have said I can be treated and- ” Clara interrupted, “What the hell, Mia? Why didn’t you ever share it with us? And, Hann, you too? You knew it the whole time but you never told us?” Worries could easily be seen under Clara’s anger.

“I- I couldn’t. Mia asked me not to- ” Clara interrupted again, “Don’t, Hann. Just don’t!” she held up her palms and turned around to get out of the room.

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