Adventures Of South Hills

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Who was "The Voice"

“Listen to me, everyone.” Elle was drenched in sweat and was out of breath when she entered the dorm filled with sleepy-eyed girls.

“What?” Bella said in a tired voice as she turned around to look at Elle.

“I- I saw him.” She paused to take a breath, “I saw him!” she pointed towards the door at the back of her.

Hann and Mia came running to her. The only two people who were energetic enough to help her, “Hey, Elle. Take it easy, first. Relax!” Hann stood right in front of Elle with both her hands on Elle’s shoulder. “Now, tell us. What happened? Who did you see?”

“I- I saw him. He’s here. He’s roaming around in daylight without any fear. He will kill me too. Just like he killed my dad. He’s here only to kill me.” Elle looked terrified.

" Who’s here, Elle? Tell us properly.” Mia asked.

“The person who killed my dad. I’ve seen him two to three times here when I was alone but I never told anyone about it. I saw him again, just now, near the pool. He’s here to kill me, Mia. I know it! Please help me, guys.” Elle had started crying in terror. Everyone had woken up by the time and were looking at Elle in surprise and confusion both.

“Okay, let’s go. Take us where you saw him and we’ll see.” Hann said as they ran after Elle.

“He was here, believe me. He was just here when I saw him.” She pointed at a bench kept at a little distance from the pool. “He was sitting there and smirked when he saw me. It was like he knew I’d come for swimming in the morning and he was waiting for me.” Tears continued rolling down her cheeks as she carried on speaking with the fastest speed anyone could ever speak with.

“Elle, Hey, Elle. Take a deep breath!” Hann said as she saw all the remaining girls come running towards them.

“I think we should go back to the dorm, first and then think about what should we do next. Right, Mia?” Hann asked facing Mia.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. Hey,” Mia said when everyone had made a circle around Elle. “Can you do a favor and take Elle to the dorm? I and Hann have something to do, first. We’ll meet you guys there.” She said as they saw everyone walk towards the main gate with Elle.


“First of all, just to make you feel a little safer, I and Hann looked for that guy everywhere but didn’t find him.” Mia was saying when all of them were sitting in a circle on the floor in their dorm.

“But you’ve never seen him. How would you know if it’s him?” Elle’s sobs had stopped now.

“We’ve been in this school for more than 5 years, Elle. We know every single person who works or lives here. We would easily recognize if we see a stranger roaming around like that.” Mia paused, maybe waiting for a reply from Elle which never came, “You need to calm down.” She put her hand on Elle’s who was sitting next to her.

“Would you mind telling us everything so maybe we can help you?” Hann politely asked.

“Mhm!” Elle slightly nodded. “There’s this guy, I don’t know anything about him except his face. He killed my dad and paralyzed my best friend. He knows I saw his face the day he killed my dad so, since then, he wants to kill me.” The room was quiet with girls exchanging silent glances, allowing Elle to think and explain herself comfortably.

“The first time I saw him in South Hill was when I was coming from the study room to dining hall late at night. The corridors were empty and quiet when I heard someone talking. I hid behind a plant as I saw him going out the corridor and into the parking lot. I wasn’t able to see his face because of the dim lights but I am sure it was him.” She paused then continued, “I once saw him outside the library talking to a man. That was the first time I saw his face clearly which made me think twice if it was him but when I turned around to see, he was nowhere. It was like he disappeared into thin air.”

“Why did you never tell anyone, Elle?” Amy’s eyes looked like they had a million questions.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t believe myself or maybe because I didn’t have anyone so close whom I could share it with.”

Elle pushed a piece of hair behind her ear, “There have been times when I felt his presence around me like he was standing behind me or he was watching me no matter what I was doing.” She explained while she kept playing with her fingers. Something Elle would do when she was scared.

“How are you so sure that he’s here to kill you?” Clara asked shoving her hands in her skirt’s pockets.

“I knew it, I just knew it when I saw him in the dorm while Natalie was missing. I don’t know how he got in the Dorm corridor but he was here and without any fear like he was allowed in here. In the girl’s dormitories.” She took a long breath, “He pushed me and I fell on the floor, when I turned around, it was him. Smirking at me, very confidently.” She paused and looked at Natalie.

“It was him, Elle, wasn’t it?” Natalie’s eyes were wide open with shock and horror.

“Yes, it was him. It was him who kidnapped you.”

Everyone’s expressions shifted from one to another. Suddenly Everly asked, “But, why Natalie? She isn’t even related to you or to that matter.”

“Because he knew I would notice that Natalie was missing and he also knew that I would look for her because I’ve lost a friend,” her voice broke, “that’s why I know the value of it. It was a miracle that I found the woman who helped me look for Natalie. I’m sure if I had gone alone, I would’ve never returned.” Elle got quiet as she saw everyone’s faces getting as white as a sheet.

“We need to do something about it, guys or something will surely happen to either Elle or one of us.” Wariness could be seen on Mia’s face as everyone agreed.

“So, do you have a plan? What should we do?” Sophia asked.

“No, I don’t have a plan, neither we have time. Our afternoon class is in 5 minutes.” Everyone was listening to Mia very carefully, “What are y’all waiting for? Go get ready!” she motioned with her hand and stood up.

“Hey, Elle.” She called when Elle was turning around, “Meet me in the cafeteria after class.”

Elle nodded;

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