Adventures Of South Hills

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Cops are here?

“Why did you have to be so mean to me?” Elle chuckled.

“I just didn’t like you. You were the first girl in a long time that made me insecure about myself.” Mia shamefully smiled as the glass door of the learning hall slid open and they walked out.

“Insecure, really?” her eyes lit up with mischief.

“What? I’m serious!” Mia rolled her eyes, “I started to think that you’ll take my place.”

“And I used to think you were the ‘over confident’ type who no matter what, always shines everywhere. But, who knew!” Elle giggled as she nudged Mia’s shoulder.

“Shut up, Elle!” Mia smiled, “See, It’s gonna rain any minute now.” She motioned towards the window through which the heavy rain clouds could be seen.

“Let’s go to the dorm hall balcony! It’ll be fun!” Elle took Mia from the elbow and tried to pull her.

“I’ll get wet, Elle!”

“So, what? And looks like it hasn’t started raining yet. It’s just drizzling right now. C’mon, let’s go.” Elle stopped in the center of the hall waiting for Mia’s reply, “Mia? Do it for me, Please!”

Mia rolled her eyes, “Huh, You know that I hate you, right?”

“Yep! Sure about it!” Elle loudly chuckled as she ran towards the balcony holding Mia’s hand, “1, 2, 3" she screamed as they got under the bare sky. The weather became more stormy and the shower of heavy rain suddenly started, making puddles of water on the sloppy ground. Trees started getting greener while the birds started coming back to their shelters. Lightning flashed and the rainfall got heavier.

They could see everyone hurrying back inside, “The rain’s getting heavier, Elle. Don’t you think we should go back inside?” They had to scream as the noise of rain and air were enough to make someone deaf.

“Yeah, I think so. It’s already changing into a storm from what I see. And my mission of you getting you fully wet has been successful.” She laughed, “Let’s go.” Elle said as they hurried back inside with splashes of water dripping from their clothes making the floor wet, “What if someone sees us like this, Elle?” Mia whispered in the empty Hall just when they saw Luna coming to them, “Hey, you two!” she said as she looked at Elle and Mia from top to bottom, “What the hell happened to you guys?” she covered her mouth. Maybe in disbelief then went her way without saying another word.

“We need to get in shape or we’re gonna be kicked out soon,” Mia whispered as they both burst out laughing and hurried towards the washroom.

Elle was standing next to the sink after taking the shower with wet clothes in her hand as she screamed, “I’m gonna take my clothes to the laundry, are you coming?” she asked Mia.

“Nope, you should go.” Mia’s voice came from inside a stall where the sound of water could be heard.

“Okay!” Elle screamed back as she got out of the washroom. The drops of water they had left on the floor earlier had already been cleaned. It was one good thing in South Hills. Cleanliness was their top priority. Be it their students’ or schools.

The laundry room was next to the main gate of the entrance Hall which seemed to be pretty crowded earlier, with girls roaming and chattering but now, the Hall was quiet and empty like a street at midnight. Elle didn’t care as she carried on walking until she reached the laundry room. She entered silently and turned on the lights. She put her clothes in a basket labeled Elena Carter and was about to leave when she saw someone peeking in through the window of the laundry room.

She froze for a moment then took a step back in horror. Not only because someone was peeking in but also because of the mask that person was wearing, it was the same mask. She looked around, then out of the glass door but couldn’t see anyone. She felt scared to death with those scary eyes still looking at her without any fear.

She started praying that someone would come and save her while continuously glancing out from the door trying to look for someone. She didn’t know why she wasn’t running even though she was scared. It was like she had enough of it and just wanted revenge for everything he had done to her loved ones.

Both of them kept still for five minutes when Elle heard a loud noise. Like a siren or something. She knew without any doubt what it was and who did it. She turned around, opened the door, and ran as fast as she could without looking back till she reached the main gate packed with girls. She knew what was happening so she made a place for herself and came out of the crowd to the parking lot where barricade tape was wrapped around an area where a group of cops could be seen arresting the person with the mask. More and more girls seemed to come to the scene each passing second. The front area of the main gate and the stairs were full of girls trying to understand what was happening while the Headmistress stood on aside.

Behind them, aside from everyone else, Elle saw someone standing, with her hands tucked in her jeans’ pocket, quietly observing everything and smiling with either happiness or relief in her eyes. It was hard to tell.

Elle reached over to her and stood next to her observing everything quietly too. She said after all the girls were requested to return to their dorm Halls, “Thank you, Mia.”

“For what?” Mia kept looking forward.

“I know it was you. Don’t pretend like you don’t know anything.” Elle moved her gaze from the floor to Mia.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t do it right. I knew something was wrong when I saw your face in the laundry room when you turned around. I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed the panic button.” Mia was now looking at the floor.

“You are requested to return to your dorm Halls.” The announcement was once again made as Elle and Mia started to walk towards the dorm hall along with everyone else.

“You did everything right, Mia. I don’t know what would have I done if you hadn’t pressed the panic button. Maybe he would’ve had killed me. You have no idea how thankful I feel right now.”

“But- ” Mia looked at Elle at last. Her eyes now had fear in them.

“You did everything right, Mia. Believe me. I’m pretty sure no one would have done something so brave, especially for me.” Elle interrupted her as she saw the fear in Mia’s eyes disappear with care.

“C’mon, don’t say that, Elle!”

“Sorry, say what?” They were now entering their dorm Hall.

Mia stopped right next to their dorm door in the corridor, “Don’t say that no one would’ve done that for you.”

“No, seriously. I am sure about it. Even though everyone’s so good here, I’m not good enough that anyone would’ve-”

“Shut up, Elle! You’re amazing and I like you and I want us to be friends just like this. Not just friends, I want us to be best friends. I know I said you made me insecure at first, but now, I feel so connected and so good with you. And I have so much fun with you. Like of course, I’m not forcing you or anything, I’m just expressing my liking for you. That’s all.” Mia took a long breath.

“Duh, you can’t force anyone to be best friends with you.” Elle chuckled, “You become someone’s best friend when you, I don’t know when you want to be someone’s best friend?“, she grinned, “And, um, not that it’s my business or anything-”

“Ugh, shut up, Elle, and stop being so formal with me.”

“Okay, okay!” Elle lightly laughed, “Isn’t Hann your best friend?”

“She’s one of my really good friends but we aren’t best friends and most people don’t know but Hann has a best friend. She’s just a year younger than us so we mostly don’t see them hanging out.”

“C’mon in, guys,” Sophia said leaning at the door as Elle and Mia went inside and Sophia followed them.

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