Adventures Of South Hills

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The Ending

It was now their last month in grade 5 or in other words, their final exams month. They had to attend their regular classes while keep preparing for the final exams. After that, it will be autumn which is the off-season in South Hills.

Unlike half-term exams, finals had always felt easy because of the extra classes and the tough class’ schedule they had to work with before finals which also meant they had not a lot but a little bit of free time which they always made the best.

Sometimes they went to the beach, sometimes hiking, sometimes they played football while sometimes they used to go to the club, but today, it was their walk day.

Everything had been pretty plain after the arresting thing happened in South Hills. Elle was questioned by the Headmistress and the cops at first but after everything was done and the murderer was sentenced to death, South Hills and Elle’s life, both felt peaceful.

Natalie had a phone call in which she got to know that she had a baby sister who they named Leah. Amy’s YouTube channel had gotten over a million subscribers. Bella’s parents, at last, told her about her being adopted which made her more close to her parents. And to Lydia’s surprise, everyone stopped calling her Dia, except Mia of course. Sophia had been allowed to take classes for creative writing if she likes. Clara had been chosen as the next head of the form. Hann was now one of the captains of the primary badminton team. Everly was given the title of the ‘most hard-working’ in her class. Elle was being treated for her sports phobia. And Mia- ”

“How are you feeling?” Elle asked while Hann kept quiet.

“Better.” Mia half-smiled.

“Do you need anything? Water? Or something to eat? Or a blanket?” Elle kept asking.

“I’m fine, Elle. You don’t need to worry.” Mia said with her droopy eyes and cracked voice.


“You need to get a little rest.” Mia put her hand on Elle’s as she looked at Hann sitting on the other side of the bed, “Can you take Elle to the dorm and make her rest a bit, please?” Mia asked with a worried face as Hann slightly nodded and got up.

“I don’t want to go, Mia. I can’t leave you alone.” A tear rolled down her left cheek.

“Hey, Elle, don’t worry. I’ll make sure Mia is not alone even for a second and I’ll get her whatever she’ll need until you get to rest. I promise.” Hann held Elle’s wrist as she slowly helped her leave Mia’s hand and stand up. “Call me whenever you need me and I’ll be here for you, okay?” Elle wiped the tear.

“Noted.” Mia weakly smiled.

“Hann, please don’t leave her alone. No matter what. And keep asking her if she needs anything. And take care of her. And-” Elle kept telling Hann all the way to the dorm, how to take care of Mia while Elle was getting rest.


Elle! Elle! Elle, wake up. Hurry up, Elle.”

“What is it? Is everything okay? Is Mia okay? Where is she?” Even with her sleepy eyes, Elle could see that Hann’s face was filled with tears, “Say something, Hann!“, she screamed.

Hann shook her head, “Mia’s not feeling good. Her heartbeat increased and, I don’t know. Something is happening to her!” Hann ran out without waiting for Elle.

Each passing second felt like hell. They could see nurses going in and out of the operating room with panic. Elle was sitting on a bench in front of the operating room leaning forward, looking at the floor while Hann kept walking from one side of the corridor to the other. She would peek in the room sometimes trying to see something but always return hopeless. At last, after waiting for no one to know how many hours, the doctor came out. Elle’s heart skipped a beat as she hurried toward him. He didn’t look like he was about to tell a piece of good news.

“Please, say she’s alright.” Tears started to roll down her cheeks again, “Please! Please! Please, say nothing’s wrong and Mia is alright!“, Elle was screaming while Hann kept still and quiet at a corner looking at the doctor’s face blankly like she knew what he was gonna say.

The doctor was still quiet.

“Say something, please. Is she alright? What is it? Why aren’t you saying something?” Elle shouted when someone put a hand on her shoulder and she turned around. It was Miss Lena with Mia’s mother standing next to her.

“Can we talk for a second?” The doctor took Miss Lena and Mia’s mom aside.

“What is it? Why are you hiding it from me? Mia’s my best friend! I want to know what is happening?” Elle ran towards them with her eyes filled with so many tears, that everything looked blurry.

“I am sorry. We tried really hard but she didn’t make it.” she heard him saying as he told Mia’s mother and went in the opposite direction.

“What? No. He’s lying. I’m 100 percent sure he’s lying. I can bet you!” Elle motioned towards the doctor who had now his back towards them, “You’re lying, Aren’t you?” she screamed as she looked up at Miss Lena, “He’s lying, isn’t he?” she wiped a tear with hope in her eyes. But her hope was crumpled when she saw how Miss Lena shook her head and how Mia’s mom was crying her eyes out.

“No! No! No! This can’t be true.” Elle fell to her knees as her cries got louder. “Not Mia. Mia was my best friend. This is not true. This can’t be true!” Elle got up as she hurried towards Hann who was just sitting there, starring at the ceiling. She wasn’t crying. She wasn’t screaming like Elle. It was like she was numb.

“Why are you sitting like this? What’s wrong with you?" Her voice broke, "Are you happy that Mia is dead? Why aren't you saying something?” Elle was shaking Hann, holding her from the shoulders,” What is wrong with you? Say something!” Other girls of their class had started coming till that point while Elle kept sobbing like a child.

“What y’all doing? You guys are so mean you didn’t invite me?”

“C’mon, Mia! We’re mean? We asked you like what, ten times? But you wanted to play badminton!” Amy said with her hands on her waist.

“That was five minutes before I came in this room!” she chuckled.

“Yeah, right. Now, shut up and come sit down so that we can continue with our game.” Elle said pulling Mia from her wrist.

“I didn’t start to breathe again after being dead for like 20 seconds just so you all could ignore me like this.” Mia chuckled as she looked at Elle with mischief in her eyes, whose expressions suddenly changed.

“And here comes Mia’s emotional blackmail, everyone!” Amy motioned towards Mia with an open hand and a grin on her face.

“We’re not joking about this, Mia. I’ve told you a hundred times to not remind me of that day.” Elle looked at Mia with a serious face.

“Okay, my sensitive girl! I was just checking if you remember it.” She chuckled again, “Thank god that I’m alive right now.” Mia said with mischief as she threw her hand around Elle's shoulder.

“I’m not playing.” Elle got up with anger.

“Okay, sorry, Elle. I was just joking!” Mia held her wrist and made her sit down.

“No, seriously, Mia. If you’re gonna keep talking shit like this, that day will come soon when I’m not gonna talk to you just because you can’t keep your mouth shut!” Elle pointed at her then smiled. She did love Mia, her best friend, more than anything now. And the year flew by making memories and then cherishing adventures of South Hills.

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