Adventures Of South Hills

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First Day

“Elle, Elle wake up or you’ll be late on your first day. It’s already half past eight”, came Amy’s voice.

“What time is it again”?, asked Elle in a sleepy voice.

“It’s half past eight.”

“Wait, what?”, asked Elle in shock. She glanced at the wall clock at the end of the room and suddenly got up.

“Ughh! Why didn’t any of you wake me up?”, screamed Elle while running towards the washroom.

“We did. All of us. But you seemed to be enjoying your little dream”, replied Mia with a smirk.

“No need to be sarcastic Mia”, nudged Everly.

Everly was the head of the form. A slim girl with an attractive face and blonde hair.

“At least make your bed Elle!” ordered Mia.

“Don’t be so grumpy. It’s her first day. Be a little easy on her”, replied Hannah with a frown.

“I am saying it for her own good. She is the one who’ll get in trouble if Matron sees her bed like this”, replied Mia in a shouty manner.

“Leave it girls. I will make Elle’s bed for today, and let’s go all of you. It’s almost time for breakfast”, commanded Everly in an annoyed way.

Elle was just about to enter the dinning Hall when a voice came from her back.

“You’re late Elena Carter! May I know the reason please?”

It was Matron. And probably not in a very good mood today.

Elle didn’t say anything. She was way too nervous to say anything.

“May I know the reason please?”, Matron repeated but this time a little louder.

“I...I didn’t wake up at time Matron”, replied Elle.

“That is a lame Excuse!”

“I am sorry Matron. It will not happen again.”

“It better shouldn’t”, replied Matron.

“She didn’t have to be so harsh”, thought Elle.

“Being scolded on the first day is not a very good sign though”, said Mia flatly.

“What’s wrong with Mia? Why does she always have to be so awful. And specially with me?”, Elle asked Amy on the way to their English class.

I wonder why wouldn’t she be, replied Amy scoffing.

“What do you mean?” Elle was confused.

“You can see, she is beautiful and we just came to know that her parents are rich, so she thinks she has the right to be mean to everyone.”

Elle was confused. “No one knows anything. Maybe it’s not true!” Elle said turning towards Amy.

Amy was just about to say something when Clara interrupted. “What’s not true?.”

“Nothing” Elle replied and kept walking towards the class.

“Sorry, where are we going again?”, asked Elle.

“To the class. Obviously.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry, I am a little distracted right now”, replied Elle.

So this is our class room, Amy told Elle motioning towards their class.

It was a big class room with 12 desks. Elle chose a desk in the end, as most of the front desks were taken. Mia was right next to Elle which didn’t make Elle much happy but as Amy was sitting right in front of her, she decided to make it work.

“Good Morning students. I am Miss Audrey, your English teacher”. A forest green eyed women with olive colored skin. Dark brown hair and a tall height.

“She’s beautiful. Isn’t she?”, asked Mia.

Elle was confused for second but she replied, “Yeah, she is indeed.”

“And that’s why she is my favorite” told Mia.

“I was expecting that from you”, Elle mumbled to herself, which somehow Mia heard.

“Expecting what exactly?” she asked.

“To like someone because of their beauty”, Elle decided to argue. She didn’t know why, but she did.

“Shut up Elle. I am really not in the mood to hear this right now.”

“Excuse me?”, said Elle angrily.

“What? Is there a problem?”, Mia asked with an attitude.

“Yeah, actually there is!”, replied Elle in a loud voice.

“What’s wrong girls?”, questioned Miss Audrey.

“Stop it you two!”, Amy whispered.

“It was just a misunderstanding Miss Audrey. Sorry to interrupt.” Elle answered eyeing Mia.

School was over. Everyone was relaxing in the common room when Amy came. “Who wanna come play tennis with me?”, Amy asked everyone.

“Clara, You wanna come play?”

“Hey sorry. I actually have to complete my English essay by 4:00.” Clara told and started writing again.

“Uh Okay. What about you Elle?”

“Actually, tennis isn’t really my thing.” Elle told in an apologizing manner

“What? Why? Who don’t like tennis?”, Amy looked offended.

“Who said I don’t like it?. It’s just that, I am not very good at it”, said Elle.

Okay, I guess”, replied Amy.

“Is there actually anyone who would like to play?”, asked Amy again. There was silence in the room.

“Ok. Perfect. So it means I’m going to play alone”, Amy looked cross.

“Hey everyone! I have a good news”, Mia was out of breath when she entered the common room.

“Thank god you’re here Mia”, Amy suddenly looked happy.

“Why? Is there something I can help you with?”, asked Mia.

“Yes! Very much”, Amy replied.

“Okay, but first, listen to me everyone. Including you Amy.”

“Yeah yeah sure”, replied Amy.

Elle was confused seeing Amy being so sweet with Mia but she ignored it.

“So, I have a good news”, said Mia excited.

“Ok...And what is it?” asked Natalie.

“We are now allowed to go and play in the new Badminton Court”, replied Mia.

“But we can’t play Badminton today. The Court must be wet. It’s raining outside”, said Clara.

“Oh no. That’s not a problem. The new Court is covered.”

“Oh Ok. That’s good for us. Right?”

“It sure is”, replied Mia smiling.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to play badminton with someone”, said Amy.

“Well, I am sorry. But you’re right”, answered Mia.

“I am going with Mia. Does any of you wanna come”?, Hanna interrupted standing from the sofa she was sitting at.

“Hannah is the best Badminton player in the primary portion”, remarked Lydia. A short girl with curly hair and round glasses.

“Is it so Hannah?”, Elle was impressed.

“Umm, actually yes”, blushed Hannah.

“Oh wow! That’s amazing. I’d like to come with you two”, told Elle looking at Hannah.

“Yeah sure”, said Hannah smiling.

“I am literally going to play tennis alone!”, came an irritated voice of Amy as she got out of the room.

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