Adventures Of South Hills

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Elle Ditched Us

“You wanna play first?”, Mia asked Elle, still looking forward. But Elle wasn’t there when she turned around. In fact, she was no where near the Badminton Court.

“Where’s she?”, asked Hannah.

“She must have gone to the changing room”, said Mia. They waited for her for 10 minutes before Mia decided to check on her.

“She is not in the changing room”, told Mia when she was coming back from the changing room.

“ Where the hell is she?”, said Mia with a frown on her face.

“I don’t know. Let’s go and find her.”

“We don’t have to ruin our game just because Elle ditched us”, replied Mia.

“Woah girl, easy. Why are you reacting like this?” Hannah tried to calm her down. “We don’t know anything. She might be in a difficulty, and Elle is not the kind to ditch someone”, said Hannah defending Elle.

“What kind of difficulty do you think she will be in? It’s South Hills Hann. There’s security every where. Why are you acting like we live in some kind of forest. I am sure she is not in any difficulty. I know she ditched us, Mia looked pissed.

Hannah suddenly became worried about her. It’s been a long time since Mia has acted like this. “Why are you behaving so weird Mia?”, Hannah looked concerned.

“If you think, it’s what you think it is, then I am sorry. Because you are wrong, so wrong. Mia had now tears in her eyes. Hannah knew it was what she was afraid of, she even tried to go and wipe her tears before anyone sees it but Mia pushed her away.

Even though, Hannah was not Mia’s Best Friend but she was the only one who has ever seen this side of Mia and it was continuously hurting her.

“Hey Mia, come on let’s play.” Hannah said softly, trying to distract her and somehow, Mia actually got distracted.

They started playing. Half an hour passed and it didn’t stop raining. The glass roof top of the newly built badminton court kept getting wet and the clouds kept getting darker with the passing time. It was a long game. Mia and Hannah decided to take some rest before starting their second game. They were sitting on one of the benches when their Sports Teacher came running.

“Hey Girls, what are you doing here? Don’t you know there’s a heavy storm coming?” Coach Ava was screaming as the sound of rain was now deafening.

“A rainstorm? That too in M? Are you kiddin’ me” Hannah was annoyed.

“Come one girls. Go inside! Right Now” The coach said motioning towards the school. And both of them ran covering their heads with their hands as they didn't have an umbrella.

“Where were you guys?”, Clara asked Hann and Mia when they entered into the commons, half wet.

“Badminton Court. Duhh!” Hann said.

“What about you guys?” Mia was now in a much better mood.

“Believe me, You won’t wanna know”, replied Clara giggling.

“Wait. Are you the one who have kidnapped Elle?”, Hann asked giggling, wishing her best that Mia and Elle don’t get to see each other right now.

“Kidnapped? Do people actually get kidnapped here?”, asked Natalie frightened.

“Oh no Idiot. It’s a prank. Clara and all the other girls pranked me once, by kidnapping me”, Mia was laughing so loudly.

“A little humor is good for Mia right now.” Hannah thought.

“Mia! Mia listen to me”, Clara was screaming but Mia’s laugh was still louder.

“Oh yeah yeah, sorry. It just made me laugh so much remembering all those moments”, said Mia when she at last stopped laughing. Hannah was a bit relieved seeing her laugh.

“Have you guys put her in the same room, you guys put me in?”, asked Mia still giggling.

“We haven’t kidnapped anyone this time”, replied Clara.

“Oh come on. I am your friend. Don’t hide it from me at least”, said Mia.

“But we actually haven’t kidnapped anyone this time.” Clara looked confused.

“Are you sure?”, asked Mia.

“Quite sure Mia.” With this, Mia went out of the room in anger.

“Honestly, she looks moody to me”, came Natalie’s voice.

“I am sorry, but did any of us asked for your opinion?”, said Clara in a sarcastic way.

“No one did. But I know I am right, said Natalie with arrogance.

“Hey girls, stop arguing and come for dinner”, said Everly.

“Dinner? This early?”, asked Natalie.

“It’s 6:30. I think it’s pretty late compared to other schools”, said Everly.

“Well, we used to have dinner at 8:00 in our old school”, told Natalie.

“Don’t tell me that you used to go to sleep at 11:00”, said Amy with a smirk.

“No. We didn’t have specific time. It was our own choice to sleep whenever we like.” Natalie was telling.

Clara sighed and moved towards the door, ignoring Natalie. “I’ll meet you guys in the dinning Hall.

They were still having their dinner when Amy said, "I don't want to go to dorm right after the dinner. It's boring!"

They didn’t usually use to go to sleep right after dinner but as it was raining today, they had no choice but to go to the dorm and relax.

"Maybe someone will play tennis with you?" Clara suggested who was sitting right in front of Amy.

"Will you?" Amy asked raising an eyebrow.

"Umm, I have some work to do actually!" Clara said making a pout face.

"Yeah, right Clara!" Amy said slightly smiling. "Come to me after you've done your work. I'll tell you some good excuses so that you can use those, instead of the one you just made." Amy made a sarcastic face which made Clara and Sophia laugh uncontrollably.


Elle was already asleep when everyone else came in the dorm.

“Why did she sleep so early on her first night here?”, Clara said.

“Maybe she was tired”, someone said.

“Why would she be? We didn’t do much today”, replied Clara.

“Shh, everyone! Let her sleep if she’s sleeping. Don’t disturb her! and Everyone in their beds now”, commanded Everly.

Everyone started asking questions to Elle when she woke up the next day.

“Why did you sleep so early last night Elle?”, asked Clara.

“Oh, I was just tired”, replied Elle still sitting in her bed.

“And so you decided to ditch us and go to sleep?”, asked Mia but this time without any emotions. Elle wanted to punch Mia but she was so tired that she just simply answered.

“Yeah, sorry!. I just wasn’t feeling good. So I decided to rest a bit. But I didn’t realize I’d sleep.”

“You should’ve at least told us so that we wouldn't have to waited for you”, Mia said making a mean face.

Elle didn’t want any drama this early in the morning so she got up to go to the washroom, just when Everly asked.

“Are you feeling alright now?”

“Why are you all investigating me like I am some kind of criminal? Stop it please”, Elle said in a loud voice as got annoyed. Though she felt bad for talking to Everly like that.

“Oh, sorry Elle. We didn’t realize we were making you uncomfortable.” Everly said in a thin voice.

"Yeah thanks Everly.", replied Elle and got out of the room towards the community bathroom.

“I told you she’s moody”, whispered Natalie to Sophia. “But I like her. She’s kind and polite and sweet.”

“She has never even talked to you. How do you know she’s kind and polite”, asked Natalie probably in jealousy.

"Let's go to the Breakfast Sophia." Everly said and took her out of the room.


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