Adventures Of South Hills

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The Weekend

They all just came in their dorm when Elle said. “Oh god. Is it just me or everyone here thinks that this week was quite long.”

Lydia smiled;

“It always happens on the first week. But once we’ll get used to it, nothing will feel long or exhausting”, replied Clara.

“Thank god it’s weekend. I am gonna wake up at 12:00 tomorrow”, said Natalie lying on her bed.

“It’s weekend Natalie. Not vacation. We are not allowed to sleep longer than 9:00 in the morning”, told Hannah.

“Why is this school so foolish! In my old school, we used to...”, Natalie got interrupted.

“No one wants to know Natalie dear”, Mia interrupted.

Everyone giggled;

“You all are so horrible. I am going to the common room”, said Natalie and got out of the dorm with a frown on her face.

“Why is she always bragging about her old school?”, said Clara.

“You shouldn’t be so harsh on her Mia”, came Bella’s soft voice.

“Come on Bella, she deserved that”, replied Clara.

“You did a good thing shutting her up”, came Amy’s voice.

“I know, right?!” said Hannah.

“Hey let’s go do something fun. After all, it’s weekend!”

They were just about to head out when Matron came in the dorm. “Elena Carter, Lydia Burton, Bella Stevens.” Announced Matron handing down the letters.

“Hey Bella, you coming with us?” asked Elle putting her letter in her cabinet drawer.

“We are going to wait for 5 minutes in the Entrance Hall. Anyone who wants to come have to meet us there, Amy interrupted. She took Elle’s hand and ran towards the door. We are going!, she announced one last time.

“Hey Amy, can I ask you something?”, asked Elle on the way.

“Yeah sure.”

“Why were all the seniors so rude to me in my first days?”

“They weren’t rude. They were just preparing you for South Hills”, explained Amy.

“What do you mean by preparing me?” asked Elle walking towards the Entrance Hall.

“Do you want me to be honest?”

“Yeah”, replied Elle.

“Okay so let me be honest”, said Amy and turned towards Elle.

“South Hills is the best school anyone can ever go to.”

“I am sure”, interrupted Elle.

“But it also teaches you for the real world where no one’s kind, no one’s polite except some and our seniors are the one who’s been given the duty to behave like this with new girls. But it’s just for 1 week.”

"How can someone be prepared for the real world in 1 week?", asked Elle. Her confusion could be seen from her face because Amy grinned.

“Oh no. This is not the only way to prepare us. You’ll realize at the end of the term how much you’ve learnt and how much you’ve been prepared for the outer world. It’s kind of a trick. We are learning every second here, in different ways. We are just not realizing it because we haven’t been tested.”

“Are you understanding anything I am saying?” asked Amy.

“Yeah yeah, I am!”, smiled Elle.

“Another question please”, requested Elle. They were now sitting on the benches in Entrance Hall.

“Yeah okay”, replied Amy.

“Do you have a best friend? I haven’t seen you hanging around someone particular”, asked Elle.

“She’s not here anymore. She died in a car accident last year”, Amy was telling in a small voice and half smiling.

“I am sorry Amy”, Elle said in a whispering manner and hugged her.

“You must really miss her, don’t you?”

“Obviously I do. But it’s not like I am sad about it.” Elle was confused.

“She is always with me, always around me. We are always hanging around. I know people don’t see her, but I know she is with me, I can feel her. You know, we were just like soul mates and we still are.” She was telling as a tear rolled down her cheek. Anyone could have seen her purity, her purity of love for her best friend. Even Elle saw it, she felt it.

They just sat there for a moment, quietly until Amy broke the silence and said while wiping her tears. ”It’s Okay Elle. It’s not like it’s something bad, I just told you she’s always around me. We don’t have to make it awkward between each other”

Elle laughed lightly;

“Hey Amy, I am really sorry, but I can’t go on the walk with you guys” Elle said apologizing.

“But why? What happened?” Amy asked confused. Elle didn’t answer her question. She just got up from the bench and ran towards the dorm Hall while Amy kept calling her name.

Elle entered the dorm quietly and sat on her bed. She was not upset. She was just feeling lonely. She knew she didn’t had to, but she wished to be alone for sometime. She just wanted to sit quietly and think about everything.

“I thought you were coming with us”, came Clara’s voice.

“I... No I am not going with you guys”, replied Elle turning her face towards Clara.

“Why? Are you alright?”, asked Clara with concern.

“Yeah I am fine. You guys should go”, smiled Elle.

“We are not going without you Elena Carter”, Clara pretended to be serious.

“Oh for god’s sake, Don’t call me that”, Elle smiled looking at the floor. “You guys should really go! I am not letting you guys ruin your plan because of me.” Elle was now standing in front of Clara.

“Okay, but again. Are you alright?”, Clara again asked.

“I am absolutely fine Clara! Don’t worry.” Elle smiled and lightly pushed Clara towards the door, motioning to go.

“Umm, okay. Take care!” Clara said and all of them got out of the room.

Elle sat there for a while. She wasn’t doing anything but sitting quietly.

“Hey Elle!”, came Bella’s voice.

“Yeah?” Elle turned to see Bella standing at the door.

“Do you wanna come to the arts room with me?”, asked Bella.

“Umm, I am not feeling well. But thanks for asking Bella”, replied Elle.

“Okay. It’s your choice. I’ll be in arts room if you change your mind”, told Bella and got out of the dorm with some paint brushes in her hand.

“Yeah Okay”, Elle gave her a smile.

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