Adventures Of South Hills

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Bella's Birthday

Bella was making a painting when someone called her name. She turned to see who is it but the room was empty.

“Hello? Is anyone here? Help me, please. I am scared. Is someone here?”, Bella was screaming.

“Hey Bella are you ok?”, Elle asked entering the art room.

“W-What are you doing here Elle? I thought you were in the dorm”, asked Bella, still sounding afraid.

“Oh yeah, I had nothing to do so I decided to come here”, replied Elle.

“Anyway, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so scared”? asked Elle looking around.

“Uh- Uhh...”

“Tell me what’s wrong Bella”, Elle asked again.

“Someone called my name. But there was no one in the room when I turned.”

Elle laughed loudly;

“There’s nothing to laugh Elle”, Bella was upset.

“Oh, Bella. You don’t have to be so scared. It was me who called you”, said Elle still laughing.

“Then where did you go when I turned around?” asked Bella.

“Mam Martha called me, so I went to her”, said Elle.

“The one who teaches us Music?” asked Bella.

“Obviously!”, Elle replied.

“Oh my God Bella, Look at your painting. It’s Beautiful!” remarked Elle.


“Hasn’t anyone ever told you that?”, asked Elle.

“No. Maybe because I never sit in front, in art class”, replied Bella.

“Why? You are Brilliant!”, Elle again remarked.

“I never thought they are Beautiful. I paint because I enjoy it, not to show off” Bella was now turned towards Elle who was standing right behind Bella’s painting.

“Being good at something and showing it to others isn’t particularly showing off” Elle was still looking at the painting. It was abstract art and surprisingly satisfying.

“Honestly, I am so impressed!”, said Elle pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

Bella blushed;

Elle was still with Bella in the art room when Clara’s voice came.

“Hey, Elle! Can you come here please?”

“Oh, you are back!”, Elle smiled.

“What’s up?”, asked Elle when she reached the Activities Hall where Clara and the other girls were standing.

“What’s in your hand Clara?”, asked Elle.

“Sshh!” Clara put a hand on Elle’s mouth.

Amy took Elle’s hand and all the girls went to the Dorm except Bella.

“What are you guys doing?”, asked Elle smiling.

“And you guys didn’t invite Bella. That’s not fair. She must be feeling-“

“Stop talking Elle”, Hannah interrupted.

“Oh okay”, said Elle.

“Now listen to me. It’s Bella’s Birthday tomorrow and we are planning to surprise her.”, Clara was explaining while she put the cake in the common room’s fridge.

“Wow! I like the idea. So what’s the plan?”, asked Elle.

“To surprise her obviously”, replied Lydia.

“I know that. I mean how and when are we gonna surprise her?” asked Elle smiling.

“Yeah, actually I was just thinking about it. We need to collect 20 dollars for Bella’s gift.”, Everyone was listening to Clara.


“Does anyone have any idea what can we get her?”, asked Clara.

“I know exactly what she would like. We should get her paints!” came Elle’s excited voice.

“Are you sure she’ll like it”? asked Hannah.

“Yeah, I am sure!”, replied Elle.

“Ok then. Now here’s what we will do next”, announced Clara.


It was 12 ’o’clock when everybody started singing.

“Happy Birthday To you”

“Happy Birthday To you”

“Happy Birthday Dear Bella”

“Happy Birthday To You”

Amy turned on the dorm lights right after the song ended.

"Happy Birthday Bella”, everyone once again cheered.

Bella was sitting on her bed smiling broadly. Clara brought the cake and the gift and put them on the table at the end of the room.

“Come on Bell, come and cut it”, said Clara smiling.

“Oh yeah”, Bella came running with a big smile on her face. She cut the cake and opened the gift box.

“A paintbox!” Bella exclaimed with happiness. “It’s amazing. Thank you so much, everyone! You guys are the best”, said Bella and hugged everyone.

“No problem Bell. And as it’s your birthday tomorrow-“

“Today”, interrupted Amy.

“Yeah Yeah Whatever”, smiled Mia.

“We are going to do something fun in Science class”, Mia announced.

“No way Mia!” said Bella.

“Are you serious Mia?”, Hannah looked excited.

“I was waiting for this moment for the past two weeks we spent here”, Amy said in a dramatic voice.

Everyone giggled;

“What is it, guys? What are we gonna do tomorrow?”, asked Elle confused.

“We are gonna play a prank on Mam Cora”, replied Hannah, who looked delighted by the idea.

“That sound’s fun!” remarked Elle.

“Hey, I think I just heard Matron”, came Lydia’s voice.

“Everybody in their beds now”, commanded Everly.

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