Adventures Of South Hills

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The Prank

Elle was the first one who woke up today.

As she got up, she looked out the window right next to her bed. It was a beautiful morning. The golden rays of the morning sun were falling on the pool making it look breathtaking.

There was still half an hour left before the school started, so Elle put on her swimming costume and went off to the pool.

Elle was the only one in the pool this early morning. As it was cold today, the warm water in the pool made her even fresher. She swam for a while, it was already 7:50 so she decided to head back to the dorm and get ready.

“Morning swimming is the best.” Elle was smiling brightly when she entered the dorm.

“You look fresh!” remarked Amy.

“I know, right?” said Elle.


“Good Afternoon Everyone!”, said Mam Cora.

“Mam said, Good Afternoon everyone!” Mia announced.

“Today we are going to study about the Human Organs”, said Mam Cora.

“Human Organs, right Mam?” asked Mia.

“Yes, human organs.”

“Everyone, open page number 43 please”, ordered Mam.

“Page 43!”, announced Amy.

“Yeah page 43”, repeated Mia hiding her smile.

“Now you start reading, ordered Mam Cora pointing to Elle.”

“Elle! Start reading please”, repeated Hannah looking at Elle.

Elle who was sitting at the front smiled widely. “Yeah sure Mam”, answered Elle.

Mam Cora looked suspicious but Mia covered it.

“It’s your break!” announced Mam, as the bell rang after a while.

“Everyone, come meet me in the Hall”, whispered Mia.

Even though Elle didn’t want to listen to Mia, but she didn’t want to miss the class fun either so she too went to the Hall with Hannah and others.

“Okay, so the real prank will start in Mam Cora’s class after break.”

“Then what was this? The “repeating everything she says” asked Lydia giggling.

“It was just a warm-up”, chuckled Mia.

Elle was enjoying all of this but she didn’t say much. She was just smiling and laughing.

“Okay, so what’s the plan, Mia?”

“Oh yeah. Listen, everyone!” Mia was standing in the center of the circle formed by all the girls.

“Clara, you have to distract Mam Cora and take her out of the class somehow.”

“Now, we have got a limited time to complete our prank”, Mia was telling.

“But what will we have to do?” asked Hannah.

“Just listen to me”, said Mia.

“Justwhen Clara will take Mam Cora out of the class, all of us will turn our desks and chair to face the back of the classroom including Clara’s, while any two of us have to take the responsibility of taking the whiteboard and putting it at the back of the class”, Mia explained.

“And when Mam Cora will return-“ Lydia started Laughing. The bell rang and everyone returned to their classes.

“So what were we studying?”, asked Mam Cora.

“Human Organs Mam”, replied Elle who was sitting at the front desk next to Lydia.

“So I was telling tha-”

“Ouch”, Clara interrupted.

“Is something wrong Clara?”, asked Mam Cora.

“Mam, I think something has bitten Clara”, told Mia with a concerned face.

“Clara can speak for herself”, said Mam Cora in a strict tone.

“Mam she’s right. I think there was a spider”, told Clara.

“Ouch! Mam, it’s hurting”, exclaimed Clara making a painful face.

“Go to the Matron then”, instructed Mam.

“Mam I don’t think I will be able to go to Matron by myself”, replied Clara.

Lydia already started giggling;

“Who’s laughing?” Mam Cora turned around. “Who thinks it is funny?” she was angry.

“Ahhhhh- “Clara again interrupted.

“Shh Lydia”, Elle whispered to Lydia just as Mam was distracted again.

“What is it now Clara?” Mam Cora was annoyed.

“Amy, please take Clara to the matron.”

“Sorry Mam, I am not feeling very well myself”, told Amy.

“Oh good gracious! What’s the matter with all of you today”, Mam Cora looked distracted.

“Okay wait everyone. I am just gonna go get Matron myself. But no noise please!” Mam Cora went out of the room and the room filled with laughter.

“Everyone! Get back to work now. We will have plenty of time to laugh after the class is over”, Mia ordered while laughing.

There was a fuss while turning the desks towards the back of the class. Mia and Hannah picked up the board and put it at the back too, while Everly was peeking out of the class to check on Mam Cora.

“Hey, Everyone! She’s here”, announced Everly.

“Act normal everyone. Especially you Lydia”, Mia smiled.

“Matron will be here in a minute-“ Mam Cora stopped for a second.

Mia looked towards Lydia who was trying her best to hide her smile.

“Thank you so much, Mam. But I think I am alright now”, said Clara turning around.

Mam ignored her. “What is going on girls?”

“Sorry Mam?” asked Mia.

“Why are all of you faced towards the back?” asked Mam Cora.

“This is the front of our class Mam. I think you are misunderstood”, explained Amy.

Lydia snorted but changed it in a sneeze.

“No! All off you were faced this way when I left”, replied Mam Cora motioning towards where she was standing.

“Mam, are you alright?”, Hannah tried to look confused.

Elle was giggling so loudly that she had to cover her mouth with her hand.

“Mam, are you alright? Should I get Matron for you?” asked Mia.

Which made Elle laugh more loudly that she turned red.

“Should we start studying Mam?” asked Bella as a distraction.

“Yea-“, Mam got interrupted.

“No Bella! I think Mam is sick today”, replied Hannah.

“Is it so Mam?” asked Bella making a concerned face.

“I am gonna go fetch Matron”, Mia said and stood up.

“No-No. I am absolutely fine. I think I just have to get some rest.”

“Just then the bell rang and everyone started getting out of the class covering their mouths with their hands”, including Mia. Everyone was staring at the fifth graders as all of them were laughing like crazy.

“It was hilarious Mia”, remarked Lydia.

“Well, it wasn’t just me who planned it.”

“Oh yeah. Good job Mia and Hann”, complemented Amy.

“It was so fun!” Elle said still looking at Hannah.

“Thanks, Elle”, replied Hannah.

And the day ended with laughter and joy.

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