Adventures Of South Hills

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Natalie's Going Home

“I hate this school so much!”, came Natalie’s voice in the middle of the night.

“What happened Natalie?” asked Everly in a sleepy voice.

“Nothing!” said Natalie.

“Then stop screaming”, said Everly and closed her eyes.

“This is ridiculous!” Natalie screamed again.

“What now Natalie?”, Everly asked annoyingly.

“There is a bug on my bed and I am afraid it will bite me”, replied Natalie.

Everly didn’t reply.

“Can you do something about it”, asked Natalie in a loud voice. She waited for a reply but didn’t get one, because Everly was already asleep.

“We are trying to sleep!”, someone said.



All the girls were going towards the music room when Natalie suddenly started walking beside Mia.

“Hey Mia”, Natalie said frankly when everyone was going to the music class.

“Oh hey.” Mia was confused to see Natalie being so sweet, but she didn’t pay much attention to it.

“I am sure you want something from me Natalie dear. You don’t have to fake being nice to me” Mia said rudely.

“Why would you even say that?” Natalie looked offended.

“What’s with her?” Hannah said from behind.

“What’s with whom?” asked Elle as Hannah pointed at Natalie.

“When did they become such good friends?” Elle looked confused.

“They didn’t. Natalie probably wants a favor from Mia”, replied Hannah.

“What kind of favor?” asked Elle.

“We are about to find out,” Hannah said and started walking towards them.

“Hey girls. What’s going on?” said Hannah when they got near Mia and Natalie.

Mia gave Elle an evil kind of look but Elle didn’t respond.

“I wanted to tell Mia that I would like it if she would go on a walk with me after school”, replied Natalie.

Mia looked at Hannah with confusion then looked at Natalie and asked. “But why? I am sure I am the last person you’d like to go on a walk with.”

“Yeah. It’s true. And that’s why I am going not only with you but all of the girls in our grade.” said Natalie.

This made all three of them confused. Especially because Natalie hated long walks.

“Yeah yeah, I know what all of you are thinking right now,” Natalie said rolling her eyes after seeing the confusion on their faces. “But who knows! These might be my last days with all of you, I would love a memorable walk.”

Why? Are you going somewhere?” asked Elle.

Natalie sighed;

“Yeah, home. Forever”, she said after a pause as pretending like she’s sad.

“Why?” asked Hannah.

“There was a bug on my bed last night. In my last school-“

“Move on Natalie”, said Mia which made Elle smile. Natalie looked annoyed but she didn’t say anything.

“I called my Mom today and told her everything”, Natalie was telling.

“And so your Mom said that she’s gonna take you home?”, asked Mia with an irritated face.

They were now standing in front of the music room, forming a circle.

“No, she didn’t practically say it but I am sure she will take me home soon. After all, she can’t let her only daughter live in such a poor environment”, Natalie rolled her eyes again.

“Typical you!”, Mia said and pushed Natalie out of her way, entering the music room.

“South Hill’s environment is not poor!”, Hannah defended. “I think you should try to make some friends. I am sure you’ll like it here then”, Hannah said.

“Whatever. It doesn’t even matter now as I am leaving”, replied Natalie.

“You shouldn’t be so sure though”, said Hannah.

Natalie starred at Hannah.

“What? I am just warning you.” Hannah said. “ Even though it will be a blessing for all of us.” She muttered under her breath.

Elle heard her and smiled;

Natalie gave Hannah an irritated look and entered the music room without saying another word.

“So which instrument do you play Hann”, Elle asked when they got in the music room.

“Umm, I play Piano”, replied Hannah sitting at the chair in front of the piano.

“What about you”, she asked.

“Well, I try my best to play the flute”, Elle replied with a smile.

“So what are you gonna play today Hann?” asked Amy who was now sitting at one of the benches on the opposite side of the piano.

“I was thinking something relaxing as it’s such a beautiful day”, replied Hannah with a smile.

“Why don’t you play the one that’s my favorite”, requested Amy.

“Yeah okay, sure,” Hannah said as Elle, Lydia and Bella sat on the benches with Amy. Everyone was waiting for her to start playing. It was a minute before Hann started.

She didn’t look like herself when she was playing. It looked like she was in a different world, where nothing and nobody mattered but she and her piano. Her body was flickering with the tune with her eyes closed. She had a glittery sparkle on her face and her fingers were now dancing with the relaxing tune.

The room was noiseless. Everyone was quiet. Some even had their eyes closed like they too were living in a different world. They were loving it, they were enjoying it, but then, then it ended. Nobody wanted it to, but it did, like everything else. Like everything has to. Even if we don’t want it to, it eventually has to end.

The room filled with applause once the performance ended.

There were just a few people when Hannah started playing, but a lot more people were gathered around her when she opened her eyes. She was surprised to see so many people and smiled widely when everyone cheered her.

“Good show Hann”, remarked Amy.

“You didn’t tell me you play such great piano!” Elle said.

“It’s just okay”, Hann replied nervously.

“C’mon, it’s not just okay”, Elle said and Hannah blushed;


“Students! Half-term exams are starting from next week. I want all of you to get good results and do your best”, Mam Harriet was announcing in the last class of the day.

“All the Best for your Exams”, with this, she ended a long speech.

It was 4 in the afternoon. Hannah came to get something from the common room. She was just about to get out when Amy entered.

“Hey Hann, where you goin’?”, asked Am standing at the doorway.

“Umm... to the dorm. Why? You wanna come with me?” asked Hann.

“Uhh No. I wanted to talk to you about something”, replied Amy.

“Sorry Amy, I am in a hurry right now. Is it possible that we can talk later?”, asked Hannah

Amy thought for a moment then said. “Yeah, sure!” Hann smiled and headed towards the dorm Hall.

It was almost 4’o clock in the evening. Hannah met Elle on the way and they walked together to the study room. The study room was a big room with 10 tables placed at a distance from each other, bright lightning, and speakers attached to the walls for music if someone likes to play it while studying. The speakers had a very low volume and the girls were only allowed to play relaxing or focusing music on it. It was just like a library but without books.

It was an hour before Hannah stood up & walked to the table where Mia and Amy were sitting. They talked for a few minutes then Hann came to Elle who was still studying.

“Hey, Elle!” Hannah was whispering as they weren’t allowed to talk in the study.

“Yeah?” Elle asked getting her face near Hannah.

“I, Amy, and Mia are going to the dorm to put our things back. You are coming, right?” Hannah was now putting her books in her bag.

“Nah, I still have some topics to study.” Elle turned her face towards Hann for a second then turned it again towards the book on the table. “You guys go. I’ll be there in 10 minutes”

“Are you sure” Hannah looked around the room as she said? “You’re the only one left. You’ll have to come to the dining hall alone.”

“I’ll be fine Hann. Don’t worry” Elle smiled.

It was almost time for dinner when Elle got out of the study room. Most of the girls had already gone, so she was walking alone in the corridor, going towards the Dining Hall as she heard two men talking.

At first, they were talking about their everyday life, but as time passed, their conversation started getting suspicious. Even though they were not talking about anything that was a danger to someone, but Elle felt like something was not right. She stood there listening to them for a while but as nothing she heard was strange or odd, she decided to head back.

She started walking. The corridors were still noiseless. It was a second before she heard something. Something that took her a moment to swallow. She couldn’t believe what her ears just heard. She was stunned. She didn’t know what to do or whom to tell. Suddenly she heard the door opening and so she hid behind the plant at the corner of the corridor. It was dark so she wasn’t able to see the face of the person who was talking, but she was sure that it was a man. A man she has never seen before.

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