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Scars on My Black

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"I believe we should begin with the start of your problems, Mr. Falcon." "The start?" "I know it can be hard bu-" "It's okay. I can start. " "Take your time.". "My dad's secretly a pedo. My brother's probably one too and more. I have strange gay thoughts of a boy who is my bestfriends boyfriend's brother. I attend a predominantly white school head by racist but 'not racist' lady. Also, back tracking a bit sorry, my mother use to burn the fuck out of me because I looked too much like her." "...Is there... anything else you... would like to add?". "Almost forgot. I am also being forced to date the daughter of the racist but 'not racist' lady in order to not get kicked out of school.". "Oh dear." "Do you want more? I got the scars on my black to show it.".

Drama / Humor
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Handsome [Kevin]

The story of the negro is traced back to ancient times. Egyptians, builder of the pyramids , yes they were black, and were the developers of many inventions we use today.

Now this story is a deep dive into the subconscious of a black man living in this country we call America. This will be hard. Minds will be changed and some tears may be shed.

I’m just playing with you guys!

This is the story of how I, Kevin Falcon, survived being the boyfriend of Petra Owls.

Let’s get started.

I am described by many fellow classmates as difficult and even morose. I have had a girl once tell me I am the most unlovable piece of crap she has ever had sex with. Frankly, people can say what they want to say.

I am what my father’s ancestors would call colored aka mulatto. I am originally from West Palm Beach but me and my mom hate each other.

In the words of Jeremy, we are like Starfleet versus the Klingon.

This reason is why I, and with some persuasion Jeremy did too, applied to a private high school all the way in Peselton, Minnesota. Much to both of our surprise we got in. I have never seen my mom so happy.

Living in Peselton for over a year now has been a drastic change. The cold winds I feel every time I bike to work from a long day of fake smiling and cashing high cholesterol meals at a crappy 24hr fast food place. The clean air from the large river dividing the town.

The girls here are quite nice too

My sixteen-year-old mind would run the millions of scenarios for the dark-skinned Latina goddess of Bess from chemistry class. However, I sometimes miss Florida’s salty sea air , but the constant memory of my mother’s nagging voice makes the memory not so sweet.

This place would have seemed like a mini haven from that woman.

It would have been.

If I have not been introduced to the flaming haired vixen Petra Nicole Owls. It all started that faithful morning. I was just coming off my 12:00 am to 6:00 am shift. I decided to take my bicycle home as at this time the roads are pact and its easier weave past traffic.

I was beginning to cross the bridge when I heard a soft cry for help. Over the bridge was a flailing girl who was desperately trying to keep afloat. She kicked and flailed in the water for about five more minutes before she began to sink. It is not my business to interfere in someone’s release from life, but I don’t need that on my conscience. She did seem cute from afar. A smirk came to my face as I rushed into the water dragging her deadweight to the land. I pushed back my wet blonde tipped curls as I laid my ear underneath her plump breasts.

A heartbeat is there but no breathing. What is the procedure for shit like this? I walked over to my work bag taking out my mobile.

Jeremy: “I told you before you left the house, I’m not picking you up.”

Kevin: “Not like I wanted to get in that meep meep of a car.”

Jeremy: “Why are you calling Kev?”

Kevin: “I just pulled this girl out the water and she ain’t breathing.”

Jeremy: “Then why the fuck you called me! She needs a fucking ambulance!”

Kevin: “Isn’t the procedure to call a friend for advice?”

Jeremy: “Call a friend- Jesus Christ this isn’t a sitcom.”

Kevin: “I knew you were useless.”

A long sigh came from the other end of the line.

Jeremy: “You tried CPR?”

Kevin: “CPR?”

Jeremy: “I would yell at you if I didn’t make you happy to see me scream.”

Kevin: “You know me so well.”

I looked over at the still motionless body inching closer towards her. I lifted her chin up while resting my hand on her chest. My pale pink lips to her smeared red lipstick covered ones. Then the universe kicked in and instead of plush lips I was met with a gush of warm river-water mixed with saliva.

What did I expect? I wiped my slimy face before gazing across to the coughing figure. Her red hair stuck to her like spider webs. Deep set pools of ice blue are enough to send any man shivers. A familiar feeling, I have felt only once in the packed halls of the school. Pleasure and fear all wrapped up in one.


It was Petra Nicole Owls. The fucking monarch of the school. Her daddy is the biggest donor to the school and funds the program keeping me here. It is not just her daddy; her mom is the principal who rules her castle with iron fist. They are only topped by their own determined daughter.

The Queen of Peselton Academy.

Which she is never ashamed to flaunt.

So why was she here? Soaking wet on the cold bridge in October after barely escaping a watery death.

She wiped her mouth further smearing the lipstick further up her face. Her mouth was slightly open as she gazed around before locking eyes with me. The corners of her lips soon turned up as she crawled up to me.

“Hey... ?” I managed to get out without breaking eye contact.

“Aren’t you handsome”, She purrs caressing my cheek tapping her perfectly manicured nails against my cheek.

Time to pack it up universe this is not it. I refuse to entertain this sitcom any longer. This girl, although very beautiful, she is screaming unwanted attention to me. I have had my share with popular women and they always end with me thrown in the ocean. I swiftly pushed her away scrambling to my feet.

“Now, I appreciate your offer, but I’m not interested.”

The right corner of her lips turned up and her eyes squinted, “Oh really? Then all that fondling of my breasts was nothing.”

“Well yeah, I touched them because I wanted to. Now that’s out the way, Goodbye Madam Queen. Go conquer an island or something.”

I grabbed my bike handle quickly hopping on beginning to ride off. That was until I heard the footsteps following behind. I turned and to no surprise it was Petra with her mouth pout on her plump lips.

My bike came to an abrupt halt as I looked back at her. ” Leave me alone!”

She looked down, the devious smile present on her lips “You just going to leave me here?”

“Yeah! Basically. Now leave me the fuck alone!“.

The Queen huffed and sat on the ground. What does she expect me to do, feel guilty? Wrong bad boy their your majesty. With a quick flip of my middle finger and off I rode back to campus.

When I finally arrived back to my dorm, I was expecting Jeremy practicing his saxophone like he usually does but when did my expectations be accurate. I wiggled out my wet shoes and jacket after leaning my bike against the wall when I heard a light humming coming from the kitchen. Jeremy is probably making breakfast. I peeked over the wall only to have my eyes burn.

“Hey Kev.” Jeremy said smiling away at the stove completely naked besides an apron which read ‘kiss the hunk.’.

To be quite fair, Jeremy isn’t the worst person to see naked. He had a muscular athletic frame under olive smooth skin. Not to mention a strong jawline.

“Fuck... Jeremy.” I bowed my head covering my eyes in the process. ” Put some clothes on!”

Jeremy chuckles, “They’re dirty dude”

“Then put on a towel!″

“They are dirty too.″

" I don’t fucking care! Put on something!″

" Fine..“, Jeremy drawl. A soft thump followed by footsteps slowly grew softer.

I removed my hand and reached down picking up the fallen apron.

“Fucking pansy.”

Peselton Academy is the place where people either go for two reasons. They were like me. The lucky souls to actually get a chance to attend this school or you could be like most teens that roam these halls.

Having wealthy parents.

This is the reason for this school’s racial makeup. Although PA uplifts its vast diversity which is true. The school body does host a cornucopia of shades. There’s porcelain, ivory, sand, beige and even pale folks alike. It is like viewing a Sears catalog. To be less harsh there is like 10 non-white kids that attend here which is proudly seen on the school’s website.

Walking through the packed halls I secretly wished to throw myself against those welcoming stone walls as Jeremy chatted off my ear about some English assignment.

Wait, I think I should have listen to that.

“Kevin! Jeremy!“, a soft angelic like voice called from one of the many stone arches that make up this school.

Nikkei Crane is probably the sweetest person in the academy. His bright welcoming smile only pales in comparison to his electric personality. His big doe eyes bore into my soul. If he was not already taken by my best friend, I would have taken him already as a doll. Although, I would hate to subject such shine to the dark pit of me.

Jeremy wraps his around him placing a kiss to the smaller males’ lips. There mirroring blinding smiles in just their love of being together is almost movie like. A second-generation American Indian dating a rich trans-gendered male. The progressives would love it and the school would profit from it.

Click! Click! Click!

The rhythmic taps of stilettos echo through the medieval like halls. The crowd of loyal subjects’ part for her majesty the queen. Dressed in school issued blue blazer, white under shirt and grey pleated skirt did not stop Petra from sexualizing it. Her too short for standard skirt swayed in unison with her seditious plump hips. Her hair now perfectly styled back in a high ponytail with perfectly curled curls sway with fierceness of her steps.

Following close to her side was her lady-in-waiting Jasmine Peacock. A fellow red-haired girl she follows her queen in everything she does. She too wore heels however much shorter. She still manages to match Petra’s height.

“Hey kid with the blonde curls!” a smooth voice called staring intently at me.

I turned around, placing my hands in my pockets. “Oh, your majesty. What brings you down to talk to the commoners?” I replied dryly, rocking on the heels of my feet.

She pursed her red full lips taking two long steps towards me. She was almost towering over me - which shocked me as I tower over majority of the school. Who wears stiletto heels to school anyway?

“You’re the person that saved me the other day.″

“And you are the one who tried to force yourself on me.” I retorted back.

“Well you are a pervert; you should think yourself grateful.” She replied as she caressed my cheek the same way as before.

This gesture soon changed to a trace down to my jaw with her almond-shaped pink acrylics.

I let out a soft sigh slapping her hand away, “Can you please get to the point. Me and my friends need to get to class.”

Petra didn’t seem fazed. “Do you live in the Dorms?″

“Like hell would I tell you where I live.” .

That seemed to have ticked off her woman as Jasmine, who was glaring at me as soon as Petra touched me, suddenly pushed me back against the hard wall. Despite her thin frame she did pack a lot of power in her.

Jeremy was immediately in action trying to pry the girl off me. I sputtered and heaved. There is an intense burning in my throat that sends shock waves through my body. I can feel her nails begin to leave indents in my skin before Petra smiled.

“Now Jasmine, no need to harm him.” She smirked clearly pleased with her lady’s quick work.

Jasmine rolled her brown eyes, “I still don’t know why you chose this...coon.″.

Petra now turned her attention to me. I held my bruised neck squinting at the red vixen. I think one of my contacts came out. Nikkei’s concerned eyes, Jeremy’s sharp glare at the smirking queen made and curious eyes of the onlookers made just want to scream at them.

The sound of an old church bell signals the beginning of first period. Petra extended her looped arm to Jasmine which she accepted.

“Talk to you later Nesquick.” She jabbed and they walked away.

The crowd that formed earlier also dispersed and shuffled along to their respective classes. I slung off my shoulder bag and began rummaged through before I pulled out a blue pill shaped container.

“What’s Petra’s problem with you. You would think seniors would be more gracious to their lower class man.” Nikkei groused and leaned against Jeremy’s arm.

“Petra Owls isn’t a gracious senior Nikkei.” He states before putting his attention back towards me. “So, you saved Petra on that bridge. The gods are at play with you today.″, he jokes leading the walk to first period.

“Whatever’s at play needs to leave me the fuck alone.″, I replied taking out my thin gold framed glasses from their case.

Nikkei giggles, “Maybe it is Venus giving her blessings to you and Petra.″.

“First off, we barely know each other and she’s a bitch. Secondly, why Venus. Isn’t that a planet?“, I question slipping the uncomfortable lens on.

“You know Venus. The god of love and beauty.“, Nikkei explains, “Didn’t you do the English assignment?“.

I let out a soft groan swinging my head back a bit. An English assignment is the last thing I want to rush to do during lunch. Jeremy pulled me gave me a pat on the back and drew me into a half embrace.

“May Venus love you enough to help you.” Jeremy smiled.

I rubbed my hand down my face. I will need all the help I can get for not just this. This new interest developing in Petra brings changes in the winds around me.

For the love of Venus, help me.

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