Scars on My Black

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Blues [Kevin]

“Why do you play like you play like you jumped out of the early 1920's ?”

Petra questions one Thursday afternoon.

Today was not so bad. I aced my English exam and passed my lab report so I was feeling really great. Jeremy finally let me come home and received my final punishment. A slap so hard it sent me back to cavemen days. I deserved that and many more from Nikkei. At this moment, all I want to do is to play some soothing music and try to end this day peacefully.

If only Petra didn’t exist.

“1900′s was the best period for music.“, I replied barely glancing over at her - continuing to eye the sheet music in front of me.

“But it sounds so depressing.“, she responded.

“It’s the Blues. Written with so much emotion that the artists pour into their songs. In those times of war and depression they still found something in them to produce art.“.

Petra gives a soft humming sound before placing a gentle hand on her cheek. It made her almost child like. If I didn’t know better or know her I would assume she’s a sweet girl. Sadly, vixens have a tendency to be as sneaky as a sax player in the zone.

“Play me some more Blues then Kevin.”

A small smirk came to my lips as I flipped to another song. No reason to reject the Her Majesty the Bitch.

“Got dem saint louis blues jes as blue as ah can be”, I crooned before bringing my mouthpiece up.

I did not get to blow the first note when my phone rang. It was not just any ring tone that played. It was Zarathustra. With a soft groan I placed my trumpet down in its case. I pull myself over to the side table where my phone rests. With my phone in hand I stared with eyes narrowed at the caller ID. If my hands were not preoccupied I would rubbing the tickling sensation running up my back.

“Hello Ma.”

No going back.

“Kevin Tiberius Stoniness Falcon why haven’t you paid your dear mother a call!“, my mother screeches into my desensitized eardrums.

“Ma, I am in school ,and working doesn’t give me time to talk to you .” .

Like I want to talk to you.

“You think you’re a big shot now. Going off up to that school thinking you better than us back at home...” she nagged on.

This woman must love her voice. I glance to the side seeing Petra’s confused eyes staring back. I suppose now she can finally see why her threat against me is so serious. As much as I can’t stand Petra, sometimes, I want to blow my eardrums out every time I hear this never ending voice. Why couldn’t I get a mother like Jeremy’s. She doesn’t do loud and angry. Not to say her soft and even tone doesn’t strike fear, my eardrums would greatly appreciate it.

“Why did you call ma?“.

There was a soft huff on the other end of the line, “Your sister Everest is getting married next week.“.

“That concerns me because?”

“This concerns you because I want your black ass down her to play at her wedding.” She continued to screech.

“Ma I don’t -”

“And with a date!” She concluded and hung up the phone.

That fucking bitch. I have not been to Florida since my brothers wedding and that was a shit show itself. She really wants me down there? For a wedding? Nothing against my sister but couldn’t she have it in California where she lives! And a date! This woman really likes to poke fun.

“That sounded intense.“, Petra comments.

I let out long sigh, “You wanna go to my sister’s wedding with me?“.

My first choice would of been Bess. But after that argument I haven’t said anything to her. Besides, my mother would of had a fit if I brought her. Her nose would get all scrunched and start scrubbing everything she touched like she was the plague. It’s almost comedic how she would act when they are basically the same shade give or take an undertone.

On the topic of skin, they did her dirty for that ad. The lightening couldn’t make her anymore darker aside from taking it off completely. That wasn’t what surprised me most about the ad. She spoke Spanish. Wish I could take some credit for that but she would probably knock my mouthpiece down my throat.

Petra gives a sly smile, “Does this mean I get to meet the family, such a big step.“.

“Trust me you don’t want to meet my family. It’s too fucking chaotic.“.

Petra rose from her seat closing the small distance between us with a kiss on the cheek. I can feel the stain of her lipstick on my cheek like a lingering mosquito bite..

“I like chaos.” She hums making her way to the door.

“Where’s you going?“.

“To the mall of course. Got to get matching outfits for both of us.” She declared and left with a click of her heels.

I flopped down onto the couch with a moan. This day started off so great but crashes in pure agony. I casted my arm across and began feeling for my phone. Once in hand I began texting Jeremy.

Kevin: You will not believe who called

Jeremy: your mother?

Kevin: Boi you psychic or something?

Jeremy: Nah, she called me too asking me to play for your sister’s wedding.

Kevin: You gonna do it?

Jeremy: Yeah. Seems interesting. Plus, I get to introduce Nikkei to my parents.

Kevin: Plane tickets gonna be a bitch.

Jeremy: Your mom did not send you tickets. She sent me two said the other for my date

Kevin: that fucking bitch

Jeremy: Talk later. Nurse called our names.

Kevin: K, hope kid is alright.

I tossed the phone somewhere on the couch. My trumpet sat in its case wanting to be held again. Picking it up I slowly began a few notes of a nice old tune.

Lawd, a blonde-headed woman makes a good man leave the town

I said a blonde-headed woman make a good man leave the town

But a red-headed woman makes a boy slap his pappy down.

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