Scars on My Black

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Everest [Kevin]

A foreign sound echoed through my old hell hole.

At first, I thought I was hearing things. Mistakenly imagining a cackling crow for a dawn chorus. But no, it is real. A sickeningly sweet laugh filled the normally dreadful atmosphere. Only one person I know could fill this place with life.

Everest Falcon.

I made my way downstairs wasting no time for a shirt. There she was like a long renaissance lady –loose curly hair and all. Petra was ,unfortunately, there on the couch chatting and smiling away with her like age old friends. Her light hazel eyes cast back at me. Pink lips formed into a vulpine smile.

“What took you so long bitch?“, I grinned, “Got mom to drag my ass down here for you and you ain’t here!“.

I could hear my mother grabbing her switch, but I just want that response. That sweet-sweet response.

“But where were you for the past year because I know it ain’t all school.” She replied accent that seemed weary to her.

“Your one to talk Ms. California.” I spit back.

It was Petra who spoke next. Her eyes narrowed as she stomped towards me looking pissed.

“Can’t you act decent for once?” Petra fires.

The same laugh from earlier came back stronger than ever. Everest could barely contain herself almost falling out of her chair.

“You had to bring one of those girls didn’t you Kevin.” She manages to get out.

“Jeremy get your phone!“, I called out hoping to catch his attention. Petra’s confused blinking expressions bring such joy to my heart.

“Can someone here just speak like a normal human!“. Petra exclaimed

The whack of a sturdy switch against the drywall sent me creeping back up the stairs. “Listen here red, you’re in my house so we may do things differently . If I were you, I would fall in line quickly.“.

Petra gives blinks a bit before giving a quick nod. “I’m going back upstairs.” She whispers heading up.

Her footsteps stop briefly. She leans in close– her lips almost touching the lobe of my air. Heat ran to my face and the overwhelming need to run encompasses me. Once the last of Petra vanished my mother turned her never changing pissed face at Everest.

“Where’s that fiancé of yours. Shouldn’t he be back by now?“.

Everest give an indifferent shrug, “Well you did send him to drop of Jeremy and his partner off to his parents place. Should be back soon.“.

On cue the sound of a truck pulling into the driveway could be heard. What entered the room was like if the NBA had a baby with the NFL. This man was huge. He looked almost 7ft and had broad shoulders. Arms you could swing on and a chiseled chest to cut bedrock on all cover in dark chocolate. He could easily bench press me in half or just chuck me to Miami.

“Damn... you really ate your flintstone vitamins as a kid.” I joked weakly not even busting a smile to go with it. I do not think I could even move.

He broke into a hearty laugh which made me quiver in my pants. He stalked towards me and sent all the air I did not even knew I had out of me.

“You must be Kevin, right? Your just like how Everest described you.“. His smooth deep voice replied.

I swallowed hard before nodding numbly to him. “Yeah, hope its um, you know decent things.“.

“No worries. I almost forgot; my name is Alto James.” He introduces himself.

“Okay Alto... can I ask what you do for a living?“. I questioned. “Construction, Football...wrestling.”

Alto laughed again this time grabbing my shoulders. “You’re a funny one. No, I’m an accountant.“.

What a waste of a body. If I had that body I would have done so much. So much I may break it.

“Uh Alto I’m going to kitchen to get... some drinks. You drink beer? I’m sure we have beer.” I replied. My voice timid for once.

“Sure, just no Buddy light.”

I gave a quick nod before shuffling into the kitchen. As I rummaged through the fridge, I hear footsteps follow behind.

“What was that out there?” Everest questions as she leans against the counter.

“I don’t know, your the one who brought King Kong O’Neil home.” I retorted taking out the two green bottles.

“You were all jittery like a cat. You are not usually a pussy.“.

I let a short sigh clicking both bottle to the counter, “Look if you think I’m going to cause trouble and run him from you I’m not,” I replied cracking the caps off.

“I know that Kevin. I also know he is quite intimidating but he won’t even harm a lamb.“, she reasoned grabbing one of the open bottles downing its contents.

“Look, it doesn’t matter alright. You just dress pretty and walk down the aisle to his humungous arms while I play Canon in D trying not to fall asleep.” I stated holding the full bottle up for her.

Everest stared at me with her damn pitiful puppy eyes before taking the bottle.

“Alright Kevin.“, she frowned taking the bottle.

I give a small smile turning her around. “Now go serve your fiancé.” I ushered to her giving her ass a smack forward. “And not the way you think I mean."

She looked back at me with a beautiful smile gracing her face. My lips tremble threatening to recuperate the gesture only to fall flat.

No need to tell.

But I missed it. Seeing a happy face. For her only to stay as happy as she is on her wedding day. For her precious love.

That stupid L word.




She never told me if she did.




“You got a dumb look on your face.“, Everest says breaking me from my mind.

“Just get on your way, E.T looking bastard.”

“Right back at you.”

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