Scars on My Black

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Pool [Petra]

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun.

Booze, clubs and male strippers dressed in tight costumes showing off all the right places. However, I did not expect Everest to be so against that idea. So, boring. She looked like she would be fun. But, no! Her idea of a bachelorette party involves going to a swimming pool at eight in the night.

“Everest why are we at a swimming pool, it looks closed.“, Nikkei says softly looking around the empty facility.

Nikkei was forced to accompany us. The large hunk rock said what they were doing wasn’t safe for him. If only he wasn’t so...


Arriving at the pool my eyes were mesmerized by the water. The pool was lit with soft LED lights. The ones located bellow the water shined a nice emerald green. It was enchanting like those mermaid fantasy pictures.

“I always wanted to try this, but I needed it to be a special occasion. What’s a better occasion than your bachelorette party?” She smiled pointing off to the right.

My heart sank to my stomach. All the color drained from my face and, if I could, my hair. My hands begin to shake as I bite back a squeak. A 10 ft diving board tower over the pool like my shoe collection.

“Since Nikkei is pregnant, he won’t be jumping with us but Me, you and Yue can jump with ease.“, she stated already stripping off her cloth wrap revealing her two-piece polka dot bikini.

On cue a petite girl comes from behind the diving wall. Her semi pale skin were tinted green in the light. Her hair was pulled up like a palm tree. My eyes were glued to her lips that shined with a layer of clear gloss.

“Everest come here!“, who I assume is Yue squealed rushing over wrapping her arms around her.

“It’s been so long!” Everest responds returning the tight hug. When they released Everest turned to me. “Petra and Nikkei this is Yue, my sister in law. Yue this is Kevin’s girlfriend and Jeremy’s boyfriend.“.

Yue gives a confused look towards me, “Really? Kevin is so Kevin. Do you like him for his looks?", She replies. Her English being a bit choppy but not unclear.

“Yue don’t pester the girl. Tonight is supposed to be fun!” she exclaimed dragging both Yue and me away.

What have I gotten myself into?

No really. What have I gotten myself into?

I was pushed up some stairs like it was the gateway to heaven. I think I’m about to throw up. The large diving board ledge was exactly how it feels to be ten feet in the air. I could not get my hands to stop shaking.

“Come on you two — no time to waste.” Everest says jumping off the ledge.

A small splash is heard below and Everest reappears laughing like a maniac fresh from a kill.

No sane person would jump this.


I looked around the now empty ledge and let my gaze fall back seeing Yue also in the pool. Now it leaves me. Jump or not to jump.

When I first made Kevin my boyfriend, I thought it would be easy. Being with a man has to make my mother notice something. Especially a man like Kevin. I can tell she has already notice or heard the rumors going around. Just a little bit longer until she blows. When she does, I can make her bring her back.

My little Nightingale.

With that as my courage I take a deep breath and took one leap forward in my plan. My heart stilled as the sound wind vibrate through my ears before meeting the emerald sea bellow. When I re-emerged, I was met with a clap and an impressed look from Everest.

One leap forward. No steps back.

“So, you are married to one of Kevin’s brother, right?“, I questioned to the petite floating Asian.

She gives an approving hum. “You’ll meet him at the wedding. He’s very not Kevin.“.

“Since I am, I should be prepared. What is he like?“, I questioned.

“He’s overly sweet and kind. Amazingly easy to talk to. Patient and really like to make ‘jokes’ ”

I give a small laugh, “So basically the opposite of Kevin.“.

Yue laugh a bit too, “Now you are getting it..“.

“Is he and Kevin close like Everest and him?“. I pry some more.

Yue sits up in the water. Her eyebrows quirked as I could see her eyes move in thought. “I would say no. They seem, troubled.“.

I was about to ask another question when Everest floated by.

“Hey, you two, no discussing my ass of a brother without me present.“, she declared with a smile.

Yue giggled, “I’m going by Nikkei.” She says and back strokes away.

That leaves the two of us.

“Petra, I didn’t think you would actually jump. You have some guts.” Everest started with same smile on her face.

“I’m surprise they didn’t come out of me.“.

Everest’s smile fell. “I’m sorry for being so blunt earlier. As an older sister I gotta investigate these stuff.“.

“Yeah...wish I knew that.” I sigh.

She swam over and gave me a half a hug. “Just take care of my brother will you. Even though he is rude, he cares.“.

“I wouldn’t dare hurt him.“.

“How can I be sure of that Petra. I doubt he would have told you anything. But, I think you know about his disdain from being back here.”

“He has mentioned it once or twice.“.

“Then should be patient with him.“, Everest pushes a piece of hair from her face, “I was honestly surprised he came.“.

“I am going to take care of him Everest. No need to worry. Tonight is for fun remember?"

“I hope I can trust you Petra.“.

“I hope so as well.“.

I am going to take care of Kevin. As long as I need him.

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