Scars on My Black

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Knock-Out [Kevin]

Jeremy slung an arm around my shoulders leading the way back to the rink.

It seemed that Alto and Ethan have begun the first round as both people were amid an intense fight. Despite Alto’s obviously high advantage with brute strength it seemed that Ethan had greater stamina and skill as Alto has already began slowing down. Ethan is like a cheetah. Run downs his prey until its too tired to fight back. With one more solid punch midnight was out and up came daylight.

“He just took out Alto like that.” Jeremy awed.

“People always underestimate.” I grumbled watching Ethan be all ‘good game’ and helping Alto to his feet.

“Guess it’s my turn.“, Jeremy says as he began lifting his shirt over his head.

“No. I want Kevin next.” Ethan demands in between his small pants for air.

Jeremy’s face hardened. “Kevin has no experience in the ring. You of all people should know this.“.

Ethan remains unfazed. “I won, so I pick who I go against next. And I pick him.“.

Jeremy was about to protest again but I cut him too it. “Fine then. If that’s what you are fucking wanting.” I shot and took of my own shirt and glasses.

“Kev, you don’t have to do this.” Jeremy tried reasoning,

I looked back up at Ethan’s shit eating grim and glared. “I gotta do this,” I replied stepping into the ring.

Jeremy sighs softly and looked off as if he did not want to see. I slipped on the magenta gloves and got into one of those boxing stances I have seen online before. We squared up to each other. The same grin has not left his face yet. The bell went ding and then it all went black.

When I came back through the hazy black veil, I noticed two things.

One, the throbbing pain that was radiating from the side of my eye. And two, the long fluffy tail situated at the edge of the bench I was laying on. I gazed around the rest of the blurry room to come face to fuck-face with Ethan.

I scowled as I tried ease away from his presence. “Where the hell is Jeremy?” I demanded looking past the banana fudge looking man for my olive colored one.

Ethan just smiled and placed an ice-pack one the side of my head. I pulled back sharply eyeing him wearily. “What the fuck are you doing?“.

“Ice. For your fucked-up eye.” Ethan replied simply trying to place the icepack back on the area. I snatched the cold pack from his grip doing it myself.

Ethan doesn’t seem to care and have moved on, “as of your earlier query about Jeremy , he is currently in the lobby with Alto.“.

“Then why aren’t you there? Not here trying to be a fucking bother.” I grumbled. My eyes widened as the look down to see the fluffy feather duster like object handing out his baggy basketball pants.

Ethan must have caught me staring as he began pulling out the feathery object. It was long, grey and had a blunt but firm looking end. Moving my eyes up from the end I meet my brother’s.

Piercing green grew dark.

“Why do you have... that?“, I questioned somehow trying to ease over away from Ethan’s corroding eyes.

“Oh, it’s you’re consequence. You lasted the least amount of time in the ring.” He replied with a short smile the fluffy tail held tightly in his grip.

Ugh! My brain’s scrambled. When did I agree to these terms? Was it even brought up?

“¿Quieres un poco de ayuda?” His voice tried purring at me.

“Vete a la mierda Ethan!” I snarled and tried grabbing the object from his hands only to miss by just a few.

Ethan held the dangling tail high above his head. All taunting and impish just like he was then. Same old Ethan. Teasing me.

“Ethan give it back!” I argued gripping at his uplifted arm.

In a swift movement I was suddenly pushed against the wall. Ethan’s breathe sickly close to my ear.

“I heard you have moved on with a girl dear Kevin. I frankly thought you would be more inclined to those of more similar genitalia.” He heaves down my ear canal.

I wriggled and pushed austerely against his chest. I swing legs intently at Ethan’s lower regions only to have them trapped between two strong thighs. Ethan raises and pins his arms over his head pressing them firmly against the wall.

“You remember this Kev? How we use to play just this way. Cops and Robbers. How you use to look like this. Tan indefenso. Papá pensó eso.” Ethan mutters.

Why did he have to bring up that fucker?

My chest constricted violently as the feeling of a blunt tip object pressing against my outer pants. I snarled at him firing a shot of saliva onto his face.

Ethan dropped me to the ground with a heavy thud. He wiped the slimy substance with the base of his tank top. “You little -.” he cuts himself off rising his fist in line with my own. I squeezed my eyes shut bracing for the hit, but it never came.

I peaked through to see Ethan with scowl on his face and his readied fist was being held back by Jeremy. I have rarely seen him this pissed. Not even the time I smacked Nikkei did he looked this way. He was like an Indian superman, holding the fist back as if it was nothing.

Ethan whirls around promptly throwing Jeremy’s grip off. “Jeremy, haven’t you tried not sticking your big fat Indian nose into things it shouldn’t.” Ethan begins his taunts, but Jeremy was not having none of it.

“Ethan, if you would step away from my friend it would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to bring up some unsavory memories tomorrow” Jeremy hisses in a low voice that sounds so foreign coming from his lips.

Ethan scowls looking back at Jeremy, “You know nothing.” He scoffed.

A smirk comes to Jeremy’s lips, “Then why are you shaking?“, he attested, “Is there someone at the wedding you don’t want your perverted secret to come out to? Your wife maybe? Or your ever so judging mother? Maybe it is someone unexpected. C’mon Ethan do tell.“.

Ethan gave a weak chuckle, “Jeremy, why cause such a fuss over nothing.“, my cunning brother tried to appeal but was met with a ruff grab of his collar.

Despite the grand height difference Jeremy still managed to bring the towering roman column crumbling down.

“Don’t come near Kevin for the rest of our stay. Got it.” Jeremy growled before pushing thee pile of ruble away and he rolled out the door.

I really need to invest in a camera. So much picture worthy moments just blows away with the wind. How pitiful. It has been such a long time since I have seen Ethan be put in his place. The last memory I have of it was when Ethan thought of leaving Yue at the altar. I thought Everest was going to tear him a new hole that day with her hot pink acrylics.

“Kev? You still with me”, Jeremy questions tapping my arm.

“Yeah, thanks for the help with Ethan. He is a real ass.” I replied helping myself off the ground.

From the unease look on Jeremy’s olive brown face I can tell what he is about to say.

“I am fine Jeremy. Really, I am. He just caught me off guard.” I responded picking up the discarded fluffy object from the floor.

Whatever other pestering question he was going to ask was forgotten as he gazed at the object in my hand. “You don’t have to wear it you know?“.

I shrugged my shoulders, “A lost is a lost.” I sighed.

“You are the only straight man I know that thinks nothing of putting things up their ass.” Jeremy jested. “Well that is if you are even straight.“.

I rolled my eyes, “I supposedly got a girlfriend, right?”

Jeremy’s smile flattered, “Yeah, how’s that working out. Being as it is basically built on black mail.“.

“Strange. I barely know anything about her, yet she knows almost quarter of mine already.” I replied playing with the rubbery blunt tip between my fingers.

“I would be careful. She could be psychotic or the very least into some weird shit.” He warned walking over to the entrance of the room.

Weird shit doesn’t even begin to describe it.

“How cute ~ ” Jeremy cooed as he place something on my head.

I gave him a questioning look before touching the top of my head feeling two fluffy... ear? “What the hell man.” I questioned and Jeremy only snickered.

“Look I got them too,” he responded and proceeded to place a pair of black wolf ears on his head. “Is it worse than the tail?“.

“The tail is sexy. I don’t want to be cute.” I declared.

“But you are cute.“.




“Fuck of man.”

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