Scars on My Black

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Ride [Petra]

When I returned , which took a bit longer than the ten minutes due to styling my hair and makeup, I noticed the girls sitting around on their phones along with Nikkei.

“Finally! What took you so long? You were in their almost as long as Nikkei.” Everest remarked placing her phone into her silver clutch handbag.

“It takes some time to get this good.“, I replied a small smile coming to my lips. My eyes wandered to Nikkei who just smiled back. “So where to.“.

Yue was eager to answer. “The club is called the Irish Blush. They are new club that opened up and they a few month ago and I heard they double as a sex club downstairs.” She gushed as we walked out the pool center.

The night has already taking most working people home for the night so no one was there to question why a group of people dressed as cats walking down the street. After a few steps down the sidewalk we were met with a sleek black limo with a driver inside.

Everest gapped before looking accusingly at Yue. “You didn’t!“.

“Girl I wish. It was your brother’s idea.” Yue replied referring to Ethan.

“Still, send my thanks.” Everest replied rushing over to the car and motioned for us to pile in. Once we were in there was two bottles of wine and other drinks in an ice bucket in the middle. We quickly helped ourselves to the refreshments chatting for the whole ride.

“So, Everest you never told us about how you met that seven feet plus wall of goodness you call a fiancé.” Yue questions lapping her legs across each other with a glass of wine in hand sloshing threateningly close to the edge.

Everest smile grew like a child on Christmas. She took a quick sip of her wine staining the rim with her nude lipstick. “I was shopping at this store right. Like this fucking lofty place getting some dress for this event my company was hosting which was a total glitz and I swore I saw that guy from that vampire movie there which- “.

Yue smacked Everest arm sharply, “C’mon get to the point.“.

Everest rolled her eyes and continued. “Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, I was up by the counter about to check out when I notice this tall man staring at me. It was kind of strange but whatever. He soon starts coming up to me all smooth as goliath could manage and whispers, ‘Do you have a pen’.“.

“Wow, that’s something.“, Nikkei replies taking a long sip of some fruit punch from his wine glass.

Everest just scoffed reaching down to re fill her glass. “Well it’s my story and just look how it came in the end.“, She countered looking down at the ring on her finger.

Honey. I had bigger rocks when I was in preschool.

“If you want a real story, I met Ethan in a BDSM club.” Yue declared, slapping her story to the table.

My mind peeked itself up at the mention of the abbreviation. I cannot lie that I am a woman of few interests. So, when my mind heard one of the few it leaped at chance to capture it.

“That is more interesting than a store. Do care to share?“, I inquired taking a taste of the untouched glass in my hand. The strong taste exciting me as Yue begins.

“I was a usual comer, so everybody knew me and my type. I loved me a bear. So, when a tall and muscular man was around asking me for a night I was going to deny. However, I had not long had a quick one prior and he was so kě’ài yòu shuài I could not resist.“, she gushed and emptied her glass.

“What was he like though?“, slipped from my mouth. My mind too invested at this point.

Yue gives a wicked smile, “He was beautiful. The way his voice changed and dipped with each command. How he caressed me after. I just couldn’t believe it was his first time.“.

“First time?“, I pressed for more.

“I have been with first timer before. That man had experience.“, Yue concluded just as the limo comes to a halt.

“The guys say that they are here already. Time to remind them why they are very much taken”, she says slipping on her faux-ears over her high sleeked puff.

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