Scars on My Black

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Bar 1.0 [Kevin]

“Least my ass looks good”

The thought ran through my mind. The tight denim jeans clinging to my thighs left more to be desired to the open back revealing my brown moon. Now, how did my jeans lose the very thing that gives me the privacy I needed as I have a tail up my ass? That would be the work of the little Indian wolf who could barely hold back his snicker from his bar stool seat in this one toy away from being a sex club.

My eyes narrowed at the male – barely holding back my fists, “You are very lucky I didn’t like these jeans.” I sneered at him which only grew that goofy smile of his more.

“C’mon Kev, it isn’t so bad. It is not like you do not have a nice ass.” Jeremy comments.

A small crash brings the conversation to a halt. Jeremy groans and I cannot blame him. Alto, that tall glass of marshmallow fluff, was staggering and falling around a group of guys looking drunker than my mom on Christmas.

“He’s going get us thrown out.” I cursed.

“Yea, and your douche of a brother isn’t going to be useful.”, Jeremy agreed casting his eye at Ethan who was busy chatting up some high school bitch, who is clearly trying to impress her friends.

“True. Go for him.” I chimed, pushing him forward.

“Why me? He is your soon-to-be-brother-in-law.”, he objected.

“Just hurry up a do it. I think he is about to puke on that girl’s bag.” I gave Jeremy a little shove forward.

Jeremy’s glare was only returned with small wave while I leaned against the bar. Sliding my phone from my pocket I looked down at the same notification waiting in the sea of others. Patiently waiting, yearning for my response.

Clink! Thump!

A smudge cover glass was placed by hand. The lukewarm contents in the class press numbly against my skin. The brown contents in the glass still swirled around from its sudden placement. My eyes flicked to the bartender whose attention was to another drinker.

“I ain’t order this.” I said picking the glass by my pointer and thumb.

The bartender looked at me with an unfazed look. “Got an admirer over there”, he says automatically.

Oh great. I am attracting men now. It is never woman who buys a man a drink. Makes you wonder how they claim equal rights but still expect men to do the societal norms. Before I lose track, I should at least look at this man.

Oh Fuck.

The man was not bad looking. He was quite… appealing. For a man. A loose cocktail pick hangs out his sly smile. He had a 2000‘s celebrity look. A look that screamed, “Hey I got money and I want to throw you on a bed, and you are going to like it.”

Given that thought, he is starting to look a less appealing.

Nevertheless, he still makes his way over. A pimp swagger to every step. Eyes locked. Not to me but down below. Should have expected it. The way the man slid behind me with that needy smug grin. The engulfing lust that swirled around in the man’s hazels eyes. His callused hands scraped down the slop of my back leaning dangerously close to my ear.

“Hey puppy, you want to have a little romp out back. I promise I will be gentle.” A whisper I barely registered as my mind focuses on that hand going dangerously low.

“Fuck of you fag-.” I managed to shoot back.

The man looked undisturbed, “No need for that now.” His dry voice drawled.

The hand did not even make it to the tail. The air went still. I took one breath. I let it carry me. The curling of my finger to lift of the man’s lip. The tight clench of anger quivers. No not now. Please not now. I do not need this right now. Let me be a man. Be brave. Cannot I take on demon out of my world before the others came back.


The whistle in my ear fade as a new sound takes its place. The demon falls to hell. Or so I wish it did. Sadly, demons always know when their prey is breaking. My anger loosens just enough for it miss its mark. The sharp familiar screams pounded on my eardrums like the lost souls like me on the exit to hell. Hell, always have an exit. It is forever locked and only the red devil himself can let me free.

The cool stickiness of the floor bellow brought me back to here. Like the wind through a funnel my hearing came back. The over bass music blaring from the stereos fail to cover the disapproving sound of the man towering over me. I crushed my eyelids never wanting to see this scene again.

Why can’t I breathe?

Is it weight of gravity pressing me against ground or the gravity of this situation pushing me back? The smell of earth and old polish fill my nose. The heavy thumps of shoes go past my head fading into distance of music and banter.

I am such a fool.

Cannot even land a punch.


A waste of sperm.

A fucking disgrace of the Falcon name.

“Kevin! Kev! What the fuck are you doing on the floor.” Jeremy’s distinct voice said as the thud of his knees hitting the floor vibrated next to my ears.

His frantic fingers probed at my neck. “Kev. I need you to breathe. Please it is alright. It is not him.” Jeremy pleaded lifting me from the cool surface. His warm hands pressed against my skin sent warmth through my frigid skin.

The weight on chest lifted. A strong gasped raked through my throat as I heaved violently. It was then I realize the wetness staining my glasses. Damn it. Grabbing the thin frame and flicking the glasses off in a quick movement. Jeremy’s face was drowned by the soft pink and white lights swirling through the club. The little crease in his forehead deepened as he stares intently.

“Who was it, Kev?”, Jeremy demanded.

“Just leave it Jere, “.


“I said fucking drop it! Everything is all fine and fucking dandy.”.

Jeremy was silent. The crease persists however the same concern swirled in his eyes. Too kind for his own good sometimes. Always knows when to shut up. I think that is the reason why he forgives me all the time. I would not forgive myself for all the shit I do. I lift myself from the floor dusting myself off leaning against the familiar bar. The drink still stood. I downed the warm beige liquid in one swing ignoring how my stomach protested at the sour after taste lingering on my tongue.

Jeremy slides next to me letting out a long-exasperated breath, “Alto puked, probably still is, after one drink.” Jeremy says with a small grin.

“Should have known .” I chuckled. I leaned against my propped-up hand letting my fist dig into my right cheek.

The pink soft lights shift to a warm dark amber blending nicely with his ever-smooth olive skin. His perfect grin muted in comparison to his eyes. Fixing the wolf ears on his perfectly gelled back hair he hailed the bartender for a drink. A vodka with two limes. Simple, strong and so flawless. Does admiring a man make me gay?



Where the fuck that come from? You know what? I am going to forget that point.

But does it really?


A wave of relief flushed my mind of any other unwanted thoughts. Thank god for convenient phone chimes. I reached into my pocket removing said relief only to see dismay. Bess’ name in bold letters above a smaller message.

I can’t keep ignoring her. Knowing Bess, she might ambush me in the halls with a bat if I persist. A quick tap on the notification and it seemed that I have already reached ambush level.

💋 Yesenia 💋 : I went by your dorm and you nor Jeremy was there. We really need to talk. (Sent 4 hours ago)

💋 Yesenia 💋: Fine then. Ignore me asshole! Next time I see you your ass is mine. (Sent a few seconds ago)

“You pissed her off big time.” Jeremy comments as he peers across my shoulder.

“Can’t stay in your own fucking business can you.” I shot. Jeremy just shrugged taking a sip of his drink.

Jeremy chuckles resting his free hand on my shoulder. “C’mon Kev. Entertain me. What did you do now to piss her off now?”.

“Nothing. She is just wanting to talk but that’s some shit I don’t want to deal with now.” I confessed taking the glass from his hand taking a sip myself. My face skewered pushing the glass back to its cursed owner. Jeremy rolled his eyes and continued sipping it like some aristocrat. “Her latest post is worth some concern.”.

The crease appeared again for the fourth time today. “Are you going to show me or do I have to Vulcan mind read you.”.

A speedy look through ISpy and the post was found. Jeremy slides in closer looking at the picture. His eye widened and rolled his lips in thought. “Her head…like its…wow.”.


My body went rigid. Not this fucker again. No. I am not going through that shit twice in one night. I turned around almost throwing the ears off my head. My mouth moving before my eyes could register the person in front of me.

“Boy I told you I’m not – oh Petra it’s you. You ain’t know better not to trace a man’s ass in the middle of a club!” I exclaimed.

Petra was once again, hot as ever. The skintight leopard dress showed off just enough to leave some mystery to men. Petra’s lipstick, which is usually perfect, is smudged slightly which brought back vivid images of the time on the bridge. Her hair did not hold its usual body and had a strong scent of chlorine. What the hell were they doing?

“Now why can’t I. There’s no reason to be greedy.” She smirked. It did not last long however as the corners of her lips fell. She brought a gentle hand to my face. Her cool hands cupping my left cheek.

I divert my gaze quickly to Jeremy who switched from nosey drunk to father mode in a snap. No use in asking him for help. “It was nothing, just walked into a pole on my way here.”.

Petra’s plumps lips thinned. Never a good sign I have come to learn. She gives a small nod. I have a high feeling he she is going to try get it out of me later. I rather not dwell on that anymore, thus I began tuning into Jeremy and Nikkei.

“Hey, I’m going to the backroom with Nikkei, so if you don’t see us that means we left.” Jeremy says with his arm wrapped around Nikkei’s waist.

“I told you I am not going to drink.” Nikkei argued.

“Still, all this music shouldn’t be good for the baby.” Jeremy countered.

“Aww,” I teased placing my hand where my heart is supposed to be, “Seems like parenthood already setting in aint it.”.

Any further taunt I had for him fell flat on my lips when a firm grab of my ass sent a sensation up my spine. My toes tingle as the insert of the tail shifted against my sensitive nerves. It makes me want to – no I will not, not in front of Jeremy and Nikkei. In a vain attempt to cover it up I screamed. It was nothing big. Just a small cry. The only odd look that garnered me was the slight furrow of Petra’s brows.

“We’ll meet back at the house then.”, Petra replied, Jeremy smiled before walking away with Nikkei in tow.

She leaned slim body against the bar quickly hailing the bartender. “A four horsemen please.”, she requested.

I would have pegged Petra for a wine drinker. The way she carriers herself with such poise and slow sensual sways of her hips when she walks cried elegance. And what is more elegant than wine?

“That’s your brother over right, because if he isn’t, I would hate for him to walk in seeing his wife making out with another man.”, Petra points out, directing her cool gaze to Ethan’s shameless make out session with Yue,

“Yeah, that’s the bastard.”.

Petra stared at the pair for a moment before looking back at me with a sly grin, “Sit tight, I’m going to mingle.”

“Petra I wouldn’t mingle with that.” I tried to warn but was only met with the gentle swing of her hips.

Fine! Mingle with that diseased mind fuck. See if I care! Just leave me here. Alone. I can party by myself.


Where did Jeremy go again?

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