Scars on My Black

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Story [Kevin]

After that hectic morning things seemed to have evened out into boredom.

Laid back on the couch with smooth tunes of Jeremy’s tenor sax in the background really sets the mood for a lazy Friday afternoon. I fixed the glasses up the bridge of my nose and returned to texting Charlez.

Charlez is a student at PA as part of the funded project. He is mad talented with his hands in any craft he does but most especially with hair. There being few to no barbers in the area who can handle my kind of hair it is fortunate to know someone to do so. Despite his many talents, this man has a tendency to over enjoy himself with a smuggled bottle of alcohol, and maybe a little weed, in his spare time.

Charlez: I telling you. you soak a hotdog bun in a baby bottle of Bacardi then take it out to be fire.

Kevin: Take your drunk ass home and do some work. You do that research paper?

Charlez: Done so long. Sumthin up with you. Ya acting weird. You never mention skool.

Kevin: It this gyal who bothering me

Charlez: how da a prob

Kevin: Cus this bitch sicks her pet on me.

Charlez: She went crazy. I say stay away.

Before I got a chance to reply my phone went flying across the room. “What the fuck Jere- Petra?”

“Who were you talking to?” She insisted.

“No, you don’t ask the questions. I do! Now tell me what is up with you? Barging into my dorm like you own the place!″, I yelled going to my feet.

Petra’s arched eyebrows furrowed but soon relaxed. The sly smile slipped onto her face. “I do own the place, Kevin. And I own you.″, her relaxed voice says.

I placed my hand on my forehead breathing in and out harshly. Why must these things always happen to me? The one time I do an act of kindness it fucks me up more than if I let her drown.

“Why do you want me? Why try to get with a man whose whole life is worth one of your diamond earrings. Not to mention a year bellow you. Don’t you go for boys higher not lower?“.

Petra’s facial expression did not change. She reached into her black heart shaped over the shoulder bag and took out a small stack of papers bound by a pink paper clip. She handed the paper to me. My stomach turning to knots as fast as my honey colored skin turned paler than a Sears Catalog.

“You. You are reporting me to the principal? For sexual harassment? ” I managed out. I could not even scream as it laid like lead at the bottom of my stomach. “You can’t-”

Petra’s heels clicked on the hardwood floors as she slowly sauntered towards me. “Oh I believe I can. You were there at the bridge. I can confirm this cause your job lets out at that time.“, she is loving every minute of this, “You may say you didn’t touch me but it’s my word against yours. Mommy would love to bring down the male who touched her daughter in such a way.“.

She cups my face in her hands as her stoic eyes send shivers through my body. A simple tilt of my head and our lips were connected. Her lips were warm and fierce. Devouring my mouth leaving her red remnants of lipstick as if marking her territory.

Then she pulled away and slipped the document from my frozen hands and placed it back into her purse.

“I’m going to use your bathroom. Don’t miss me.” She grinned and walked away.

It was so cold. So cold and quiet as if all my senses turned off. My eyes ,frozen on my still curved hands, watched the endless void between my fingers. The entangled mess of thoughts swirling down the void created by that vixen.

Why couldn’t I breathe?

It hurts so much.

That frozenness soon burned. As the flame inside my soul burned in anguish to what is done. Flames grew in the bowls of me and made me shake. I couldn’t stop. I wish it would, but I could only hold on.

It burned worse than the scars down my back.

Could I breathe?

Why was it so hard? My ears thawed out to hear the running of a shower. The indifferent drops of water on the tiles gave sound to the flame. I couldn’t keep this feeling. As the flames rose higher and encompassed my lungs.

I wanted to breathe.

The thought of the vixen’s hold sent streaks of anger down my face. How could I escape this mess? Was it for the thought of the falsehood? Of this love that brought me here? One act of lust began the writing on the wall that is my credits.

I needed to breathe.

The cool air barely quenched the flame that is in me. I needed more. My feet moved with my mind in perfect harmony with my heart. My fingers snapped the gold clips to the case. I retrieved the brass instrument. I brought the instrument to my lips.

I blew.

I blew until flame in me receded.

When my trance was broken, I noticed the worried look of Jeremy standing not too far from me. His saxophone hung loosely around his neck. He takes a few brisk steps forward. He wiped the anger off my face and held my shoulder firmly.

He looked me in the eyes. His brown eyes stared into my soul and brought me into a swift embrace. He did not say anything for a while, but I knew exactly what he meant.

“I could kick her out.” He declared not daring to break the embrace.

I shook my head firmly, “Nah. It is fine. I will play her little game.“.

I pushed him away and gave him a firm punch to his arm. “Don’t you dare tell Nikkei I got all soft or I will break all your reeds.“.

Jeremy’s face turned to hurt and horror as he held his heart. “You animal.” He declared moving away.

I chuckled softly before placing the instrument back into its case. I looked towards the direction to my room and sighs. Its time face the devil. Each step I took towards my room another weight was added to my feet. The door was ajar, and I could clearly see Petra posed on the bed. Blazer off and a few shirt buttons unbuttoned.

“Why are you staying here?“, I demanded standing at the edge of the bed.

Petra smiles and crawled up the small length of the bed. “Why are you not on the bed with me?” she batted her eyelashes.

“I don’t like you meddling with my life. I sure as hell don’t love you. Love is just a fucked-up concept anyway. Especially love with me. So, tell me one thing if I am to pretend with you. Why do you want me to like you?“.

Petra pursed her lips dramatically and looked off into nothingness. She then smiled and leaned into a upward dog style that barely reached my chest. She rans a hand down my chest only for me to flick it off.

“I chose you because you intrigue me Kevin Falcon. You are the first person in a long time to have ever intrigued me in this school filled with idiots. All bland cut-outs from a teen rom-com.″ She explains pulling herself to a kneeling position.

“So, I am a toy to you? That’s it?“.

“If you would refer to it that way then yes.“. She purred.

I shook my head and walked away from her. Unknown to me that Petra tossed her blazer to the ground upon entering. This resulted in me slipping and sliding on the inner silk garment. A sharp pain eradicates from my now definitely injured arm.

Petra stared down from her perch above. A wicked smile gracing her face. How the wicked love to see the innocent fall. This was going to be my life for a while. I would be flat on my ass in pain while Petra looked down from the throne.

A start of a fucked-up chapter in my life that I wished to be short-lived.

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