Scars on My Black

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Bar 2.0 [Petra]

We piled out the limo onto the neon lit street. A green sign proudly displaying ‘Irish Blush’ in queen fashion. We entered the club which was half filled with patrons dancing along to heavy based songs or drinking around the bar sharing a laugh, a drink and a few kisses or more.

At said bar we spotted our intended targets plus one dressed in ripped jeans, biker boots and topped off with matching wolf ears. Although the plus one was questionable, the scene of Kevin standing by the bar gently leaning over showing something on his phone to Jeremy.

His ass cheeks out in the open with a fluffy tail coming out just begging for attention. I sauntered up to him with an additionally pep in my step as I approached the full brown moon. I slid my hand up the base of the curve slowly tracing upward before delivering a sharp slap to the now jiggling behind. Kevin gives a huff turning around quickly.

“Boy I told you I’m not – oh Petra it’s you. You ain’t know better not to trace a man’ss ass in the middle of a club!” he exclaimed. I tapped his exasperated face and chuckled,

“Now why can’t I. There’s no reason to be greedy.”.It was then I realized the odd blemish underneath Kevin’s left eye. His eyes shifted towards Jeremy who was now having a conversation with Nikkei before sighing.

“It was nothing, just walked into a pole on my way here.”, he replies.

My lips fell to a thin line and nodded. Fine then. Keep your secrets. I will get it out of him sooner than later. Sadly, it was going to be later as Jeremy turned his attention to us.

“Hey, I’m going to the backroom with Nikkei, so if you don’t see us that means we left.” He says with his arm wrapped around Nikkei’s waist.

“I told you I am not going to drink.” Nikkei argued.

“Still, all this music shouldn’t be good for the baby.” Jeremy countered.

Kevin gave his best fake ‘aww’ before teasing, “Seems like parenthood already setting in aint it.”.

I reached behind and gave Kevin’s behind a firm squeeze causing him choke back his reaction. Whether it be a scream, or a moan is left to the unknown.

“We’ll meet back at the house then.”, I replied, catching the smile Jeremy shot me before walking away with Nikkei in tow. I leaned against the bar quickly hailing the bartender.

“A four horsemen please.”, I request getting an odd look from Kevin.

Before he could begin his comment tirade I start, “That’s your brother over right, because if he isn’t, I would hate for him to walk in seeing his wife making out with another man.”.

Kevin’s expressions turned grim as he looks over at the scene. “Yeah, that’s the bastard.”.

Yue’s vague expression of how Ethan Falcon looked did not serve him justice. He was quite taller than Kevin and had a light complexion like Everest but just a touch more. A head of slicky curls slicked back a bit leaving rest to roam free. From his half-lidded eyes, I could see startlingly and vivid green eyes shinning through his lashes. Yue’s hands caressed his keen and clean-shaven face before letting it fall to his broad chest. She soon broke the kiss making her way over to Everest.

“Sit tight, I’m going to mingle,” I stated taking my drink before making my way towards the male ignoring Kevin’s futile protest. When I arrived to my point, I noticed the small mole right under his right eye making him even more delectable.

“Ethan. We haven’t met. My name is Petra Owls. I’m your brother’s girlfriend.” I quickly introduced.

The tall man gazed down at me and beamed. “Yes! I have heard about you today. Almost didn’t believe he could have one. He can be difficult” Ethan replied. He gestured to the seat next to him which I obliged.

“Oh, he is. But I guess that what made me drawn towards him.” I replied taking a drink from my glass.

Ethan gives a small snicker, “How you do it? I spend almost 17 years with him and I could never deal with him and his mood swings.”.

“He is quite a sensitive twunk isn’t he?”.

Ethan paused for a moment before a sly smile comes to his lips. “That’s how you deal with him?”, he replies downing the rest of his drink.

“It seems like the only way” I answered. Ethan remains quiet staring off before looking back at me.

“Desperate times. Desperate measures.”. I nodded in agreement as I finished the remainder of my drink.

“Also, why is Kevin the only one wearing a tail? Rather a butt plug one at that.”. I inquire, Ethan gives a questioning look before hoots of laughter came from his pink lips almost identical to Kevin’s.

“Let’s just say, he should pay attention.” he replied barely holding back the rest of the laughter. I chuckled along with him for the sake of it, “If you would excuse me, I should get back to the bar.”, I giggled.

“Alright. We’ll talk some more at the wedding”, he grinned back.

When I arrived back to the spot, I left I noticed Kevin is no where to be seen. It does not matter now. I have some planning to do.

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