Scars on My Black

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Mr Myna is an Ass [Kevin]

“In here smells of rubber and spit.”, was my thoughts upon reaching the back.

Wondering the hall of a club with only the remnants of the pink blush cloud of light is not an easy feat. My widened eyes scanned through the vast array of doors. Each door I passed sounded more phallic then the next. I send a silent pray to whatever god was watching over me that I do not walk in on Jeremy and Nikkei – I rather not think of that either. That is if I can find them.Leaning in closely to each door to try at least hearing their voices. It is a better option than opening and getting an eyeful of unwanted future late-night memories. After hearing a series of moans, yells and an odd almost-racist remarks I finally land on a silent door. This might be it. I gave a brief knock on the door and after a few seconds Jeremy appeared.

“Kev? I expected you to be on your way drunk with your girlfriend.”, he teases.

I rolled my eyes, “Fuck off.” I snipped and push passed Jeremy entering the room.

Nikkei was seated on the bed scrolling absently on his phone. He had what looks to be a trash bag laid out underneath him. I could on chuckle lightly at Nikkei’s internalized disgust to the surface bellow him. He eyed up at me and sent me a sweet smile.

“So, Jere, what’s with the disappearing act earlier. I know you are nervous for Nikkei but even for you that is a bit far.”, I attacked much to Jeremy’s gapped expression.

Once Jeremy picked his jaw from the floor he managed to say, “W-What are you talking ’bout Kev.”. He had that silly fake grin he uses for my mom plastered on his face.

“There is something then?”, I grinned.

His face fell, “There is nothing to talk about Kevin.”.

“Jerrybear I don’t see why your keeping it from Kevin. He is your best friend?”, Nikkei sweet docile voice said staring Jeremy down with his big doe eyes.

He unknowingly, more like knew, he was giving me some sweet blackmail. Jeremy tensed up. I barely hold back the laugh rumbling my chest as Jeremy kicks his feet into the tiled floor. He looked back at the smaller male who in which stuck his kicked puppy eyes into him.

“Fine Kev. The truth is when I visited my parents my dad said somethings that upset me.” Jeremy solemnly says.

My lips pursed slightly as I crossed my arms, “He called you a shaminark again.”.

Jeremy’s face twisted into a scowl, “It’s sharmanaak and no – didn’t. He was not too far off from it.”. he scorned.

“Then what that dick had to say?” I spit.

My body heating up as I began running the many things that man could have said. Mr. Myna has always struck me as a stubborn old man with his dick so far up his own ass you can call him narcissus.

“It’s one thing to insult me. I can take whatever shit that old bag has to say. But no. He had to insult my love ones.” He vented casting his eyes to Nikkei, “And he calls me the disgraceful one.”.

“What. Did. He. Say.”, I grinded out.

“Agar aap kisee purush-mahila se shaadee karana chaahate hain! Hasan kee betee ko shaadee karana pasand hoga!” He shouts, tears prickling at his chocolate colored eyes.

I swore I heard the couple from the room next door fall to the grown in shock. “Use your English Jeremy. No one here understands Hindi.”, I retorted.

Jeremy crumbled to the bed resting shaking head in his hands.

“He said, If I wanted to marry a man-woman, Hassan’s daughter would like to get married.” He manages to get out before whipping his face.

Nikkei paws his back in a cat like motion trying to soothe my distraught friend. I would walk out this club right now and give Mr. Myna a good kick in the ass. However, the crushed look on Jeremy’s face still me in my pursuit. I sat down next to bent male and laid my hand on his knee.

“Jeremy, your dad’s a homophobic dick. We all knew he was going to react negatively. It is inevitable.”. Jeremy sent a piercing glare at me. “But you are way fucking better than him. Instead of being a miserable soul like him you are out. Going to rich ass high school, pursuing your dream of music and a hot partner too.” I cheered.

My hand rising to rest on his left shoulder. Jeremy eyes bore into me. It was like they were taking in every feature of my face.






“So, you are calling my mom unattractive.” He chuckles, “or are you star struck thinking about her.”, he smacked my face lightly. “She does have some nice legs under her dress. I remember getting a good stare summer six years back.” I teased and Jeremy smacked me on my back.

“Fucking MILF lover. I can’t wait to tell Petra that she’s out of you desired age range.”. He jokes before I tackle him onto the bed holding his face to smell the yellowed sheets.

“Shut up JerryBear.”,I smiled which earned my face a turn to sink into the sheets.

Nikkei’s giggles in the background and Jeremy’s cries of disgusted joy brings a smile to my face. Jeremy does not deserve that shit of a father. It should not be an issue who he chooses to love. If it brings a smile on his face, he loves whoever he wants to. Time passes amazingly fast. We got back to the bar, ordered some drinks – a fruit punch for Nikkei and watched while Alto and Everest embarrassed their drunken selves on the dance floor. Yue and Ethan seemed to have disappeared but Nikkei’s disturbed look when he cam back from the bathroom gave me some hints to where they might have gone.

Speaking of missing person: Where is Petra? I have not seen one strand of her redhead anywhere. And as the night ends, I start to feel a small bit worried. Just a bit. Jeremy and Ethan had Alto balanced between them while Yue led Everest out. I bit my lip watching Ethan and Jeremy growl at each other. Alto nearly fell to the grown three times before they made it to the car. While the others piled into a van I continued to look around for Petra.

“Why aren’t you in the car?”, Petra pops out of nowhere to ask.

“For the love of whatever god above! Where the hell you come from?” I half shouted.

Petra just shrugged, “Where were you.”, she countered.


“Whatever let’s just go.”, I groaned, and Petra just smiles following along.

There is just something about her that makes me feel off. More off than usual tonight, Was it her smile? That all knowing smirk she pulls her lips into. Maybe her smell? The smell of fresh cut roses on a winter’s night mixed with bitter but soothing smell of leaves flying in the wind as I peddle home from work. What about eyes? Cold steel eyes that send shivers to my head. Sharp and calculating what action to do next. Whatever it is.

It does not speak well for me tonight

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